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  1. H1ghl0w

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    Definitely. 0.8.0 alone is causing enough trouble within the playerbase, there was no need to bring up another topic that is highly controversial at the moment. And after the santa crates advertised with the chance to get one of the removed ships, it is especially hurting the costumer confidence, or at least it is doing that for me.
  2. H1ghl0w

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    Like taking away stealth firing from the Blyskawica? And they might even call it a overall mechanic change, so smoke and radar on the same ship now is taken out of the game for good.
  3. H1ghl0w

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    I don't think that many people want to see premiums they own get nerfed. But if you are interested in general game balance, it should be done at some point. I do admit that it is a sensitive topic, and I have a slightly bad feeling about my GC getting changed. There is no easy approach to nerf premiums people paid real money for, and there is the danger for WG to lose long term sales. But just keeping overpowered ships in the game isn't helping either, as this might alienate new players and hurt the population of the game in the long term.
  4. H1ghl0w

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    Make her T8 and let her join her sister Edinburgh. Or make her choose between smoke and radar and take away some of the utility.
  5. H1ghl0w

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    On the one hand, there are good reasons to nerf certain ships (Belfast, Kamikaze, GC, Kutu). These ships entered the game overtuned and WG should have been aware of that, but after they sold them it was too late and they were sent to the naughty corner and weren't available anymore. So actually nerfing them and improve overall game balance is a great idea. On the other hand, nerfing single premiums sold for real money is a risky move, especially after the turmoil of 0.8.0 and all the balance and meta changes it brought. It is very poor timing to bring it to the table right now. And the question of when this was discussed within the dev team is also a point for me, as the "OP ships" were a big point of sale for the santa crates. Using them as bait to announce nerfing shortly after is very offending to all players who invested money for a chance on those ships.
  6. H1ghl0w

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery!
  7. H1ghl0w

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Das +/-2 MM ist für mich persönlich nicht das größte Problem des Matchmakers. Richtig ätzend ist, wenn von Anfang an ein Mismatch bei gewissen Schiffsklassen (ähem, DD, ähem) besteht, vor allem bei Herrschafts-Gefechten. Ein Team hat dadurch von Anfang an einen so eklatanten Nachteil, dass man wirklich von schlechten Zerstörern beim Gegner abhängig ist. Sonst rennt man im Grunde das ganze Spiel hinterher und es bildet sich ein immer größer werdender Schneeball für das Team mit weniger Zerstörern. Was z.B. Radar angeht ist das ähnlich. Ist ja schön wenn der Gegner zwei Belfast und eine Atlanta in ner Div hat, von fair ist das allerdings ganz weit weg. Die Div mit zwei Nagatos und ner Gneisenau ist da sicherlich nicht der ausgleichende Faktor dafür.
  8. Wall of text incoming, tl;dr underneath It is my guess that the reason why there are quite a few people complaining is the sheer size of the goodies, at least that is the "problem" for me. I think that no active player would have had a problem with inactive players getting some tier IV or V premium (well, except the Nikolai of course) and maybe some credits, free XP or a head start for the new line. But all that together does indeed give me a bad feeling I actually don't want to have when thinking about a game I normally enjoy to play. As I have only limited time to play this game and for most of the time was just running a standard account, I rarely get to collect all the cool stuff active players get "for free" in this game. Just let me give my examples: - I just started the game last Christmas and wasn't able to do the Graf Spee campaign as a newbie - I didn't finish the Bismark campaign and collection as I was still quite new to the game at that time (causing a really poor looking collection in my profile) - I wasn't able to finish the Dunkirk collection (and I would have loved to have Jack Dunkirk as a captain, but it still was my most liked event overall) - I often wasn't able to finish all the weekly missions (even after the whole EU specal kind of mission was over) - I wasn't able to get the head start for the Pan-Asian line as I don't like to play DDs that much (so this was no problem at all for me) - I rarely get the second daily container, let alone the third (let's not talk about super containers, I am sitting on my one and only spotter module ) Let me be clear: I have no problems with all of that, I wasn't able to fulfill the requirements for all the stuff I stated above. That's okay, I knew the rules. But please don't tell me that all active players just get bombarded with free stuff. If you are playing only a few battles per day, not all days a week, a lot of stuff is not reachable for you without paying money instead. And again, no problem there. It is a Free to Play game that has to earn money and those are the standard mechanics to do that. I enjoyed playing, I had fun (as long as I wasn't detonated) and it was amazing when I e.g. managed to get my hands on the Gangut! (You know, pride and accomplishment... ) Now after one year of playing, I gathered quite a few silver ships in different lines, progressed to tier VII and have an even larger interest in naval warfare. I also have a little bit more than 110k free XP without spending a lot of it and I am short on silver. So after one year of mainly fun, I invested some real world money for a few Christmas containers (RIP my RNG ) and a premium ship (the Shiny Horse ). But after seeing the incentives for the inactive players, most of the stuff I reached and gathered in the game feels somehow devalued. I would have gotten nearly the same or even more of some things for NOT playing the game. Not kidding, that is an important part of grindy games for me, seeing what I reached. And it makes me somehow regret the real money I spent for pixel stuff. All that combined leeds to a shitty feeling I now have with the game and I don't know whether the marketing guys creating this specific campaign realised the posibillity of that happening. Making active players feel bad to maybe get some players back in the game who decided to stop playing is at least in my book not optimal. Thanks everyone who read this far, I realise this is quite a wot but I felt like it may help to write this down and communicate my opinion and view of all of this. And I hope I don't seem like entitled and jealous, because I would say that doesn't really describe me. (Maybe even a Wargaming person reads this, who knows.) tl;dr: I have no problem with people getting free stuff I don't get, but the size of the "incentive" makes quite a lot of what I reached in one year of playing the game seem devalued. Maybe a smaller amount of goodies would have been better in terms of balancing everything out.
  9. H1ghl0w

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello everyone, I want to join the raffle too. Merry christmas!
  10. Hey, das war für alle anderen in deinem Team ein gutes Gefecht, wir waren erfolgreich und durften den De Grasse Kapitän seinen Blödsinn schreiben lesen. Ich war sehr amüsiert. Und sieh es positiv, scheinbar scheint das Pink für ihn eine echte Strafe zu sein so wie er sich aufgeregt hat. Torpen aus der zweiten Reihe ist aber echt ne Unart, hoffentlich gewöhnt er sich das ab.
  11. Hey, I am searching for a clan since I get a little bit tired of playing alone. Are you still open?
  12. H1ghl0w

    Bonuscode für Marblehead + 7 Tage Premium

    Also bei mir hat das auch gut funktioniert, danke für den Tipp!