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  1. juanxmar

    weekend specials spoiling us too much?

    Its the r3tardgaming way, did you not know? They are expert at shooting ones own feet, the xmas campaign fiasco a year ago springs to mind.
  2. juanxmar

    Missing Weekend Events

    As aragathor said, also remember to refresh the page to see the changes, dumbgaming still lacks enough programming skills.
  3. juanxmar

    Can we expect a World of Tanks miracle again?

    They have managed to put me off the game for good, r3tarded ships & players are not helping a lot, and dumbgaming has been scrapping the bottom of the barrel for far too long now, they WoWp way is in the near future with the steam "fiasco", probably got them more bad press than anything else. Try learning to play the game while you are at it, no one would "like" to play with you. Also try using english for writing here, usually helps a lot.
  4. juanxmar

    weekend specials spoiling us too much?

    Gamescon in germany, was it not? And they had the gall to first say it was the player base that could not make it work, and quickly after the ship was removed from the store and blanket refunds offered in hopes no one would take them and beta test the ship for "free".
  5. juanxmar

    What's the point of new Pan Asia line?

    Make FOTM kids spend their bloons and cash to rush through the line. They are nothing special, but they sure have been hyped quite a lot, those DWT are not that good are they?
  6. juanxmar

    being threatened - support etc

    Why did you not ask yourself that question before posting usless comments...
  7. juanxmar

    Upcoming Events Sidebar

    Not to mention is in languages most of us cant even read, are there not turk-german-polish forums? Keep those announcements there?
  8. juanxmar

    A working reporting system

    Nah, as has been proven countless times, all you need is a potato division being told they are potatoes, pof, chat banned. You dont need to believe it, beauty is it not?
  9. juanxmar

    A working reporting system

    Baby steps, let them come to grips with chat window coding, then they might, in 15 years, be able to implement something workable there.
  10. You mean like your gem? Man, when the special people gets out... And heres the BF, chiming in. Try reading the OP next time, when someone has a legit complaint, mocking them makes you two rtrds look bad. Back to the topic, were you expecting anything coded by DG to have any inkling of proper function? I find it strange no one complained till now...
  11. juanxmar

    Pan Asian Destroyers - They're a bit rubbish

    You cant play any DD, off any nation or tier, that was the meaning. As said, its you who suck, not the PA DDs...
  12. juanxmar

    Christmas containers

    Had to do with ratio, with 0 prem ships in port you had big chances of getting 2 ships with 5 crates. After a few quid, and with 8 or more prem ships in port, chances diminish naturally.
  13. juanxmar

    Christmas containers

    And still I was getting ships up untill the last day, odd that right? Loosen the tin foil hat a bit, you start to look silly.
  14. juanxmar

    Rewards Beyond 37,000 XP

    Is it not tiring to play about 100 games per day? Even if you jump right back after death, must take a few good hours.