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  1. Cammo1962

    Superships - how, where?

    Well @Yedwy we all by know the term satisfied has another meaning at WeeGee than we more normal people out here IRL have of that word
  2. Cammo1962

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    Dont worry strikeplanes with one nuke will come
  3. Sound interesting @YabbaCoe but i will bet that WG will f... it up at some point.
  4. Cammo1962

    Closed test 0.11.1, new ships (DB 262)

    Well done @YabbaCoe aka WeeGee now you will put in god damm jet airplane attack fighters what will be next a god damm single plane with a nuke ??
  5. Customer support is a joke @Seraphice did you not know that ??
  6. For me it is more that you go out and can buy a free tech tree ship with the camos and they did the same with the russian radarships not many days ago.
  7. Correction all 3 are there but why the heck go out and spend almost 24,000 doubloons to get a tech tree ships you can get for free and 2 perma camo @Chocan ??
  8. It is WeeGees way to say we want your money so buy a tech tree ships
  9. Cammo1962

    Secondaries overpowered

    If this person playes Gold league in a german BB i am 100% sure he has invested 7 points for secondary spec. @GulvkluderGuld
  10. Cammo1962

    Why are soo many players cowards ?

    There is a problem more and that is teamplay it is so rare in random and ranked battles in WoWs @Gvozdika
  11. And again WeeGee does this kind of bull great job @The_EURL_Guy aka WeeGee
  12. Cammo1962

    Mission description is wrong.

    Hi @Commander_Cornflakes so you are letting a bug from the PTS tansfer over to the live sever great job
  13. Cammo1962

    Well done WG.

    Oh yes that one where you had to get a 1000 base XP thats was a easy one true but the others are bit of a grind
  14. Cammo1962

    New Sub Buff on the horizon

    Right now, their popularity is fine. We don't think increasing their popularity will be necessary, as it is in the expected range. We expect to see a natural slightly increase at T6 and T8, and no changes at TX, as mentioned. In general, we may make changes to a ship because it is too popular, or a certain playstyle that is considered toxic is too popular (e.g. thunderer long range HE spamming) hence why we decided to nerf it's range to reduce this type of playstyle. Hurting gameplay in favour of increasing popularity is not our intention, especially not when the values are in the expected range, or even a bit too high, at times. Fair seas captain! ~Sera Hi @Seraphice thats okay but you still refuse to remove ASW from DCP as we asked for because DCP has enough to deal with fire and flooding and if you see torps from a sub and at the same time are spotted by the sub the DD is in between a rock and a hard place by using or not use the DCP and remember some ships has limited DCP and WeeGee knows that and still no changes. And in the latest Dev block you are saying that you intend to raise the healthpool of the subs and a good part of the DDs its bigger than their healthpool and here is the evidence: Increased the HP of all submarines: Cachalot: from 9,900 to 14,000; Salmon: from 12,500 to 17,800; Balao: from 14,300 to 20,200; U-69: from 8,300 to 11,500; U-190: from 9,900 to 15,400; U-2501: from 13,400 to 18,900.
  15. Cammo1962

    Well done WG.

    The one you quote @K82J thats not a perma camo its just a exspendable camo and yes to get the Repulse is a grind unless you buy one of the starter packs