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  1. Well with WGs track record there is a good chance that they might screw it up
  2. Hi @Seraphice i can tell you right now that there will be a lot of those 2 DDs right from the start and my clan have alreasdy said that we should start training in them.
  3. Cammo1962

    Update 12.0 - Bug Reports

    You are welcome @MotomanDK
  4. But you are letting either 3 Maceau or Klébers be in CB but are giving the Småland a bann that does not make any sense at all @Seraphice
  5. Well there is a lot that he says that makes no sense at all
  6. To late he is already caught up in that clan
  7. Cammo1962

    Update 12.0 - Bug Reports

    If you have the Heavy HE/SAP skill on the Perth and have guns that are 149 mm and above you concealtment will increase with 15% @MotomanDK so the the question is do you have that skill on your captain ??
  8. Cammo1962

    I want death

    I am main BB and DD but have problem going out in a criuser to lean them and get better in them
  9. Cammo1962

    I want death

    Dont mind it and play radar Mino when I am in a division and have someone who smoke me up and you do get a 12 km radar on the Brisbane.
  10. Cammo1962

    CLAN TREASURY-2 questions

    Thats why i said as fare as i remembered and i think they said it on one of their streams when people asked about it and again I am not 100% sure.
  11. Cammo1962

    CLAN TREASURY-2 questions

    It is not possible to donate anything to the clan treasury and I have tried it in our clan but no dice.
  12. Cammo1962

    CLAN TREASURY-2 questions

    As fare as I remember when the clan treasury came out we were supposed to be able to donate coal and steel to it but it never happened @floribe2000
  13. Cammo1962

    Wich BB line to play with

    Just put your nose against the enemy and you are pretty safe with them