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  1. Cpt_Odddball

    Launch Day Calendar: January 2021

    so how do you download the Jan launch calendar??? to put as desktop picture?
  2. Cpt_Odddball

    2020 Results in World of Warships

    how do you get the January wallpaper with calender to apply to desktop?
  3. Cpt_Odddball

    Review of the Updates to Combat Missions

    its all good except the fact you've taken away the rewards box from left of screen, when in port, that tells you what you have done /received for doin tasks....
  4. Cpt_Odddball

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    hi, I think tryin to get to Rank 1 , in this update maybe a struggle with 12 v 12 teams..in ranked sprint, unless bots will be used ,..just because of the number of players who actually go on the test....
  5. Cpt_Odddball

    0.9.2 PTS - Bug reports

    im having a game crash every time I try to enter battle ..im now on 31 games pink that I have to play in coop.....im tryin to finish the winter mission..which needs to be done in random...
  6. Cpt_Odddball

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    ah ok well maybe it needs to be said somewhere where all people can see...is there somewhere where this is visable for people to read.?
  7. Cpt_Odddball

    0.9.2 PTS - Bug reports

    hi, im now upto 31 games in pink,,,,not my fault, its a battle loadin screen problem,... any ship I choose loads to go into battle,..then game freezes and im left to reboot computer,...ctrl alt del doe not work.....when I eventually get back into game im greeted with warning failure to complete battle you have received 2 or more penalties and must play in coop battles....I have nearly finished part 3 of the winter mission,..just need a few K damage..in random battle...BUT I cant complete this until ive done these 31 prob more now , battles in coop...please help its doin my head in...
  8. Cpt_Odddball

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    hi, don't know if im in the right place to be sayin this,....BUT...im now upto 31games in pink on test9.2 part 2,....and I have to play coop.....not allowed in random......all of this is not my fault,...every time I try to log in to battle T8 -T10..any ship,...the game freezes and im not entered into battle ...so I have reboot pc ...When I log back into game,...the battle has finished and im given another few games in pink because I didn't start the battle...again NOT mY FAULT...so my complaint is ive nearly finished the part3 of winter mission I need a few k damage ...but I cant get into random until ive done these 31 games in coop ...which keeps going up..??????
  9. Cpt_Odddball

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    just read the missions for public test 8.4/8.5/8.6......what a laugh....win 15 random battles in each one....lmao...the last few times ive been on test your lucky to get 200-500 players....how many of them will go in random..?? ive waited ages for a battle.!!!...and they want you to win 15....to get a prize...it just wont happen ...the tests dont run long enough..........
  10. Cpt_Odddball

    Bug Reports

    take the Freedom camo off ,..mine ok now
  11. Cpt_Odddball

    Bug Reports

    i had same problem ,..with Freedom camo on,...take it off all sounds ok....
  12. Cpt_Odddball

    sound bug Cleveland

    hi, since update 8.1...my Cleveland has had no engine and no gun firing sounds....im not the only one with this problem ....update 8.1.1 today, was supposed to have fixed these sound bugs i thought ,. but No it is still the same .and ideas? thanks
  13. Cpt_Odddball

    public test bonus awards

    hi thanks for quick answer,..but if you read my question ,...you would see i have collected NA awards and yes thats where i go to check and collect,..but as i said it ALWAYS takes more than a week,...upto 3 weeks to claim my EU awards,...and its now been over 2 months since the CV TST beta testing,..and still no awards from that ....
  14. Cpt_Odddball

    public test bonus awards

    hi, id like to know why, i get my rewards from public tests sent to my NA account...within a day of the update goin live,....but , it seems to take more than a week, and has been 3 weeks to get rewards sent to my EU account,......(i do these tests to help improve game play and answer the surveys they send out}... and i need these bonuses/awards to help do the Directives that they put in game, when the update goes live,...its no wonder i struggle to get in the Hall of fame....really not happy with the answers im getting from player support/tickets.....( they should be out in 2 weeks after update,..if you dont like to wait dont take part in public tests)......quite unbelievable really.....
  15. Cpt_Odddball

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    many thanks and good luck sorting problems....