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  1. BielayaSmert

    Soviet cruiser - Krasny Kavkaz

    4x180... clearly underpowered at tier V. But maybe it could be a good AA cruiser at tier IV.
  2. BielayaSmert

    Poll about class balance

    With an excellent player... - Before rework CV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DD>BB/CA - After rework CV >>> DD>BB/CA CVs because reasons DDs because the lack of good players playing DDs. When there are no CV and after 3/4 minutes youre the only DD alive...
  3. BielayaSmert

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    I´m agree with you but… "In the long run"... for WG those words do not exist. They want our money and they want it NOW.
  4. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    of course of course
  5. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    One example? OK. Last ranked I played some games with my sons account. He hasnt played WoWs for months... maybe since Christmas. Well... Nagato... first game... first three salvos... three cits, literally. - First shot - Cit a Myoko - Second - Cit New Orleans - Third - Devastating a Fiji into her smoke Three citadelles in three shots and two minutes... just the first game since the account return to the game. Coincidence? Oh yes... and the babies comes from Paris.
  6. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    OMG Thx, you win
  7. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    This is not true... and you know it. WG and you knows that most of the veterans have already spent 80-90% of the money we were to spend on the game
  8. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    Ok, then you think that doing the game much more confortable for noobs and below average players isnt good for bussines. No more questions to you, thx for your attention.
  9. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    1º Again your answer is black or white... Anyway, You can prove it? 2º Again... Then why dont they do it?
  10. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    There is an easy way to solve this question. You can play some games in a <45WR account and you can see the difference with your own eyes... hmmm nonono... Im sure that your confirmation bias would tell you that there is no problem with the game. But okok I am wrong... you have convinced me. My confirmation bias is veeery big and clouds my understanding. Then If WG can do it because its easy, with no risks and good for the business (doing the game much more confortable for noobs, bad and even below average players)... Then why dont they do it? I try, but I find only one reasonable answer to this question: Ethics
  11. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    Easy to do No risks Good for the bussines Why cant they do it? Any suggestions?
  12. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

  13. BielayaSmert

    Can I have my money back for the Viribus Unutis

    Knyaz Suvorov (tier III) has similar armor, HP, AA and speed. The guns are excellent and I think that WG buff his dispersion/sigma two or three months ago. Now VU is one of the BBs that I feel more accurate.
  14. BielayaSmert

    Trust in RNGesus?

    The point is that very bad players are less bad and in result very good players are less good. But bad guys are still bad and the good ones are still good... each other not as much as they deserve. It works and it works fine.