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  1. myry_1980

    Can someone explain why i am detected here?

    You are at 1km distance from sub,2km is the distance that any ship can be spotted
  2. myry_1980

    WoWs numbers got crazy with PR values

    That is nothing,there is a guy with exactly 37 989 622 pr
  3. myry_1980

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    9. Kii please Thanks
  4. myry_1980

    New Code (expired)

    Worked here too,thx.
  5. myry_1980

    What will you spend your Soviet Tokens on?

    I will save for Lazo.
  6. myry_1980

    where is this player base heading to...?

    I dont agree DM dont fit,they can help DDs near caps so well.Dm can carry pretty well if right possitioned. Down is the Saturday played by me
  7. myry_1980

    Fix Atlanta AA please

    And if we complain about old AA OP cruisers,how about Des Moines,hardly taking down 20 planes. My best is 65 planes in DM,these days,hardly taking any plane down. DM,Mino,Worcester used to be AA OP,now only Mino can be proud of some AA performance. I want back the AA power for DM.
  8. myry_1980

    Servers Down?

    aaaaaaand again server down
  9. myry_1980

    Servers Down?

    And i just activated 7 days premium and didnt get to play any...
  10. myry_1980

    Servers Down?

    Lovely weekend.And CB is about to start.
  11. myry_1980

    Servers Down?

    Its happening again,cant join any game even if im online
  12. myry_1980

    PSA: Bonus Code

    doesnt work for me