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  1. AP BOMBS overpowered(and cvs generally)

    Yeah the AP bombs hurt big time. CVs in general are alright to me. It's just a matter of skill. I learned that when I tried Langley. Remind me never to try CVs again. Sure, a CV bringing all it's squadrons to attack you is not gonna end well, but hey, it doesn't always happen right? I'm a BB player and I've been left ignored by CVs even when I'm inside caps because i just dodged 90% of his torps and his bombs caused no fire. Things are not always good, heck i got detonated in a NY by CV torps. It's alright. Move on to the next battle.
  2. Fire Mechanic Change.

    Being a BB player, I'm not (yet) worried of fire mechanics. However, there are plenty of circumstances where a BB can't do pretty much anything other than try to destroy enemy ships or take cover (We all know how much we hate BBs hiding). Fire mechanics don't need a serious tweak as of now. A general lowering of fire chances for all ships would be fine in my opinion. Introducing a BB line with powerful HE penetration values AND insane fire chance would cause the rock to fall from the cliff.(Basically we don't need more fire starters.)
  3. Fire Mechanic Change.

    Fires are often easy to start and they do quite some damage to BBs especially under concentrated fire. We have Russian DDs that spam HE and waaay to fast to hit. BBs don't really have a way to counter act to this. Only way is to ask for team help (smoke) or to hide behind an island, which makes him useless to the team. If repair/damage control is in cooldown, he will keep burning. What I would like is reduced fire chance for lower calibers. Fire chances shouldn't be more than 30%. But now we are expecting to see a BB line with insane HE-the RN BBs. This will cause even more chaos. Why do we need more fire starting ships when we have enough?
  4. New ship preview: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    I'm presuming super accurate cruiser ripping guns with significant AA at the cost of slow speed and poor armor. 16"guns would hit it real hard. UNLESS:(Thinking of Moskva)
  5. Graf Zeppelin

    Wonder when we will see all these ships. WG is busier than ever.
  6. Graf Zeppelin

    That thing is huge. Don't know much about CVs but i feel it lacks planes for it's size and tier but anyway, interesting to get. Cheers. ⚓
  7. British Battleships

    Absolutely. And all this BB HE is gonna keep our BBs far far away from the battle but oh wait the 30km range and 234m dispersion. NEVERMIND.
  8. British Battleships

    I just saw the stats of conqueror and I am mind-blown. I mean....... Is it even real?
  9. British Battleships

    A 35% fire chance and 6300 Max damage per shell. This would be awful for other BB players considering the HE spam from cruisers. And eventually there will be more BBs sniping rather than engaging in brawls (especially the Germans) getting burnt by all that HE. I already remember that match where i got HE focused by 3 BBs in my Colorado because I simply did not take AP damage I obviously burned quick.
  10. British Battleships

    Interesting, except the HE spam ? Will it have Warspite's heal or the Hood's? And the big question: when are these ships expected to sail in our servers? ⚓