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  1. Got 50 French Riviera camos. Not the greatest bonuses, but I do like the look of them.
  2. Data_Unavailable

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    It's super annyoing that you switched again to the black and white method of obtaining the commander. With the Italian one, your effort at least wasn't lost if you didn't complete it in time, as the collection stayed with you. Now you are again screwed if you don't get him and you will have to fork over 175k coal in several month to have a chance at it. You know, I really thought WG learned something and used that with the Italian event, but now we are back to the exact same shitshow as always. Thanks for nothing, War Gambling.
  3. Data_Unavailable

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    Let me start with saying how tired I am. All over the year, I was angry with this game. Starting with the CV rework, going over the hilarious Benham grind (in hindsight we should probably call it reasonable), the overpowered Russian captain that we now have in the armory for 175k coal, the general event structure with online gambling all over the place and to what I thought was the final bang of the year with the impossible PR grind, the misleading marketing and what partially felt like disdain to the playerbase from the WG officials. I don't have much care left for this game, that could be such a gemstone. But sadly, the PR disaster wasn't the last big bang of 2019. I have to ask, what is the thought process behind this decision? Is it really just the NTC 2.0 underperforming with the Ohio and Colbert not being good enough incentives for players to start and keep at the regrind? Or is this some kind of sick punishment for the playerbase, that dared to rebel against the original NTC and for once developed enough power to push back a highly disliked idea? Like Gulag, just in game? (It may become clear that I lost a lot of goodwill and trust towards WG over this year. It wasn't an easy ride.) My personal situation after three years of playing is that I haven't even unlocked the RB, since I only have three silver T10s unlocked. So I'd be instantly locked out of the chance to even have a chance at the unique upgrades. Is it fair? Is it fair to new, to casual players? I don't think so. This would turn the RB back into the NTC again, with all the P2W features the playerbase hated about the original idea. And I'm sick of even thinking about it. Please stop catering only to the whales and the top 1% players and payers. If you only have these people left, there won't be a game left to play since the servers would be empty. You really have to think about your new and casual players again, since otherwise you are dooming your own product, and this "WIP" idea is another step towards it. And no, I don't have any better ideas to pimp your precious Research Bureau. It isn't my job to give you ideas for your features. Just leave the missions for the unique upgrades as they are. This time I'll just say that your current idea is horrible, and will drive people away from the game. Me included. At one point, I'll be too tired to keep on caring and playing.
  4. To be precise, buying all the boosters for 24k doubloons gives you enough points to be able to finish the Puerto Rico instantly, using 35k doubloons. So 59k doubloons in total.
  5. Data_Unavailable

    Puerto Rico Grind - geht Wargaming zu weit? (Sammelthread)

    Entschuldigung, aber wir reden hier nicht von überdurchschnittlich viel. Wir reden hier von "spielt 20 Stunden am Tag". Das ist nicht überdurchschnittlich, das ist unmöglich. Aber interessant, wie hier tatsächlich noch so getan wird, als ob die PR ohne Geldeinsatz zu erspielen wäre. Ich erachte damit diese Aussage als glatte Lüge.
  6. Data_Unavailable

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Maybe a WG employee will prove us otherwise and grind the PR without using doubloons...
  7. Data_Unavailable

    Puerto Rico Grind - geht Wargaming zu weit? (Sammelthread)

    Bereits die Gorizia erfordert ein vielfaches des Aufwands, der letztes Jahr für die PEF nötig war. Und ich denke niemand erwartet hier, dass WG ein T10 Schiff einfach so herausgibt, aber es gibt da durchaus noch was anderes als die jetztigen Direktiven. Zudem ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass Spieler unzufrieden sind, wenn die solange gezeigte Karotte Puerto Rico tatsächlich nicht physisch erspielbar ist. Wobei ich mich hier natürlich gerne von einem WG Mitarbeiter vom Gegenteil überzeugen lassen werde, der die PR komplett ohne Dublonen erspielt und das streamt/auf YouTube zeigt o.Ä.. Das Problem bei der Sache hat WG selbst kreiert. Konzentriert euer Marketing nächstes mal auf die tatsächlich erreichbaren Sachen und nicht auf die 59k Dublonen teure Karotte. Wobei selbst bei anderem Marketing die Direktiven eine reine Unverschämtheit bleiben.
  8. Data_Unavailable

    Carefully positive feedback on the NY update

    Well they can't go back on the monetization anymore, since people already forked over the 59k doubloons to get out Puerto Rico. And they'd have to scale down the directives a lot to make this show bearable in any way.
  9. Data_Unavailable

    Carefully positive feedback on the NY update

    There is a lot of good work that went into this event - the whole shipyard building is excellent. But all that work got devalued by their marketing, their mission designers and their monetization. Way to shoot yourself in the foot.
  10. Data_Unavailable

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    I want to point out that WG deleted the video about PR - looks like this is a PR desaster for them
  11. Data_Unavailable

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to participate. Thanks and good luck everyone.
  12. Data_Unavailable


    Wir reden hier aber nicht von 50% mehr Aufwand oder so, sondern von bis zu 900% höheren Anforderungen. Es ist nicht mal ansatzweise vergleichbar. Und das muss man mit der Aussage von Sub_Octavian kombinieren, dass Gorizia einfacher zu bekommen wäre als PEF letztes Jahr. Hier der Reddit-Beitrag, der es sehr schön sichtbar macht:
  13. Data_Unavailable

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Montana accuracy but a bit better sigma. So way more inaccurate than Alaska. But as this grind literally requires you to play 20 hours per day, starting this grind just forces you into a sunk cost fallacy if you actually want the ship. There is no realistic chance to get the ship for free.
  14. Data_Unavailable


    Was für ein Feedback wird hier bitteschön erwartet? Sämtliche Diskussionsforen stehen wie seit dem NTC 1.0 in Flammen, weil eure Direktiven absoluter S****ß sind. Es wäre ehrlicher gewesen, die Puerto Rico einfach nur für einen gewissen Betrag anzubieten und nicht so zu tun, als ob man sich das Schiff tatsächlich nur erspielen könnte. Und selbst die Gorizia erfordert mehr Aufwand als die PEF letztes Jahr, na herzlichen Glückwunsch! Vielen Dank für gar nichts, so ein Event raubt einem ja alle Lust am Spielen. Mein Umfeld bedankt sich, ich werde nämlich wirklich alles lieber machen als mich mit diesem Spiel zu beschäftigen.