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  1. Teralitha

    Why play co-op ?

    I play co-op because its not pvp.
  2. Teralitha

    Realism mode

    The game could do with a little more realism.
  3. Teralitha

    Death from one torpedo .

    Why didnt they make bb's with more armor there? Seems kinda silly to leave a weak spot in such a bad place.
  4. Teralitha

    How to change to NA server from EU?

    Good, maybe I will find a less toxic forum with smarter and more mature people. But i dont see why the client would matter. I should be able to just choose a different server from the client. They are the same game right..
  5. Teralitha

    How to change to NA server from EU?

    Im not a team killer you jackass. I think ill just stay here and maybe ill just hunt for you
  6. On my client the only server available is the woweu. Yet after reading the forums I have learned there is a NA server. How do I get to it?
  7. Teralitha

    Lets disable limit for BB participating in battle

    What is the least played class?
  8. Teralitha

    Switching To Torpedoes and back to guns

    Ah... I get it. Human error.
  9. If I am using AP rounds and I switch to torpedoes, when I switch back to guns the game automatically changes my rounds to HE. How do I stop that?
  10. Teralitha

    Is this game really that BB unbalanced?

    I started playing a couple days ago. Its all cruisers. So, you are wrong.
  11. Teralitha

    Saipan's playstyle is rubbish

    People seem to forget this is a team game... There are destroyers and cruisers with lots of AA. They need to be guarding the carrier. What would you do if there were submarines in this game? Its interesting, there are many ships with depth charges mounted on them.... why dont we have submarines in the game? Submarines were/are a major part of naval warfare...
  12. Teralitha

    Noob Protection?

    Seems nobody in here has ever heard of "latency" before.
  13. Teralitha

    Lets disable limit for BB participating in battle

    If they can cap battleships, they can cap anything.
  14. haha good video. Im already getting used to the different playstyle and have most of those upgrades already
  15. Well... we'll see after I get all the upgrades and an experienced captain. I guess that explains why the T4 was fast and manueverable. The speed is the same, but the turning rate and the also the super slow turning rate of the guns....Are there upgrades for those?