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  1. T00TH_FAiRY


    Yeah..ofc this is what happened. And it has nothing to do with counting on teamspeak or something else.
  2. T00TH_FAiRY


    I'm pretty sure this is not coincidence and it's straight and simple cheating. The clan is *edit* and their names are *edit*
  3. T00TH_FAiRY

    Game crashing

    Fixed, thanks. English is not my native language as it shows
  4. T00TH_FAiRY

    Game crashing

    This dumb game keeps crashing. I get that very popular " critical error" which those pathetic Russian apes can't fix or give some reasonable explanation for years as I read. I run their crap Fix tool, reinstalled the game couple of times, run it with and without mods and still nothing. My PC is top notch and it is not the problem for sure, since this is the only game I have problem with out of many. I would uninstall this rigged nonsense, but I just bought Massachusetts and I still have 30 something prem days. Anyone with a solution? I'm not planning to play the game after this period, I just don't want to waste what I bought and I don't want to communicate with these Russian sub humans.