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  1. firerider202

    Where has the Missi containers gone?

    "Our special event that commemorates the end of World War II launches on August 27. During the event, IX Missouri will appear in random bundles that can be obtained in exchange for Doubloons." from that exact articel. The part you quote will referr to the other content like the camo etc. Also, wg announced today that they are loking into an alternative way of purshasing Missourie following the shitstorm of the weekend.
  2. firerider202

    Where has the Missi containers gone?

    If you actually looked everywhere you would know that Missouri will be released on the 27th of August and you will be able to obtain her from random bundles for doubloons. just look here.
  3. firerider202

    PSA: Super battleships are the concept for Tier 11

    A PSA normally contains facts and not theories, no?
  4. firerider202

    Do the Armory ships for Coal change?

    They do change, but not regularly. Additions will mostly not be announced in advance. When ships get removed this will be announced ~three month in advance on the development block and in the patchnotes.
  5. firerider202

    Shady buisness tactics

    It is your problem though, you can clearly see what you buy. All stats are known in advance. You buy the right to play a ship, not more and not less. If you buy this right for a ship you don't want to play that is your problem. If you don't inform yourself before buying you can't complain if the product you buy does not meet your expectations. If you buy anything in real life you would also look if you actually want it before buying it, no? WG is, as every company, trying to make you buy something, also with psychological tricks like time-limitations. That is not shady, that is normal practice literally everywhere. However, it is completely up to you if you fall for it or not.
  6. firerider202

    Tone 3/Ise 2/‘Hybrid Ships’

    They are in testing for a reason
  7. firerider202

    Forbiten mods and WG that helps them to be created.

    Herakles has no guns. It either has lasers (without indicator I think and a unique mechanic in this game as well) or waves, which work comparable to torpedoes and therefore also get a torpedo lead indicator. This indicator only shows where you would need to aim to hit the enemy if he goes afk and changes nothing, but it is pretty necessary for torpedoes. There are modifications that do similar things for actual guns, but that is the maximum you can do. You cant have a mod that makes your shells hit, it can only produce a torpedo indicator type of display for guns and incoming fire. Those mods are illegal as they give you an advantage, but that is not what I would consider an aimbot, it won't make your shells hit the target. An actual aimbot would not work for technical reasons. Anyway, those mods are getting tracked down and I personally never had the feeling to encounter someone using it. And even if, just use the wasd hack and watch everything miss, no mod can disable this hack. Your elite 10% illegal mod users that dominate everyone simply don't exist. And Herakles won't change a thing in either direction, it only uses existing torpedoes indication features. It doesn't open any door and won't close any door.
  8. firerider202


    They never were, TX special ships never were immune as you can not buy them for real money. I would prefer if they don't touch special ship but rather release balanced ones instead. Acquiring the resources takes in my case several months (coal) or a year (steel). Now, these specific nerfs are not devaluing the ships really but future ones could. Also, its sub-ideal to remove ships for a mix of popularity and performance reasons just to nerf it after removal.
  9. firerider202

    2 years posting, WG ingnoring

    That Is not a bug, it's intended to be like this.
  10. The balancing things I assume you are talking about are not down to missing resources but different views and decisions by wg. If they would want to make these balance changes they can at any time, no need for additional resources. Also, if these modes would not get the audience to make them worth the effort for wg they would not put the effort into it. But again, your definition of worth it will be different to WGs. You need to consider, the main game is also the main income. if they do not have the resources to develop the main game as well as additional modes they will focus on the one with higher returning, which will almost always be the main game. For your example with the commander rework, they would not divide needed resources away from the rework towards a temporary game mode because the rework is far more important (financially as well). WG is a company after all, and as a company distributing resources financially efficient is one of the most important things. It's reasonable to assume that they know how to do that. And also here, your definition of good resource distribution will be different from WGs, but you don't have to earn your money with this game either.
  11. firerider202

    what was the second dd we build ? stream!

    If you are disappointed that you don't get a ship that was never promised to you that's your problem. ST 0.10.3, Dockyard, "German Destroyers. Part 1" event. - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com) Where do they mention a second ship? nowhere. Therefore there won't be one. You could expect players to not expect a second ship if in the list of rewards there is no second ship mentioned. Maybe that's too much to ask, but it shouldn't be. Also, the players who would be disappointed are not the ones who would notice any specific information about the ship being a decoration.
  12. firerider202

    what was the second dd we build ? stream!

    There was no additional ship announced, so I assume it's a ship of the same class build simultainiously for esthetical purpose. Also, if there was a second ship to get, why would they hide the info and at the same time put it on pts like that?
  13. I am pretty sure its intentional. But you still get two T8 camos for free, that's not too bad.
  14. firerider202

    Only 2 tolerable game modes in WoWS - suggestion

    That is strange. I played randoms and ranked yesterday, my day wasn't ruined. How is it possible? Seriously, the interest in operations is way too low to justify any resources spend on them by wg, and giving coop the same xp as randoms? nope! you get your results and wins gifted in coop, why would you get the same rewards for it? Its a fun mode, not more, not less.
  15. firerider202

    Matchmaking is getting even worse

    A violation of the mm rules can happen if the waiting time becomes too long, which can also affect class distribution. Divisions can make things even worse. That is rare though. Also, you fail to understand what wg means with improved mm. The last improvements were a soft-cap for classes I think, regulation of -2 matches and a rule that ensures that in all multi-tier battels a minimal and maximum amount of ships of the same tier are included. All these improvements are working and have improved the mm. When wg says they improved the mm it does not mean that they changed the area you complain about. Also, the mm rules themselves have not changed in the last couple of month, therefore it's impossible that the mm got worse lately. Only your rng could have been worse recently.