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  1. 2key4wn8

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Reading Skills when?
  2. 2key4wn8

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Reading thru all your comments: How much does WG pay you? Or are you just a hardcore fanboy out of conviction? To the patch itself: CV in Ranked: Nope Bombers vs DD: It's not a Nerf it's even a Buff to the Bombers Still several major bugs unfixed 2 additional clan ranks which are meaningless => zZzzzZzzzZZz uahahhahahahha wake me up when the PvP modes are playable again....
  3. 2key4wn8

    Changes to CV in 0.8.4 and after

    i wonder if the "die hard CV rework" defenders in this thread are paid actors..... and i still dont know why you wg carter to maybe 5 % of your playerbase who play "special olympics" class called CV...... also this "yeah we know its a problem but we cant let 5 % of our playerbase wait up to 40s, so we call everything off and let a major problem stay as it as until in 4-5 months"...... yep... special olympics.... but no problem - started the game a short time before the rework and quite liked it, now i battle spam coop for 1 hour to get me the crates and other free stuff and then i switch to other games - when premium time is up, i wont extend so I'm okay with it...
  4. why fix the mess with cvs, the gun bloom you promised us and several other real issues if you can bring battle royal fortnite crap modes for 12 years old.....
  5. at all saying "I dont have any problems" please make sure your game is actually starting the 64bit mode - If you have only 4GB RAM or less the game is starting the 32bit version per default.....
  6. all my drivers and windows are up2date - 64bit -> just f* up; 32bit -> working fine
  7. i did not sign up as a alpha/beta tester nor does WG pay me to deal with "test versions" as a paying customer i expect to get a proper product.... i work in IT too... so i know the workload and the complexity of such an undertaking but still... im a paying customer and not a guinea pig... (it's already enought that i have to deal with this unfinished BS called CV rework.... )
  8. there was no 64bit client before this release?!? it was a 32bit binary.... you know your 64bit system is able to execute 32bit binaries too? :)
  9. As it is not just me but a lot of others too i would assume its the client and not a problem on my end and the 32bit client is working fine: I encounter massive fps drops, lags, UI freezes, etc. - especially when i switch into the bino view and there is a lot of action going on in my FoV - when I use the 64bit client.... If i start up the 32bit client using the dropdown in the launcher everything works just fine.....
  10. 2key4wn8

    ST, 12th ranked season.

    Well you know that a lot of players - my included - will play the ranked season despite not enjoying it and not happy about the changes. So even if a "lot" of players play this mode and you are "happy" with your numbers, it doesn't mean that everyone who is playing this mode is happy/okay with it. You have to realize that we are just "prisoner of the moment" and have to play it in order to get steel or "not loosing out" on steel..... it's like elections in specific countries.... getting 98 % of the votes doesn't mean 98 % of the people are happy/okay with what is happening and going on......
  11. 2key4wn8

    ST, 12th ranked season.

    why not take the feedback from over 80 % of the playerbase and the feedback from KotS tournament?!? CV rework is [edited] CVs in competetive is [edited] if i get plebed for 20k sailing broadside to a BB it was my fault and i deserved it because i actually could avoid it by paying attention to my surroundings.... BUT i can play ships with the best AA and still get plebed for 20k from a CV in one drop WITHOUT ANY OPTION to avoid it.... so maybe take your CV rework and do internal tests like any other proper developer company and spare us this [edited] in ranked - thanks! but hey... i don't know what i fear more... CVs or plebs with rental ships - with no clue at all how the ships are working and without camo.... so this ranked season will be an extreme RNG fest.... is my CV player good or potato? will i have 2 rentals in my team and the enemy team will have none? will my team have a pleb playing a "capping" DD and the enemy will have a Harugumo matched against it? i see a lot of "fun" coming.... Edited by Boris_MNE Reason: Removed ofensive words
  12. This is what I fear most.... WG making changes.... 7 out of 10 times things are worse afterwards....
  13. 2key4wn8

    ST, 12th ranked season.

    *golfclap* - i'm speechless.... Basically the ships are limited to: Monty, Repu, DM, Mino, Wooster and maybe Stalingrad (a brave sould with Gearing?!?) - totally 100 % fun mode engaged...
  14. 2key4wn8

    Development Blog Comes to Forums

    @MrConway why do we still have to go to 3rd party sites to get the latest infos? we have the latest updates to different ships on reddit but not here? (changes to the soviet BBs, to the t9 usn bb, t10 ijn cruisers, etc. )
  15. Because of bordome during night hours I've started an account on NA and the new "Account Level" system where you level up not by XP but by battles played is VERY questionable.... I've reached T5 without any flags/camo boosts and I don't even have unlocked the captains - how "dumb" this is... you "can't" - at least you have some disadvantages like missing important skills, worse concealment, etc. - play DDs or some low tier cruisers because you are missing on Last Stand, you are losing on captain XP to grind your captain together with your ship as you progress thru the tiers..... Basically you are forcing the players to spam coop battles to unlock the important stuff.... You can say "well new players should stay in coop to learn the game - it's working as intended" and I would agree on that but actually you don't learn anything about the game because the bots in coop just yolo into you all the time and if you play a BB especially in lower tiers... the game is over before you really had an impact on the game.... Maybe WG, you think about this once again...