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  1. I got all the ships (+ 2 captain). There are 544k more in the bank. New target Neustashimy...
  2. 61DeJaVu61

    Secret Mission bugged

    me 2 , haha:))
  3. 61DeJaVu61

    Turkish ship

    TCG Yavuz (SMS Goeben) may be.
  4. 61DeJaVu61

    Secret Mission bugged

    Same... Wg......
  5. 61DeJaVu61

    Did watch KOTS XI but no container.

    I got my kots cont. in the first fifth minute of the normal player broadcast. One left...
  6. 61DeJaVu61

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Salem baby. I fell in love with this beauty...
  7. 61DeJaVu61

    Make the Strong-Willed campaign PERMANENT

    Why? Rule is rule. This is unfair to me and those who completed the mission ...
  8. 61DeJaVu61

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    41 SC opened: Happy Anniversary Wows. 58 day premium (7-7-7-7-30) 3k Doublon 90k Coal 100k FreeXP 350 Camo 500 Combat signals 200 Economic signals 450 Special Signals (6x25, 4x50, 100)
  9. 61DeJaVu61

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.8 Participants

    0.9.9 Whaaaat:)