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  1. Warspite75

    [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    Seems ok on second run, appears I had to deselect that box and then add items. Maybe just a hangover from previous installs?
  2. Warspite75

    [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    I appear to be stuck with flowery camouflage selected and unselectable? Something I didn't do?
  3. Warspite75

    [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    Russian version is always fine while the EU version is being prepared. Thanks as always.
  4. Warspite75

    Public Test Update - 31/01/2017

    3 Super Containers in the Super Test. Really? ​Kill me now. Dragon Flags, Ocean Camo and Victor Lima's.... why oh why can they not be transferred?!
  5. Warspite75

    Caledon, Danae and Emerald: What do you think about?

    Caledon and Danae were fun. Emerald is simply awful. Utterly gash. ​Leander - great fun, played well.
  6. Warspite75

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

  7. Warspite75

    DD-XP Points for setting Smoke as Teamplayer

    Smoking for cover is both realistic and a key part of the ranked mate among more serious players. ​Should be given consideration. I regularly smoke people in trouble, or smoke to screen and cover advancing team mates. Sitting in smoke is pointless with so much Hydro, Radar and now feckin' RPF around.
  8. Warspite75

    You had a chance to try RDF. Will you keep it?

    Wasted skill. Practically forced to run it on DD's as a counter. Might as well not be there. Also ruins the entire visibility and detectability element of the game. You can't sneak around and cap, you can't strategically position. All told, it's shat.
  9. Warspite75

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    ​This. In which case all they'll end up with is BB Meta. You can't even tactically position yourself in a cruiser, ships diving behing islands already know you're lining up to catch the other side. Strategy eliminated. DD's aren't capping above tier 5 and I've not made it to T10 on EU yet, but I'm betting it's worse up there. Don't even want to log into my old account the kids use because even they are telling me DD's are dead.
  10. Warspite75

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    The IJN line is dead, as are most of the other DD's that aren't gunboats. ​Totally gamebreaking. Might as well ditch CA's too and just play in BB's - seems it's them who the game is being destroyed for. ​Spotted for the entire duration of some games already. BB's are camping even more because it gives them the idea of distance from RPF'd object = safety. ​You've fucked this up royally. What was the point of the PT's?
  11. Warspite75

    Fix chat report abuse please

    Head into Cap, get no support, die. Get flamed and reported. ​Don't cap, there's never any close support, even when you dump smoke for others, get flamed and reported. ​Focus on caps and denying territory, all CA's go CV-blind because your IJN DD has sailed around the edge to chase a CV that's now spotted, you question why you are holding an entire flank alone. Get flamed and reported. ​Take cap, note that CV is carving through your BB's because they are bow-plowing and the CA's all started off by looping backwards to opposite sides of the map and are thereby offering no AA or DD support, so head through to harass carrier and play bait. Get flamed and reported for not staying with campers. ​KIll six ships in a complete B cap BBQ with all manner of gods own thunder raining down on you, get shot at cos you've apparently been a kill-stealer. Discuss discontent at being shot at. Get flamed and reported. ​In 300 games I've seen my Karma yoyo up and down from 1 to 8 and back up and down again dependent entirely on the spite or goodwill of others, usually bearing no relevance to my performance or chat. Broken AF.
  12. Warspite75

    Last achievements went gold yesterday

    10m credits. That'll do.
  13. Warspite75

    Nurnberg turret rotation

    Yup. They sorted Konigsberg, but this lack of versatility makes me hate my Nurnberg.
  14. Warspite75

    Secret santa- completely broken?

    Bought 2 of each, lots of Camo and an Indianapolis. Can't complain.