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  1. firerider202

    Kremlin guns

    Kremlin struggels the least against he spammers, and the guns are pretty accurate. The nerf was only 2x 0.5 Sigma, not too much
  2. If you have problems with HE, just play Kremlin. That should solve every Problem besides cvs
  3. firerider202

    Moskva legendary module

    The Upgrades will be available in the Research buero from April 17 for 19200 Reseatch points, and they will be reworked in 0.9.5 (about two month later) so dont buy them
  4. firerider202

    Kapitänsskill Flugabwehr

    Generell gibt es immer skill die sich mehr lohnen als aa skills, von denen kriegt man meist nicht viel mit
  5. Ich hab nur die JB und bin sehr zufrieden. Spielt sich schon fast Richtung schlachtkreuzer durch die Geschwindigkeit und Ladezeit. Ist die Kohle, oder das Geld, auf jeden Fall Wert, wenn einem der Spielstil gefällt
  6. firerider202

    German high tier BBs

    At lest you dont need IFHE anymore for sec. build. So 4 extra points for Fp or whatever you want
  7. Ich würde die JB über der Georgia wählen, da sie ja entfernt wird, und warscheinlich nie wieder kommt. Georgia kann man sich auch später noch holen.
  8. firerider202

    Kots box.

    How long did you watch on each day?
  9. firerider202

    What is the real advantage of Saipan over lexington?

    In general the planes are a little bit faster and have more hp. Bombs do more dmg, torps might be different in their arming/aming time, but im not shure about that.
  10. firerider202

    What is the real advantage of Saipan over lexington?

    They do more damage. That is only an advantge, if you can manage youre planes. Saipan rewards skill more than lexington, while punishing plane loses harder.
  11. Do you have the mission to get it? if yes, you have time to finish the mission untill the end of the year.
  12. firerider202

    Dieses Spiel ist absoluter Mumpets

    WoWs ist nicht gerade das geeignetste Spiel für cheater...
  13. You will keep the module if you have it.
  14. firerider202

    What is the real advantage of Saipan over lexington?

    I think there is no real "advantage". The Saipan has slightly better planes (TX), but they take longer to recover, so you have to be more carefull. Its not directly better or worse, its different.
  15. firerider202

    WG Repair the Match making system please

    You only find 5 to 6 dds or 3 cvs in lowtier games (t2-4), because there are less players who play other classes. And These games are pretty rare