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  1. firerider202

    Can someone explain this?

    As far as I know, wg is planing some online activities for Gamescom (stream). They always have announcements for Gamescom, and they won't disappear just because Gamescom disappears. There is a good chance that we will get some announcements around the normal Gamescom time.
  2. Die werden im laufe der nächsten zwei wochen gutgeschrieben.
  3. firerider202

    Freies Zielen

    Zoomt man eine stufe raus, und kann immer noch gezielt auf Wasserlinie/ superstruckture oder wo genau man halt treffen will zielen, sowie die vorhalte Hilfen des Visiers nutzen.
  4. firerider202

    PT 0.9.7 - Changing Keys for Consumables

    I do understand that very well... I dont need to remember to press a different key for the same consumable in a different class. I just know that speedboost is on u in bbs and on y for dds, I don't need to think about it. I think i know pretty well if I waste my time here, I wouldn't answer then. look how long it too wg to develop this system. And now you ask them to develop another system, which serves the same purpose because you ask for that as a single player? and once again YOU ARE FREE TO PUT YOUR CONSUMABLES WHERE YOU WANT THEM. Tell me one example in which you are not able to bind the consumables where you want them pls. i dont know who thought more here...
  5. firerider202

    flugabwehr priotisierung

    O verstärkt die flak(dps) auf einer seite und schwächt sie auf der anderen für einen kleinen Zeitraum. wenn sich beim drücken Flugzeuge in der aa range befinden erhalten diese zusätzlich instand Damage. Wenn man diese tool gut nutzt erhöht es den Damage signifikant
  6. firerider202

    PT 0.9.7 - Changing Keys for Consumables

    I really dont get your point here, you can put radar always to the same key in the new system. If you want. If you want radar always on one key, put it always on one key(in most of the ships thats already the case). So y will only be bounded differently if you dont have radar, but i just assume that you wont feel the need of poping radar in a Montana for example). But why would you force anybody to use one key per consumable? If I play a dd, I need to have the speed boost on y. thats the key I will automatically press if I need speedboost. If I play a bb tho I want the spotter on y, if I have one. Same again, if I play battleship and want the spotter view I will automatically press y. In a bb i am perfectly fine with the speedboost (if available) on U. In the new system, I can easily move my consumables like this. if you want your speedboost on y even in a bb, you can put it there. But if you put the speedboost to one fix key, either you or me will be unhappy with the choice. btw, i am not even sure if there are six free keys available which you would need if you want to bind every consumable to one specific key.
  7. firerider202

    PT 0.9.7 - Changing Keys for Consumables

    If you want a consumable to have one key on every single ship, you need one slot exclusively preserved for that. If I want radar on y, i can't have something else on y even if i don't have radar. every slot needs a key. so you have eleven? different keys for consumables from which a max of five will be used on a single ship. So henry might have consumables on r, t ,u, m, k, because y and i are preserved for consumables the henry doesnt have. You obviously still have five keys on the henry, but five out of eleven and not five out of five.
  8. firerider202

    PT 0.9.7 - Changing Keys for Consumables

    You mean because of this? If I change it myself I change it in a way which fits my finger memory better, if wg changes it for me it will fit my finger memory less. For example, if we had a bb with speedboost on y and spotter on U, I would swap them around because that suite me better. if we give every consumable a fixed key, the spotter will most certainly don't get the y key. Lets say we give spotter the i key, because radar is already on y. this bb has no radar tho. So i will maybe have my speedboost on U as I want it(maybe not, depends), but i will have my spotter on i. the y key remains unused because its preserved for radar, which i dont have in my bb. The consumable layout will change in both versions, but in the first one it changes to my advantage(because I change it myself), in the second one it changes to my disadvantage(because I cant decide it myself).
  9. firerider202

    PT 0.9.7 - Changing Keys for Consumables

    We have nine(edit: even more) consumables in the game. we have five slots. so we need four additional slots to give every consumable its own. that's a whole lot of keys to remember, and you would need to jump across the keyboard. Only five consumables are used max.(henri 4). Currently, these five consumables are in the five slots r, y, t, u, i(german layout). With the changes in 0.9.7 this won't change at all, so if i click in battle with henri 4 everything is as always, my finger memory still works perfectly fine. the only thing that changes is that if there was one consumable which is differently bound than in the majority of ships I could change it I choose to do so. If every consumable would get its own slot with 0.9.7 and I click in battle with henri 4, the consumable layout would have changed and my finger memory wouldn't work any more, I would need to relearn it. This shows that the current changes are much more finger memory friendly than 1 consumable one slot as you suggest.
  10. firerider202

    Freies Zielen

    Nein, das hat keinen Einfluss auf die Dispersion. Allerdings kann man ohne zoom nicht genau zielen, und wird daher nicht treffen(in einer reellen Situation, nicht im übungsraum)
  11. firerider202

    PT 0.9.7 - Changing Keys for Consumables

    Please don't talk for everybody but for yourself only. I think you are one of these persons who always want to find a reason to hate something. This new feature allows you to set all consumables where you want. If you want one consumable always on the same slot, just put it there(literally five seconds per ship once in your life, and on most ships, the consumables are already where you want them I assume). But what's wrong on having the option to do otherwise? Also, there are more consumables then slots, so how do you want to give every consumable one slot? having as a´many slots as consumables would be very cluttered. You cant put two on one slot either because right now there is basically a ship for every consumable combination. I really like the current solution, it gives me the freedom to put the consumables where I want, on any ship without any big workload, its literally two clicks, changing to premium consumables probably took longer.
  12. firerider202

    in-game polls

    If I say game developer decision I mean that. that's their vision for the game. You can like that or not, but it's not your game. The cv balance IS currently in progress, but as usual, wg does not go into detail until its final. regarding pve content, there is some in-game, wg knows how many are playing this and apparently the number is low. Developing pve contend is costly and risky if you aren't sure that it will be played. "radar cruisers" are no radar cruisers, but cruisers which have the radar consumable mounted. Also, most ships have the option to mount different consumables on the radar slot. As far as I understood, the mm is not made to differ consumables. If it's no major/game-breaking(what is not the case) issue, why would you do that? Especially when you consider that mm is supposed to be random(while not considering stats at all, it just ignores them/doesn't check them). WW2 HAS importance to the ship selection, but game design/balance decisions have priority over realism, it's not a simulation.
  13. firerider202

    in-game polls

    They don't need to ask this way, they already know. It's just not as easy as "player x wants this, so we do this". You have to consider that the developers have their own plans and ideas, and many of these questions are easy to ask, but not easy to answer, especially balance-wise. To answer the questions you mentioned: Cv balance is currently wip, the random matchmaker is supposed to be random, and not skill-based, Differentiating radar cruisers from non-radar cruisers is technically difficult and not worth the investment, pve content is currently on ice because of low popularity. Cvs are in all game modes because wg wants all ships in all modes(game design decision), and Subs are coming in some form a) because they were requested by a few people after Halloween and b) because they had an important role in ww2, and should be represented in the game(again game design decision of the developers).
  14. firerider202

    When you finish summer season 2 on the PT

    They will be credited in the next patch.
  15. firerider202

    Zurücksetzung eines Forschungszweigs

    Einfache Antwort: weils so ist. wie bereits mehrfach geschrieben wurde ist alles vorher bekannt, das spiel fragt ein sogar zweimal nach Bestätigung das man das wirklich will.