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  1. Cluid

    USS Massachusetts

    arr The Massive Chew Sets, nice boat, built for the Bee Gee's, let's see if anyone gets this drivel and remembers where it came from
  2. Cluid

    MIssion play

    why is it an offence to name and shame aresholes?? I don't understand why, if they are spoiling the game for others and not getting banned for it then its down to the players to do something about it, at the end of the day we are the paying customers period, what we say goes or they can shove their game and lose their player base surely, or is the game full of snowflakes who do as they are told??
  3. Cluid

    MIssion play

    Thank you very much for your comments and advice guys, I'm learning quite a lot now about this game
  4. Cluid

    heavy cruisers?

    thank you very much guys, I'm learning so much on here
  5. Cluid

    MIssion play

    thanks that clears it up fine thank you
  6. Cluid

    heavy cruisers?

    what is classed as a Heavy Cruiser please, in Japanese and American lines, thanks in advance
  7. Cluid

    MIssion play

    Good morning guys, I did a mission yesterday it was to escort a carrier to some part of the map and it had to repair on the way or something like that, anyway off we went then ships started to appear so I asked a genuine question that I did not know and that were the ships bots or real players, all I got was a load of abuse of some idiot calling me a noob and stuff like that. so my question is, are the ships in missions bots or real players, from what I saw they were bots, they were deadly accurate, never missed a shot, and really hard to hit, and were taking out battleships like they were made of balsa wood, thanks in advance for any help and advice
  8. Cluid

    so how does that work then??

    OK OK I made a mistake and f**ked up, and I apologise, guys, it won't happen again....lol
  9. good morning guys I hope this post finds you all well and good I would like to join an English speaking clan please, I am a more mature gamer and have been an online gamer since the days of MUDD (yes I'm that old) and have always built my own PC's since the days of the 386 another thing I enjoy very much in my spare time, I then progressed to Ultima Online, Eve, Lineage 2, World of Warcraft (which I still play time to time) and now have found the incredibly addictive World of Warships, and would like to learn and get better at, so a clan that does not mind teaching and giving advice to new players. I very much like to play cruisers/heavy cruisers although I'm not researched enough as yet, I'm only Tier 4 at the moment but again with a little help I can eventually achieve Tier 10 and beyond now the downside, I'm 62 years old and slightly disabled in the fact that I have RA in both hands and knees, so it does get a bit painful at times and I can only play at the weekend as I still work full-time Mon too Fri, because I can and because I enjoy working, I'm a great believer that if you retire too early that you don't use your mind enough and dementure and other horrible things start to happen to you and your body, anyway if there is anyone out there that would take me I am a good guy and like to chat and learn from people of all ages so would become a valued member of any clan that takes me on. thanks in advance for any help and advice
  10. Cluid

    so how does that work then??

    I'm not getting into a bun fight over this, the guy was behind an island, I had no idea he was there, I had a clear shot with no ships in sight what so ever, so unless they bring x-ray binos into the game, I'm pretty much not going to see these guys
  11. Im in the middle of a battle, I get a clear shot at a ship, so fire off torps, another player then sails into the path of my torps and I get the warning for it and turn pink, what a load of horse crap
  12. Cluid

    starting to enjoy things now

    no guys I would never sell the Warspite, as bad as I am at playing that boat there is no way I would sell any ship I have purchased via the website or the game
  13. Cluid

    getting blow up

    thank you sir, that answers my question exactly, thanks again
  14. Cluid

    getting blow up

    Hi guys, I hope this post finds you all well and good when you are in a battle and you get blown up/wiped out/annihilated, call it what you will, you get the option to go back to port where it says that your ship is still in battle, at the end of that particular battle do you still get any hits/XP/experience etc etc that you acquired during that battle at the end or do you lose it for not staying in the battle till the end regardless of what happened to you?? Thanks in advance for any help and advice
  15. Cluid


    thank you very much guys for your comments and advice, I must admit I'm not as excited about playing CV's (there you go Tank276 thanks, mate :-) after reading the comments on this thread, but I will give it a go just to see if this playstyle suits me, Im slightly disabled as in I have RA in both hands so it can get quite painful playing any games these days, but I found that World of Warships is a nice balance for me, I used to play World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Eve, and quite a few others but it gets so painful after an hour that I had to stop. anyway thanks again guys, and I hope to see and blow the s**t out of a few of you in game