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  1. MM sucks balls

    Yup its annoying and sometimes leaves you helpless, especially when 80% (The top tier folk) of your team are equivalent of garbage. Nothing new though. Lets see how the upcoming MM changes will impact the game.
  2. Limited ammo

    You mean less than 5% of the player base that can dominate other players to the point where no one wants to play anymore? Obviously not on WG's agenda.
  3. Limited ammo

    Thank you for this compilation. It helps in proving that such games would never be remotely successful/profitable if they emphasized on such simulation or realism. It wouldn't be enjoyable for pretty much anyone.
  4. Does short fuse AP mechanic of RN BBs exist in WoWs?

    Got to Iowa after getting fed up of German dispersion. Very recently got myself a Richelieu. I always knew that QE/Warspite guns were great for T6 because of caliber and accuracy. Also have an ageing Jack Dunkirk. So I thought why not give a try? After reading above posts I am interested in getting QE. But man is it the squishiest BB I've ever faced. No citadel hits but you can land minimum 10k volleys at any range with any BB at any angle too. Even my CLs land full Pens on its 5 star hotel...err...I mean deck.
  5. Limited ammo

    Exactly. Guess what will happen to IJN DDs?
  6. Limited ammo

    Sorry but this can negatively impact the game. A vast number of players seem to find WoWs more comfortable to play than WoT. Unlimited ammo being one of the many reasons. It is an important distinguishing feature that gives WoWs a better advantage than WoT imo. A realism 'mode' may be interesting for simulator fans but I don't think there's much scope of it being successful. Scenarios PVE is an example of this. It had some heat but soon it faded away. F2P games wouldn't be as successful if it was too much of a simulator since it's not a genre of wide interest for the netizens today. WoWs isn't like Fortnite or PUBG where you can 'realistically' pick up guns and ammo and do whatever you want. Even they implemented arcade characteristics to attract more players. Why? It is much more favored than a simulation focused environment.
  7. Limited ammo

    40 shell limit, for my Lyon? No thanks. I recently managed to land 112 hits with it.
  8. Limited ammo

    You are speaking about low caliber guns. What's the case with Battleships and torpedoes? I don't think Shimakaze would ever have more than 30 torpedoes.(Maybe it wouldn't even carry that much) We all know how many torp salvoes it takes to get a few hits, unless point blank.
  9. Limited ammo

    What on Earth will happen to Minotaur and other high DPM Ships if that actually happens?
  10. Does short fuse AP mechanic of RN BBs exist in WoWs?

    Thanks guys. Learned a lot from y'all. Seems like I fantasized about dev striking with RN BBs a bit too much. Guess I'll have to keep the dev strike fantasy alive with Lyon. EDIT: @Aotearas @wilkatis_LV @El2aZeR Does short fuse AP have any peculiar advantage over normal AP, practically speaking?
  11. Does short fuse AP mechanic of RN BBs exist in WoWs?

    So does that mean that I can rely on AP in Queen Elizabeth and KGV that I'm really interested in? I have Jack Dunkirk with CE to use as well. So I'm hoping to reliably fight cruisers at those tiers, correct?
  12. I'm asking this since I'm just getting over pens with Orion on even the most lightly armored cruisers like Emile while landing 11k volleys with citadel hits, incapacitation and fires with HE (on cruisers). Also would like to mention that this instance is on broadside cruisers and not at some other angle. If my facts are right, short fuse AP can be devastating for cruisers since it can lead to more number of penetrations than over pens. It doesn't feel like it, imo. Maybe we have to aim differently (not waterline, that is)? Or does this short fuse mechanic really matter in the game?
  13. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    It isn't a big problem right now. But these changes will promote carelessness among players. Its pretty similar to the US and its gun policies. Frustrated kids with parent's guns blowing their classmates' head off. Teamkill at its absolute worst. My apologies if someone is offended by bringing up this topic.
  14. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    @MrConway This encourages carelessness to another level. At present, players can always be careful before torping behind allies otherwise they will be penalised, irrespective of the range. This makes them think twice and hence possibly avoid friendly damage. But of course, ship happens. What I'm trying to say is that this system does more harm than good. While it forgives players for accidents, it also leaves a void for players to become careless and therefore more friendly damage can be inflicted while no penalty will be given. This is obviously not the purpose of these changes. With this upcoming system, I no longer have to bother about torping behind friendlies that's more than 5 km away. I wouldn't be punished for it. So I needn't worry. I can torp anyone above 5 km away from me with no worries at all. Please reconsider this move, guys. Perhaps you haven't looked into the number of possibilities where players can go unpunished for their carelessness. Yes, I know that report system exists but I find it quite a laborious process. I need evidence and I need to send them all to you for a verdict. Its like a court case and you are your own lawyer. Let me be honest, I've got better things to do than that. I don't want to bust my behind just trying to penalise a player for his actions.
  15. Operation Hermes

    WG just made them smarter than plenty of players in WoWs. They seem to focus fire targets with decent accuracy as well.