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  1. Data_Unavailable

    Es ruckelt wieder

    Für mich ist seit Donnerstag WoWs quasi nicht mehr spielbar. Ich frage mich nur, warum das bis Mittwoch kein Problem war.
  2. Data_Unavailable

    Question on statistics & winrate

    The fabled AFK Solo Warrior
  3. Data_Unavailable

    Commander Skills Update

    A few points from my side: It's clear that the point increase and especially the increase in commander XP needed is meant to drain resources, because WG lost control over it's own ingame economy. The increase lacks any consistency and is a blatant devaluation of built up resources. I guess when you sell rigged lootboxes and people get tons of XP boosters this way, you have to go this way. CV balance will go further down the drain with this rework. Who in their right mind would invest points into AA skills when AA isn't in any way meaningful right now? Plus you have to devalue your ship against other surface ships in order to mitigate the CV, something CVs don't have to do since their armament is universal against all ships they face. I'm still missing the compensation the so-called supercruisers get for losing all survival skills. They burn like battleships, why don't they get battleship options to mitigate the issue? Despite their HP pool, supercruisers already take a lot of damage due to their cruiser plating (and the abundance of 18 inch battleships overmatching those) and their sheer size making them an easy target for HE spam. If this is aimed to nerf Stalingrad and Alaska, the only two real overperforming supercruisers, it would be nice to have some honesty from WG and tell us about their intentions. Throwing every other supercruiser under the bus might be acceptable collateral damage for WG for all I know. The captain skill rework actually devalues brawling BBs who went for secondary skills and encourages the sniping BB play style - one thing the vocal community is complaining about for years. I'd love to get an explanation for this, because so far I didn't get one that I could accept. The easiest thing will be to mess around during the next update, reset everything on the last day you can and wait for CCs like Little White Mouse, Flamu and others to work out the best captain skills for you. Why invest time and/or money into something others can do better while getting all resources from WG too. So at least I have a roadmap for my approach to the game for the next months.
  4. Data_Unavailable

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I'd very much like to join. Thanks for the effort and happy holidays!
  5. Data_Unavailable

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Wow Wargaming, you got a way of killing any interest in the game. I won't give detailed feedback on these captain skills as I dislike most of them for reasons stated more than once throughout the vocal community. But I can give you some broad feedback on the whole process (this will be polemical, but I lost most of my patience with WG and their communication to us players): You are devaluating all 19 point captains and elite captain XP built up in the past. What a disgusting move towards all your veteran players that invested a lot of time (and often money) into the game. But I'm aware this is intentional since they already payed up and now it's up to a new generation of whales to pay your bills. You nerf a good amount of premium ships by removing essential skills for them. I'm of course talking about the supercruisers. The reason given in the latest devblog is a lot of crap and you know it - supercruiser armor means nothing since it doesn't provide any threshholds against most penetration and overmatch barriers. The fires on top will just kill them since they aren't stealthy enough to play around them in an effective way. But I guess you manouvred yourself into this corner by selling T9 premiums and making good money out of them, sadly you have this annoying (for you) "we don't nerf premiums" policy in place. (And think of all the people who bought Puerto Rico for god knows how much money - they must feel bad now, eh?) You have the audacity to make us pay for commander retraining directly after introducing a captain skill rework nobody asked for. Amazing. I remember that when that happened last time, we had a whole patch of resetting commanders for free. Seriously? I'd really like a comment on this by one of the WG spoke persons. How dare you to make us pay to get around something you decided to bring on us? @Crysantos @MrConway Why wouldn't you make it free? People have to try these skills out and it's frankly outrageous to treat us this way. Overall this is just horrible and I haven't felt this bad about upcoming changes since the NTC. But I guess this isn't generating enough of a shitstorm to make WG move. And I'm aware I'm not the kind of player WG is interested in having in the game (only paying small amounts of money, highly critical of their business practices) but it still feels bad to lose a game that was part of my life for four years.
  6. Data_Unavailable

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    This is just pushing me away from the game. All of this rework seems super unbalanced and is destroying hybrid builds (which are often the most fun). Why is this even necessary? You could have altered the current commander skill tree or balanced stuff you deemed unbalanced, but this is just overly complicated, unbalanced and has the smell of cash-grab lingering over it (like everything WG does by now). I'm normally a guy to give detailed feedback, but it's not like I ever had the impression that it mattered. So this time I'll just say no thank you - do better WG. But I don't believe you can or are even willing to do that. I lost any faith in you as game developers.
  7. Data_Unavailable

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    That's already going on in the discussions in the German speaking section. And pretty much exactly what you wrote too...
  8. Data_Unavailable

    Weekly Combat Missions: Summer Sale Tokens

    I'll just link what I wrote in response to the "Sale" announcement we got today. I think it fits this topic too.
  9. Data_Unavailable

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Wow, just wow. There is so much wrong with this "Summer Sale" that it's hard to just ignore it. This isn't a sale - this is gambling all over the place! You can get 15 tokens for free. Not enough for any really good gambling crates, motivating you to actually spend some money on tokens. Classic tactic to break the first barrier of spending real money on a game. The T3 ships require just as much money as any other regular T3 ships in the premium shop - no discount to be found. It's impossible to directly purchase any premium ship apart from the T3s, making it very unlikely to get a certain desired ship. Plus you won't even get a big discount on most of them with this method. Just directly purchase content and don't fall for gamling opportunities. "Open Summer Sale daily bundles" used as wording for buying tokens - that's just misleading. The whole event is themed around gambling - Random ship containers, Christmas containers, Black Friday containers, etc. That's how a company educates their customers. Although that's already sealed and done when it comes to WoWs. As a whole, your "Summer Sales" get worse every year. Remember the time we got up to 50% discount on premium ships and actually knew what we could spend money on? Those were the days. This "Sale" is just scummy as hell!
  10. Data_Unavailable

    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    Bump it up
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    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    And another bump
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    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

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    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

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    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    Bump - have a nice weekend!
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    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    Happy Easter everyone!