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    Really need help on how to survive as cruiser...

    Thanks a lot for all your responses folks ! By the way a last question : How should I play the early game ? following slowly the BBs or helping DDs on capture points ? I have the feeling that it is very hard to deal against DD torpedos + slavos from cruisers and BB while at the same time keep firing at ennemies on the points.
  2. Hey folks ! I would like to ask you some questions here, i'm not that new but none of my ships are above T5 and I think I just did not understand yet how this game works... Any help would be very appreciated ! I started the game by having 2x T5 BB lines : Russians and Germans. They are quite fun to play even if I wanted to play something a bit more faster, in particular faster turrets movements. Then I tried cruisers. During grinding from T1-T5 everything was painful, I mean I litteraly get obliterated everytime. I have now T5 german (Kongsberg) and I used my premium points in a last hope to buy T6 USN (Pensacola). But my problems remains... : -When I fire at a BB with my USN cruiser which is supposed to have good AP shells, aiming at upper belt, I usually have non-pen/ricochet or pen with very low dammages : so how am I supposed to survive against a BB if I can't damage him ? -Even more, they just one shot me with one slavo, no matter if i'm showing my boardside or not, I usually get one shooted from 8-10 km while only showing the front of my ship. -Playing by hidding behind an island is a bit tricky also because : or the islands are to far away to allow me to shot, or I need to naviguate on 1/3 of the map to hide behind one but usually people start shooting at me and even behind island I keep getting shot. -German cruisers are supposed to have high HE pen, am I supposed to play full HE spam or not ? And to finish that's my real questions : Why would anyone play cruisers while BB looks to do everything better ! So I believe I just don't understand how to play my cruisers, any tips perhaps ? Btw, when as a battleship I send a full slavo to a cruiser nearby, I usually NOT one shot them, that's the disgusting thing :( Thanks