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  1. Loyang is the cap contester DD killer par excellance with the sonar. Anshan its decent for the tier, nothing fancy about it outside a permanent camo with free exp boost. Leningrad is a very fast ship with very decent torps and guns, loads of fun. I would ask you, how good are your RU DD caps? How willing are you to grind a cap for the pan asian line from 0?
  2. So you play GK without deto flags why again?
  3. Why, he knew the issue and chose to be impatient, own fault at its best, and yes, the forums run like molasses, we all know that. You ever wondered why the 1st page is not flooded with copies of the same few posts? What does a coffee machine have to do with not being able to wait for the server to respond instead of clicking 3 times?
  4. As has been the last few weeks/days, still instead of waiting, you clicked multiple times to create multiple threads. Kids need to learn to have patience these days.
  5. Dont shoot the DD 20k away, shoot the ships you can hit, not the ones you might, and so on. If you can finish a ship, go for that one, dont think "someone will finish it" and go for another target, is another example.
  6. psa

    Have a 15 Lb Maine Coon ready for action, give us the call.
  7. All the name calling surely makes your point stand strong.
  8. English, use it.
  9. Been experiencing 150ms games lately, when the usual is 50ish. Noon games had no issues aside that odd latency.
  10. As a DD main I can tell you, this does not happen too much...
  11. So they are not using you as free testers, gotcha...
  12. Are you trying to make sense now? Asking for parity? YOU GO TO GULAG!!
  13. But of course, they need to milk the customers testers.
  14. 13 vs 13?
  15. Yes, increases for both.