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    Clangefechte: Saison „Tränen der Wüste“

    Inzwischen sind 1/3 aller CVs verboten für den Clan Battle, plus 4 Schiffe beschränkt. Einerseits ist dies eine Verarschung, insbesondere von Leuten die Stahl für den FDR ausgegeben haben. Andererseits stellt sich die Frage, warum WG nicht mal ansatzweise versucht ein Balancing vorzunehmen. Dann wäre das Thema Schiffe Bannen garnicht nötig. Solange gewisse Schiffe so deutlich besser sind als andere (z.B. Petro, Stalin, FDR) ist es ja klar, dass besonders in kompetitiven Modi Leute nur noch diese spielen. Verbote nützen da garnichts, weil sich einfach die nächst besten Schiffe etablieren.
  2. drop_in_the_ocean

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    In your public testserver there are the new captain skills available. What has become clear, these are a very strong nerfs for some of my beloved premiumships that I paied actual money for. I'm no longer spending money on WG products, as the products you buy are deliberately being thrown under the bus after a very short while. Especially the secondary nerfs to my tirpitz b, scharnhorst and massachusetts as well as the range nerf to the atlanta are two unbearable changes. You are deliberately devaluating older premiums in order for you to sell new ones and to give them a shelf life. This is infuriating and clearly shows that it is stupid to spend money on your products, that you will define the lifespan of, depending on your current revenue. If these nerfs get through I would like to request exchange of the before mentioned ships.
  3. Sorry, but I don't understand what is up with the new NDA? We can see plenty of new ships being played but all the CCs cant comment on them. That is such a great thing to have, not to hear anything about the new ships at all. After all the poor choices for ships being launched in the last year or so, we were saved by CCs from at least one or two gamebreaking ships - such as the slava. Now we have a new NDA that keeps everyone in the CC community quiet and what a coincidence, the Slava will return. Seriously, it seems a really risky business being a CC for Wargaming. Its a few years ago, but probably WG thinks everyone has forgotten, how they banned a cc for being critical (sorry forgot his name). What seems be the underlying constant here, once they had an idea; slava, research bureau, banning critics etc. sooner or later they will come back to it again, no matter how bad it was from the start...
  4. drop_in_the_ocean

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    There seems to be an error with the armor sceme o20200612_095248_PFSD108-Le-Fantasque_25_sea_hope.wowsreplayf the Aigir. I could citadel it with a fantasque from around 6 km range. Im sure this is not working as intended?
  5. drop_in_the_ocean

    Gewertete Gefechte

    Das Ranked System fühlt sich an wie eine Lotterie. Zusätzlich war diese Season auf Tier 7 geplagt von zwei Schiffen die komplett überperformen und das Spiel extrem statsich und sich wiederholend gestalteten: Ab Rank 5 bestand fast jedes Spiel aus je 2 -3 sinOPs und mindestens einer Belfast. Gegen die Belfast hat ja WG immerhin etwas unternommen, indem das Schiff nichtmehr kaufbar ist. Als nicht Belfast und sinOP Spieler ist deren Teilnahme sehr frustrierend. Einen sinOP Punktemässig konsistent zu schlagen, wenn dieser auf überleben und "save the star" spielt, ist vielleicht für gewisse Unicorn Spieler möglich, nicht aber für einfach nur "gute" Spieler. Aus meiner Sicht hat WG ein Problem erzeugt, indem es inzwischen auf fast jedem Tier Schiffe gibt die massiv herausstechen und allen anderen stark überlegen sind. Dies kombiniert mit der "Save a Star" Mechanik erzeugt ein massives Meta, in dem nur noch eine Hand voll Schiffe verwendet werden und die Spiele sehr repetitiv machen. Die unglaubliche Vielfalt von Schiffen, die die Designer erarbeitet haben geht völlig verloren und macht das Spiel langweilig und frustrierend, für Personen die nicht genau die "richtigen" Schiffe spielen können oder wollen.
  6. drop_in_the_ocean

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I had a couple of games in the submarine mode, with DDs, light cruisers and CVs. I stopped after a couple of games as it turned out to be extremely boring and also, depending on the class, frustrating: As a DD, you can hurt the submarines, however you need to be straight above them. This is almost only possible, when the submarine is completely separated from the team. It will perma-spot you and the entire team will have a farm fest on you as a dd. If the submarine player are only half aware of what they are doing, you have no chance of getting close enough to do sth about them. As a light cruiser, you have similar problems as a dd. The advantage you have, in the games are only few BBs and few heavy cruisers (wonder why...) so you are the bully in town against all those DDs. As a CV you live until the end. So you can easily see what is happening to games that last: at some point all DDs were dead, only CV, BBs and heavy CC are left. It becomes a clay-pigeon shoot-out for the subs. As a CV obviously you can make it difficult for the enemy surface ships. Against the subs you cant help your team at all: their air detect is so small, you can only see them when almost directly above -> you cant consistently spot them for your team (even if they are close to/at the surface). If they play well, they can become insta invulnerable against bombs/rockets. And even if they are dumb enough not to dive they are very difficult to hit (for non professional CV players anyway). After that I had enough playing this mode and when I received the subs, I didnt feel like playing them - as the gameplay seemed very imbalanced from the "other side" of the water surface.
  7. drop_in_the_ocean

    General feedback

    Dear WG, The current directives in 0.8.6. especially on the 3rd level are extremely hard to get, if you dont have all lines fully developped. The only option to easily get it is by paying for the French boxes, getting the French dds. With the introduction of the French battleships, the chance to get the battleships in advance by just playing and receiving the standard boxes looked as if it was somewhat there, with the dds it seems almost impossible. These boxes are also the only real option to get the French dd special camos, as with the ships you need an ubelievable amount of t10, t9 and t8 to get enough tokens. Playing the game regularly, having invited friends that spent near to 1500 EUR on the game and having spent some money my-self I feel that I should be considered a decent customer of WG. Having the current directives set on such difficult levels makes me feel unwanted as a customer and makes me feel very disappointed. While I understand that WG needs some forms of revenue and needs to incentivise spending money in the shop and playing the game often, the latest development seems excessive. Is the only good customer, the one that plays every day for several hours or the one that spends money on every upcoming new container, ship etc.? Having thought about, what went wrong, I somewhat came to the conclusion that maybe WG is giving away too much for free: after some time, the containers, the daily missions, the daily rewards etc. become normal. So the real prise have become the premium ships that one plays for, or the special camos. While in the past these were irregular, they were also made into something that one could get with every new version of the game. So it no longer feels special to get them, it is no longer "oh, wow I got this beautiful premium ship for free". It has turned into "ah, I got this month's ship too". By this change, it has also become more of a disappointment not to get it. Regards from a disappointed customer.
  8. drop_in_the_ocean

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Error with gun-turret skin for the "Maide of orleans camo" for the Richelieu. In game, when the guns are elevated, the gold/copper on the barrels stays in the horizontal position. This can also be seen by other players, when someone else playes the Richelieu. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select Ricelieu, 2. Select the camo "Maide of orleans", 3. Play a game, 4. Elevate the guns (target something at long range). 3. Result Camo looks wired / false 4. Expected result Both the skin will move together with the barell. 5. Technical details Version 0.77