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  1. wgRNGwg

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    My 5c, stopped playing this shitty wows at 0.6.6, decided to take a look now and GOT REALLY FRUSTRATED WITH THIS UPDATE PROCEDURE. WTF??? 1st 1.5 GB to dl and repack and install 2nd 2.4 GB to dl, repack and install 3rd 1 GB to dl and repack end install (currently at 71%) 4th hopefully there is no 4th GTFO
  2. wgRNGwg

    Point system is annoying af.

    But still it happenes many time only 10 min in and 3/4 of team is dead and game ends, robbing u of all those nice dmp points If you have a timer and a 1K points to reach, both conditions should be met. SO either eliminate all or play 20 min AND reach 1K points. Or maybe start with 0 (ZERO) points and not 300.
  3. wgRNGwg

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    When we have T10 ships, will bots still be t7-8?
  4. And everybody is ok going against T8 in a t6 ship??? Even Izmov or smoething like that poped in, which is t9 BB on t6 ships.
  5. wgRNGwg

    WG (EU) regional disparity

    We all should abandon EU server and log in to NA. After a few months NA will get overpopulated and they will start messing with NA. At that time we can jump back to EU, since it will be practically empty and more generous to ppl. As far as spending €€€ goes, I spent 3€ for 1 month of premium (a 70% off deal). Was thinking of spending more and even buy a ship or two but : - the game is pure lottery (ie dispersion) - EU servers are geting fu**ed with every mission, comparet to NA or asia.
  6. wgRNGwg

    Jingles has quit the EU WG CC Program

    So whats the latest on this thing? Can't be bothered with all 16 pages. Is this YT legit? At 1:20 there is a statement from WG and an appologie.Is this the end of this thing?
  7. wgRNGwg

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Bug Reports

    Maybe this is the wrong topic but PT client is saying "The service is currently unavailable ...". This is after the 1st 4.4GB DLed. I guess I still have to DL the 9GB pack in order to play it? And the speed was 300KB/s. Really???? Its 2017 WG.
  8. wgRNGwg


    This really is [edited]!!!! Out in the open waters my mogami gets 1. spotted 2. enemy shells hit me and cit me 3. only now i see enemy ship 6 km away HOW THE [edited]IS THIS POSSIBLE?????
  9. wgRNGwg

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    Just get us faster torps
  10. wgRNGwg

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Can someone explain to me how is invisi fire a skill??? Sitting where nobody ca n see u and fire undetected is a skill??? HAHAHA, go cry some more. The best thing WG ever did DDs could benefit from more torp range (german and ussr anyways) or faster torps. Right now u have to be lucky to hit anything with torp or if BB captain is sailing strait. Oh, yes, REMOVE CITADELS u [edited]. That way you, WG, can't decide/choose which "random" function to give to certain players. PERIOD. And for such an arcade game prices for, well, anything actually, are simply CRAZY.
  11. wgRNGwg

    Developer Diaries: Plans for 2017

    British navy the most powerfull?? Maybe in 18th century, lol
  12. wgRNGwg

    Plea to Wargaming; high tier camping must go.

    I agree, way 2 much camping/hidding in T9 and T10. AND way 2 much torp walls. ITs what kills the dynamic of the game. If U can't see the target, u can't shoot at it, so smoke time should be shorter and used only to escape bad situations and NOT TO CAMP INSIDE. And why are we camping??? XP is the answer. We all want XP and credits so u want to stay alive for as long as u can. ONE REALLY SIMPLE WAY TO BOOST DYNAMICS IS TO GIVE US MORE XP AND CREDITS. So it would not be so bad if u die at the beginning as long as you did some decent dmg. U can't really do everything just with endless balancing, we are not all the same and the same balance change doest not give everybody the same advantage/dissadvantage. But less costly deaths would be appriciated.
  13. Yeah, same here. GET RID OF THAT GAY animation. A guy polisihg torpedo??? Are you trying to say something? haha One click for opening the crapand another to shoose what u want and ZERO ANIMATIONS unless u want to see them, than you should enable them in options.
  14. wgRNGwg

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    Well if the detection range changed than its not the same spec, or is it?
  15. wgRNGwg

    Update 0.6.3

    DDs should use guns only on other DDs DDs have torps for doing heavy DMGs.