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  1. Cammo1962

    Update Survey

    @Sehales WG does not care and they have not done that for at least 2 years you dont listen to us who play the game, the CCs, super testers and the playerbase. And we have said it with the RB, the CV rework and now the rework of captains skills. So i am asking you now @Sehales and WG how big a s... storm do you want to get out in ??
  2. Cammo1962

    Update Survey

    Well @NoMana65 dont expect customer support to help you they are worthless.
  3. Cammo1962

    Update Survey

    The problem with customer support @Sehales is that they are absolutly worthless and i have tried them many times and they are just going around in circles and no matter what the problem is they always say the same over and over again. So try and hire someone who actually can do a proper job.
  4. Cammo1962

    The WG Bank card for us to pay even more

    You lucky son of a gun
  5. Yes Flint was steel and Siegfried are in the RB.
  6. Stalingrad has a slow rudder shift it can be seen from the moon and with BBs deadeye she is dead and i have heard the opposite about the Smolensk from the player base. Furthermore, it is not our fault that WG decides to send out heavy cruisers that are difficult to kill, it is WG's own fault, but it is us as the player base who must pay the price in the end for their mistake
  7. Cammo1962

    0.10.0 - General Feedback

    Well i have that one
  8. Cammo1962

    [ALL] ModStation

    With the Extended MiniCarousel there are missing the boxes where i can tick off what tier i want to see @MatroseFuchs
  9. Cammo1962

    0.10.0 - General Feedback

    This here must be a bug in the system because there are 2 warning signs that warn about having signals mounted and cammoflage mounted @MrConway
  10. Cammo1962

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    Have been out in 3 games now i my DDs and every time BBs where camping in the back, cruisers did not support and if they did they either burn up or got killed by sniping BBs thx for shitty captain rework @MrConway aka WG
  11. Cammo1962

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    @TheWarJaC what will happen now is that Cruisers wont go forward and support DDs because now they are totally sure to burn and die within minuts and BTW it was WG themself that let Heavy Cruisers into the game and now we have to suffer for what they have done great job there
  12. First of all with WGs reputation ATM no one believes them any more. Second why put out a CAs that you can build as BBs and then introduce a new skills that removes them ?? And third in my eyes that cheating people especially when it has prem status and might have paid doubloons because WG have set it for sale.
  13. So we have to live with BBs camping in the back and snipe you and cruisers wont go in to support because they will burn to death and DDs are left totally alone against all ship lines at the enemy side ?? And BTW why roll it out if it has not been tested out that much ?? For me it is another money grab for WG
  14. Well with the new rework of captain skills there will be even less diversity in the game and about cruisers WG put theses cruisers up themself to build as a BB and if you dont believe @Berrserkr take a look at this vid