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  1. ColorsOfRainbows

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    i laugh my [edited]off xD the only feature wg made last years EVERYONE loved and its a bug xDDD
  2. ColorsOfRainbows

    Which Graphic Settings Effect Torpedos ?

    i think i get a new pc before it will be fixed xD i just hoped there is 1 setting i can put on lowest and the damn torpedos are like only lines or dots its not like i rly want them animated for 60 fps cost xD
  3. ColorsOfRainbows

    Which Graphic Settings Effect Torpedos ?

    yes i am sure its my stupid CPU, still the drops are so huge and my CPU tells me its runs on 40% xD problem is new CPU means new motherboard means new DDR Ram ... its the hardest change to do in a pc xD and having the game running on 70fps expect with torpedos i thought maybe theres a way
  4. ColorsOfRainbows

    Impossible to buy Santa Gifts frome Belgium or Luxembourg?

    as much as i REALLY like the santa containers, i would wish that every nation adopt the same policy like belgium ... i would rly love to always see the exact % i have to get a ship etc form a container
  5. ColorsOfRainbows

    Which Graphic Settings Effect Torpedos ?

    i have HUGE HUGE HUGE FPS problems especially on higher tiers with torpedos. i normaly start the game on like 70fps, and in the end with all firering i am at like 50. the thing is , when i up my settings from "medium" to like "ultra hight" my fps drops from like 70-50 to 60-40 when i stream i also are at like 40fps its really still NO problem to play at all the SECOND torpedos are in water the fps starts falling to like 9fps ... i already disabled small objects i dont know what to do :( its not evne helping that they are animated as they basicly stutter jump trough the water :/ is there a setting to turn off the graphics just for torpedos or what setting effect them ? GTX 1060 6GB but an older i5 dualcore CPU with 3,6ghz and 16gig ram
  6. ColorsOfRainbows

    christmas music in harbour useable in game ?

    that would be awesome its so nice
  7. ColorsOfRainbows

    christmas music in harbour useable in game ?

    well this seems to be like christmas special one now i just hoped someone knew it already or wargaming said something about it, its so ... peaceful
  8. ColorsOfRainbows

    christmas music in harbour useable in game ?

    i rly love the music from last patch now in the harbor this is so chill and nice, isthere a way to have it play in battle too ?
  9. ColorsOfRainbows

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    last year was fantastic i did spend 100€ and felt totaly happy after it even thought about spending more but was broke xD this year i did spend ... 0€ ... because its juts not worth it from everyone i talk to they just get way less people investing money if they make it so crap like this year
  10. ColorsOfRainbows

    Bots got improved again?

    the bot even go for ram to secure a win or trade up xD
  11. ColorsOfRainbows

    Hilfe beim CV-Test (TST-Server)

    da wäre jetzt ein link sehr nice xD
  12. ColorsOfRainbows

    Hilfe beim CV-Test (TST-Server)

    hmmm ich kann auch nach dem ausloggen mich net per TFT einloggen gibt den server net in der auswahl nur CIS EU NA
  13. ColorsOfRainbows

    anniversery event arsenal gone ?

    Since the anniversery Quests are running up to 01.10 i thought we had up until then to cash in our tokens ... i gathered alot and now they are all gone and i cant get any captains and stuff for it ? why wasnt it said big anywhere that its end with THIS patch today ? i wasnt able to log in 2 days and BAM all gone :/ rly ? why not a warning why not a fat sign "must be cashed in until ...." why just remove silently ?
  14. ColorsOfRainbows

    Rant IZUMO ( what the actual EDIT is this joke WG )

    you see people who just look at other stats and then argue about that, are in my eyes so stupid that it hurts even to argue with you ... its like no one can talk about what to do on a football field because well u aint won the superball bro xD there are valid things being said even by people who are not good in playing, still like 1 trillion times better in thinking then you may be musashi is a free xp premium and to be fair, IOWA after the introduction of MISSOURI was a bad joke as well ,,, same ship withour radar and less amor ... GJ! .... you aint like the ship ? dont play the ship ... what the ..ck is the problem ?
  15. ColorsOfRainbows

    Das "Neue" Divisionsfenster Nervt

    wenn du mit "nerven" meinst DAS ES TOTALER SCHEISS IST dann ja schließe mich an ... man sollte das einstellen dürfen aber das alte war 120 mal besser