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    As long as there are islands present, I'm a happy man with a happy Cleveland.
  2. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Well lets just play BBs then. Problem solved.
  3. Yeah, ship happens. Compensation when?
  4. Cleveland (T6) actually has awesome secondaries even without BFT or AFT. Can expect the same for the T8 version too because it's the same layout. I've got a decent stash of CQE medals with her. Note that this was vs DDs and cruisers. Think Edin and Hipper have decent secondaries as well. And of course, the Kiev.
  5. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    That's exactly why I'm stuck at T9. Without any sort of modifiers,camo or premium goods, you can skim with a net profit of 20k when it's a victory and you did significant damage. (Or high Base XP). You lose around 50k in worst case scenarios. So much for being F2P.
  6. Double CV matches... Why?

    Yeah it's too much to handle. Even my Cleveland (Not AA build) was focused down by enemy Ryujo and Bogue in the very beginning of the match. Literally sent ALL their planes to me, even their fighters. Imagine if they did the same to a Fuso.
  7. Would an HE-only cruiser be effective?

    Well to be honest, it's just gonna bring up more frustrated players into the forum with an interesting, long rant.
  8. Bismarck with punchy 406mm guns and T9 MM. Yolo-ing doesn't always end well because it is bigger and less maneuverable than Bismarck.
  9. Okay. I'll listen to your story. Before that, does the sherbet shop sell popcorn too?
  10. "Dark side" of WWII in Europe Marathon mission

    You seem to be a little...desperate. Its understandable, given the situation of having to play a badly planned mission for unique rewards. I would suggest you to just stay calm and play your battles normally. Ofcourse you gotta choose a russian bote but don't enter a battle with the thought of "Gotta get the kills, gotta get the kills, GIMME THE GODDAMN KILLS!". Instead, play your russian ships normally. Just as usual. Yeah the number of KMS/IJNs may be down, but you got some time. You got scenarios. You got coop. Just relax and seize the opportunity when it spawns. It helps me get better results. Perhaps this can help you too.
  11. I'm back but...

    Atleast I don't get rekt by gold ammo from a tank that my team can't even see. Here in WoWs I can burn down a Yamato with my St.Louis. Opportunities for everyone.
  12. First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Hmm lets see.... X=No brain cells found X=DDs are cancer X=World of destroyers () X=Zero Logic X=World of potatoes X=Severe brain damage X=WG $ucks (Please don't ruin my RNG for this, WG) X=Noob team lose games X=lemming train That's all I've got atm.
  13. Worcester - excuse me?

    I would definitely go CE instead of Manual AA. Too much AA not required. AFT will do. In above post I mentioned alternative choices. Some players may go full AA build and div with his CV buddy. Some may choose max gimmick, stealth and dakka dakka. As mentioned earlier, its AA is already more than just sufficient. Not many would opt to max out AA.
  14. Worcester - excuse me?

    How about... AR DE SE* AFT IFHE Those are a total of 16 points. 17 because of mandatory 1pt skill. 2 left. *If not interested in gimmicks buff then we have another 4 pts to use on CE/manual AA**. Even BFT is an alternative. **Manual AA not all that necessary, when you look at later part of Flamu's Worcester AA test. Still took em down despite not manually selecting squadrons. This along with concealment and other upgrades and here you go.