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  1. freddiebox

    Bad performance on the RTX 2060

    Yes the fix mentioned above didn't have any impact. What helped is tuning down antialiasing, but not really a fix considering I made this upgrade to max out my games, not just to look at it. And playing without antialiasing on a 1440p monitor looks horrendous...
  2. freddiebox

    Bad performance on the RTX 2060

    I recently built a new computer that honestly play anything no sweat. So far I've tested DIshonored 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Witcher 3 and various other games in the highest possible settings on 1440p and it handles them beautifully. World of Warships on the other hand runs very bad. Random stuttering and frame drops down to 30 fps in intense situations like if fire breaks out on my ship or alot of planes or torpedoes fly around me. Anyone else experiencing this on the RTX-series in particular, or have this always been a problem leading back to Wargaming? My previous computer running a GTX 1070 didn't have as much problem with World of Warships, but struggled with other games. I also have a pretty beefy CPU in this computer, the i5-9600K with a good aftermarket cooler. I also tried a round in World of Tanks and even there the computer runs good. I guess that we can thank the 1.0 update for.
  3. freddiebox

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Yes, I can imagine it being like the Furutaka. But well it's main strength were really launching planes while it lacked in other departments. The swedish navy back then had their own designation for her class, Flygplanskryssare, which roughly translates to Aircraft Cruiser. She had a large aft deck which could hold up to eight planes. This type of cruiser had never really been seen before in 1933 and were the most modern warship in the swedish fleet. Interesting fact, HMS Gotland was the first ship to spot and report Bismarck and Prinz Eugen on their way to Norway in 1941. She sealed the Bismarck's fate when the crew sent the information to the british navy.
  4. freddiebox

    HMS Ulven Incident

    Worth mentioning the navy claimed to have detected faint knocking sounds coming from the wreck after finding Ulven. The crew could have been alive for hours to a day if they managed to isolate the damaged section in time, but would eventually succumb to lack of oxygen, or the flooding getting out of hand. One cannot begin to comprehend the horror the suviving crew must have gone through during their final moments. Those who've seen Das Boot and remember the Gibraltar sequence know what I mean. I'm surprised the germans didn't get a severe bashing for placing mines that close to swedish territorial waters being well aware of swedish merchant and naval traffic in this small "street" of water. Sweden should have responded with mining popular german routes and "allow" them to drift into german waters.
  5. freddiebox

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Lovely tech tree indeed EwoudK. Glad to hear Wargaming somewhat confirmed a swedish tech tree. While Sweden had tons and tons of destroyers and escort ships, their heavy cruisers is a bit of an odd topic as the swedes classified them as pansarskepp, which roughly translates to ironclads, but I'd call them heavy cruisers. In reality they acted as pocket battleships carrying heavy armament like a battleship, but had rather thin armour like a cruiser. The three Sweden-class ships should definitely be in the tree along with a large destroyer line. I guess the cruisers HMS Manligheten, HMS Oscar II, HMS Tapperheten, and HMS Äran could lead up to the Sweden-class pocket battleships. HMS Fylgia would totally make a neat little premium cruiser as it were back then seen as the World's smallest cruiser. She survived both wars and saw service between 1907 and 1952. HMS Gotland is also an interesting cruiser designed for launching aircraft primarily. Not sure how Wargaming would go about it to add her to the tree. The top tier cruisers would definitely be HMS Göta Lejon and HMS Tre Kronor launched in 1944 and 1945. Too bad we don't have submarines in World of Warships yet like Steel Ocean, the swedes sure had some interesting submarine designs for the time.
  6. freddiebox

    Sweden in World of Warships

    And how is that relevant? Sweden is in World of Tanks and I don't see anyone complaining over there. The swedes designed some of the most unique tanks during the war, so good infact the first modern tank to see service in the swedish army designated the L-60 were being prepped to be sold to Germany. Unfortunately the germans went with their own program and favored the Panzer I. When talking ships Sweden have always been a naval powerhouse and have seen naval victories throughout history just as big as their land victories. By the outbreak of World War II they modernized their outdated ironclad warships into a formidable fleet consisting of pocket battleships, destroyers, cruisers, escort ships, and submarines. They also possessed a dive bomber and a heavy fighter considered to be better than their german counterparts designed to cooperate with the navy in hit and run missions, the Saab B17 and Saab 18. This rearmament led to Sweden possessing the fifth largest navy in the World during the Cold War. And while Sweden remained neutral during World War II they still engaged in confrontations in the Baltic Sea and performed acts of aggression like mining straits. The swedes didn't screw around when it came to defending their territorial waters. So to ask again, how is your comment relevant? Wargaming's titles is a game set in an alternative universe where there is just a big civil war with factions fighting themselves and the rest of the World using both real, experimental, and blueprint vehicles. So why shouldn't Sweden be in World of Warships? This is a war on a global scale where every country is participating.
  7. freddiebox

    Sweden in World of Warships

  8. I apologize if this is the wrong section for this, but I didn't find any section to ask mod related questions. I use a camouflage mod that hide all camouflages from ships for immersion. In particular the stupid Restless Fire and Victory Salute camouflages. While this is all fine I still want premium ship camouflages to show as they just look awesome and somewhat realistic. Premium ships being: Japan: Yubari, Ishizuchi, Mutsu, Kii, Atago, and Musashi United States: Atlanta, Sims, and Alabama Germany: Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, and Tirpitz United Kingdom: Nelson and Hood Poland: Blyskawica Pan-Asia: Loyang France: Dunkerque and De Grasse Italy: Duca D'Aosta Commonwealth: Perth Here is the camouflages.xml file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4u1104cfffk2qqo/camouflages.xml If someone could show me what lines to edit/remove, or if you got time edit them for me. Thanks!
  9. So, by your logic replies with comments like go back to World of Tanks scrub isn't a short sighted ignorant answer?
  10. Sorry to burst your bubble, but ever heard of having multiple accounts for each nation? I have one account for each nation in World of Tanks as I like to collect vehicles in these games. This account in World of Tanks I created to try out the swedish tech-tree, a tree I didn't enjoy very much. Don't jump to conclusions please. :)
  11. I can tell this community i no different from the rest of Wargaming when it comes to taking criticism. The lack of arguments and the vast amount of short and ignorant answers never change, do they? I appreciate those who take their time to actually respond with hints, tips, and well-formed answers proving my opinion wrong. Just so you people are aware ignorant answers with the intent to flame fall on deaf ears. Those who read my entire post should know this game is for me, I really enjoy the game except for one game mechanic really I'm struggling to understand how to enjoy. But well if you can't beat them, join them. Lately I rather bring out torpedo-carrying cruisers and destroyers than my beautiful battleships as I feel they are inferior. I heard they used to be better way back when. I realize long-term players have accepted the ways of the topedo mechanic and are afraid of change. But let me ask you this. Should a game focus on bringing in more new players, or only focus on the amount of veteran players who enjoy this? From doing some searching on the forum the torpedo mechanic is a real issue while a fixed amount of people defend it. But again this is just my opinion and I'm fully entitled to it as you are entitled to yours. This is just what I think. Whether you like it or not is not my concern. This is why people can write reviews of products and perhaps newcommers can get a closer insight on the issues plaguing said product.
  12. As a disclaimer, I want to point out that I'm a veteran when it comes to Wargaming after playing all their titles for an extensive amount of time. And do take this as constructive criticism from a fresh perspective. I'm well familiar with the toxic Wargaming community and such comments will be ignored and reported accordingly. I moved to World of Warships a few weeks ago after squeezing everything I could from World of Tanks. Let's say that I caught a lot of Wargaming's attitude when it comes to implementing certain classes and features often perceived as punishing and borderline destructive for casual players trying to learn the ropes. In World of Tanks the issue is "clickers", or as Wargaming call them artillery players. The term clicker comes from the only requirement put on artillery players, aim and click. In World of Warships they implemented a similar feature making both veterans and new players rip their hair out to the roots. Facing this have led to more than one broken keyboard, not literally mind you. The primary issue is torpedoes. What a surprise, right? I don't have anything against the idea of torpedoes per se as they did utilize them to an effective level in the war. But at the quantity players use torpedoes in World of Warships? And the fast reload for torpedoes make a bad situation worse, especially at low to mid tier. A division of destroyers, or cruisers can literally blind fire volleys of torpedoes to the center of the map and get ridiculous results. They then wait a couple of seconds or minutes and repeat the same process before the slow moving battleships have a chance to react. Team killing is also a major issue when talking torpedoes. Players blind firing torpedoes don't consider the consequences this could have on their team. In more or less every battle there is this odd destroyer firing torpedoes in all directions hoping to score early damage but end up sinking a friendly cruiser. The torpedo system is just dysfunctional in so many ways we can't even begin to go in depth on it. I find it amusing how destroyer players tell battleship players to zigzag to avoid torpedoes. I agree to some extent, but how are you supposed to effectively zigzag in a battleship with as slow and clunky maneuverability as a Maus in World of Tanks? Again the same situation when two artillery players have a slow moving heavy tank zeroed in. When you see a pack of 19 torpedoes heading your way in a battleship all you can do it let go of your mouse and keyboard and watch disaster erupt with no chance of avoiding it. The only tactic I developed is when I spot a destroyer is just going straight at it minimizing the damage. But in most cases one torpedo is enough to severely cripple you. Navies today at least have the fair chance of retreating back to port after a torpedo hit if possible. We don't get that luxury. I also find it hilarious how Wargaming programmed the bots in the cooperative gamemode to also spam torpedoes just like a oblivious destroyer player. The bots are so realistic to the player counterpart they even from time to time fire torpedoes at their own team because why not. And when I thought it couldn't get any worse I almost forgot about torpedo planes. A squadron of planes show up from nowhere and drop a load of torpedoes only a few meters from your ship. Now how are you supposed to avoid them? There is no effective way to try and predict where they will go considering their very sudden and fast change of direction. For example I see planes heading for a cruiser way ahead of me, suddenly they ignore said target and make a 90 degrees turn and line up against my broadside and drop their payload just meters away from me. What is it with Wargaming and adding these bizarre elements? I have played destroyers in World of Warships too, and I admit the class is extremely fun to play because you are guaranteed a few kills before someone start to tunnelvision you. But to me the problem is the reload time, and the vast number of torpedoes somecruisers and destroyers can fire in one salvo. All I do is fire my torpedoes, zigzag around like a headless chicken dodging shots, and I fire another salvo, and I repeat this process which is just way too easy to me extremely unfair. My time playing through tier one to tier five I usually call the game World of Torpedoes, an accurate name to the current situation. I honestly expected a warship game, and what I got is a game that could work as a submarine versus aircraft carrier game. Very little emphasis on enjoyable and intense ship versus ship, but instead you spend most of the time dodging torpedoes coming out of nowhere before you get a chance to engage an enemy ship. Now don't get me wrong, World of Warships is a good and very detailed naval warfare game, but unfortunately I find Battlestations a better alternative. While they did a perfect job in modelling each warship to every single rivet, they got their priorities somewhere else at the moment. I could go on about the bizarre matchmaker, but I find it bearable compared to the issue in question. My few cents on World of Warships and why I'm on the fence whether i should push past the pain or find something else to dedicate my time to. War Thunder: Naval looks like an interesting choice if they can ever get it done.
  13. freddiebox

    Sweden in World of Warships

    I was planning on making a swedish tech tree myself, but just gonna dump the material I created in here to bump this awesome thread. Sweden had more than enough interesting warships to create a complete tree from inter-war cruisers, World War II heavy cruisers, and an even bigger group of destroyers. The swedish navy doctrine consisted mostly of cruisers, destroyers, and submarines considering the vast archipelago would be too dangerous for heavy battleships. The largest warships ever built by Sweden were the three sisters HMS Sverige, HMS Drottning Viktoria, and HMS Gustaf V. The Swedish Navy, or Örlogsflottan had its own designation of their ships called Coastal Defense Ships adapted for speed and flexibility for hit and run missions in coordination with dive bombers stationed along the coast. Sweden like in World of Tanks would bring an interesting gameplay of lightly armoured but fast and hard-hitting. I also like the idea of a united Nordic tree, but I don't know if the other nordic countries had enough ships to create anything interesting. The Swedish Navy was and still is the most signifcant in the nordics. ARMOURED CRUISERS "COASTAL DEFENSE SHIPS" HMS FYLGIA ARMOURED CRUISER HMS CLAES HORN ARMOURED TORPEDO CRUISER HMS JACOB BAGGE ARMOURED TORPEDO CRUISER Description WIP HMS ODEN ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP HMS MANLIGHETEN ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP HMS TAPPERHETEN ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP HMS GOTLAND ARMOURED AIRCRAFT CRUISER Description WIP HMS GÖTA LEJON ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP HMS TRE KRONOR ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP HMS SVERIGE ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP HMS DROTTNING VIKTORIA ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP HMS GUSTAF V ARMOURED CRUISER Description WIP DESTROYERS HMS WRANGEL HMS EHRENSKÖLD HMS GÖTEBORG HMS MALMÖ HMS KARLSKRONA HMS HALLAND