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  1. SaxonHoliday

    Saxon - New Streamer on Twitch

    G'day folks. I first started streaming occasionally a few weeks ago, primarily for a small audience of friends to watch - but I figured, people might enjoy it, so why not put it out there and see who can have a laugh/learn something from watching. I'm not very active on the forums, but if some of you frequent the World of Warships subreddit, you may recognise my name from there, as I post there quite frequently. On to the parts that matter more than my life story. What can you expect from watching my stream? I'll try to keep the list short. Reasonably competent gameplay (54~55% overall WR over >3700 battles, R1 last ranked season, Typhoon in last CW season) A gameplay mix of all nations and all surface ship types, primarily of high tiers (T7+) Lots of narration while playing - I enjoy talking about what I'm doing Discussions about a ship's capabilities and balance - I frequently engage in such discussions Last but not least: lots of weeb crap, heavy [edited]metal, and problems with my microphone (I really need to buy a new one) I do not have a regular streaming schedule, but if you're interested, throw a follow my way and see if you like what you see! I'll start my first stream a few minutes after this post. Both veterans and new players alike are welcome, and I enjoy answering questions and tutoring newbies, as well as discussions on balance with veterans. https://www.twitch.tv/saxonshuffle <- Click it and have a look!
  2. EDIT: Thank you, everyone, for your invitations and kind words. I've considered them all and made my decision. Good luck and fair seas, everyone! 'Ey there lads and lasses. I recently-ish came back to the game from a lengthy-ish hiatus (bit more than half a year?) and Clan Wars were just being finished up at the time. The highly-structured approach of Clan Wars caught my attention and I thought it'd be nice to try it - but that'll be more of a bonus to just (hopefully) surrounding myself with some like-minded ladies and gentlemen and shooting the crap together or tryharding in randoms after lone-wolfing for a long time. People who combine an excellent sense of humour with a healthy helping of sportsmanlike competetive spirit are my favourite. Now, about myself, I first started playing in late 2016 (as the ARP event was ending). Since then, I've gotten over 2k battles under my belt, though I'm far from a unicum - I would say I am a firmly average player, but I am still improving (most recently, kiting and learning to abuse islands for cover as I started playing cruisers more). For tech tree progress, I currently have Shimakaze, Gearing and Yamato, am nearing Z-52, am working hard on my New Orleans and Admiral Hipper, and most other lines are sitting anywhere from T4 to T7. I also have a wide array of premiums, giving me multiple options at most tiers. I enjoy playing all kinds of ships to varying degrees, but can't stand playing carriers for too long (I find them very stressful to play). I am (almost) 24 years old, have Discord and Teamspeak available, adore black and politically incorrect humour, and consume memes on a daily basis. I speak English and German fluently, can understand (written) Dutch, and know just enough Spanish to insult someone's parentage. Looking forward to your replies here, or send me a message in-game! P.S.: Feel free to look up my stats on warships.today or the like, but please ignore my... special... Prinz Eugen stats. There's a story behind that, believe me. (Compare my Admiral Hipper stats for a significant improvement.)
  3. SaxonHoliday

    Ognevoi - too weak for T8?

    I've been grinding the Ognevoi for a while now (everything unlocked, only working towards Udaloi) and she's... not a bad ship. Her major problem is that she is a jack-of-all-trades in a world of specialists. Sort of like AKZK, she is an oddball in the RU DD tree - all the other boats are fast, with quick-firing guns as their primary armament. Ognevoi is much slower by comparison, only has 2 turrets so her DPM is lacking, however, her concealment is much better than the rest of the line (though still worse than other nations at the same tier) and her torpedoes are excellent (by RU standards... not so much by American or Japanese ones). She is very much a hybrid, able to take on most roles. However, she loses the gunnery game to non-IJN DDs, she loses the cap game to USN DDs and she loses the stealth-and-torpedo game to non-RU DDs. She does most things decently, but not well enough to be worth mentioning over her counterparts.
  4. Japan - "Best" torpedoes that actually aren't the best. The stealth is nice, but that advantage only exists at low and mid tiers. At high tiers, their advantage over their US counterparts is too small to matter with all the other disadvantages they have. If you genuinely like the ships, go right ahead and grind the line, but be warned that you may not find much success. Guns are also very very lacking (Akizuki excepted, but she is a VERY special case), and are emergency weapons at best, a liability at worst. 'Murrika - Fletcher is hands-down the best destroyer in the game at most things. A Khabarovsk or a Black (those overpowered little ****s) are pretty much the only things that scare a good Fletcher. At low and mid tiers, they have excellent all-around performance, even if their torpedoes are unspectacular (Clemson is a sealclubber favourite) and at high tiers, they evolve into jacks-of-all-trades that are close to masters-of-all. The line is distinguished by good stealth (beaten only by Japanese destroyers until T10, where they are equal), excellent agility (tight turning circles and low rudder shift time with decent-to-good speed) and rapid-fire close-range guns that lose effectiveness against small targets beyond 7km range. Overall an excellent all-around line with few underperforming ships and many overachievers. Russia - Even with the rudder shift nerf, Khabarovsk is still an extraordinarily strong ship and will wreck the unprepared - be they other destroyers, cruisers, or battleships. The line overall performs decently, though the low and mid tiers are cursed with horrible, almost battleship-tier turret traverse speeds that don't really get any better until T8. Their DPM however is very good IF you can keep the guns on target, and their high speed makes it easy to dodge incoming fire. A very gun-focused line that unfortunately wins little in terms of concealment, so especially the higher tiers play more like mini-cruisers. Germany - Distinguished primarily by their guns (excellent AP damage, weak HE damage) and their torpedoes (long-range, fast, quick reload, but low-ish alpha) and, at T6 and up, their (almost) unique ability to mount hydro. This makes them excellent cap bullies, able to compete with their American counterparts, though they lose in stealth slightly. I am still grinding the line, but Z-46 looks like my favourite so far - a very strong ship, only losing about 100m of concealment to Fletcher, and her only real disadvantage besides that seemingly being a large-ish turning circle. They are specialists, but I think I like what I see so far.
  5. SaxonHoliday

    The Duca d'Aosta

    Duca is a memeboat. I [edited]love it. The AP penetration is a bit lacklustre and the fire chance is REALLY bad, but otherwise, I have loads of fun with it. Sanic fast speed along with pasta railguns is just too much fun. And honestly, the armour seems fine, weirdly enough... it seemed like so little when I looked at it in the armour viewer, but my actual experience with it has been that it is massively trollish, bouncing shots at angles it really shouldn't.
  6. SaxonHoliday

    Kamikaze R: what is all fhe fuzz about?

    Super fast, stealthy, and torpedoes that even a T7 or T8 might be envious of. Plus, KMKZ is the best waifu.
  7. SaxonHoliday

    Adressing the Battleship Plague

  8. SaxonHoliday

    Tactical genius

    I do it for the giggles. Especially in my Scharnhorst. That ship is the most troll-tastic thing you can sail down that corridor. Last time I did it, I got 108k damage in 5 minutes...
  9. SaxonHoliday

    Adressing the Battleship Plague

    It's true. Destroyers seem to get their major performance boosts at T9 or T10 (Fletcher being the quintessential example, and Shimakaze representing the logical conclusion of the IJN line, while Khabarovsk is... Khabarovsk) while being more of a gradual progression otherwise. I can also agree with what you say about battleships - they seem to be at their strongest at T8, with every BB available at that tier being very performant, while the T9s aren't explicitly better. The drop in cruiser numbers at T9 doesn't surprise me. Cruisers are quite performant at mid tiers (Fiji, Belfast, Atago, Kutuzov) and while the T10 cruisers are definitely all excellent ships in one way or another, battleship guns are accurate and deadly enough at that tier for those reviled instant deletions. CV numbers being stupidly low is for reasons we probably all know at this point. The carrier rework is coming Soon™, so here's to hoping Wargaming actually do it right this time and don't do another half-arsed "fix" like they did with stealth fire. I also find it interesting to look at the "spikes" in player numbers per tier. Destroyer numbers have a significant surge at T7 and to a lesser extent at T5. That's probably to blame on those tiers having excellent premiums. Similar reasoning applies to T7 and T8 for battleships (Scharnhorst, Tirpitz).
  10. SaxonHoliday

    Duca d'Aosta (Impressions) Share your thoughts!

    I've played a few battles in the ships and I consider it money well-spent. The whole "get both hydro and DF" and "let's give her stealth-torping capabilites" are still changes WG made I don't understand, but I like the ship. - Pasta railguns with nice RoF, decent alpha and turn rate, as well as high accuracy. The penetration is meh, but still enough to citadel CLs of the same tier. Could maybe use a bit of a boost there. - Goes sanic fast. - Reasonable handling considering what a viking long ship she is. - Trollish armour that somehow seems to bounce everything when angled despite the fact that it really shouldn't be able to. It's hilarious. In my opinion, she makes an excellent mid-range fire support ship (I'd say "long-range" but her range really isn't that good), though as with literally every single cruiser I have, I play her as a brawler. With a surprising amount of success. Really, the only thing I'd change about her is to give her AP rounds some extra penetration power. Given the immensely high speed, their penetrative power seems oddly lacking, considering that force = mass x acceleration. I'd really expect some more bang from them.
  11. SaxonHoliday

    What's wrong with Mutsuki?

    Mutsuki is okay if you have a dedicated captain. But she's only okay, she won't amaze you in any way. She has good concealment and very nice torps, but her guns basically don't exist. Abuse your stealth to spot for your team and smack foolish straightlining battleships with a torpedo broadside. But getting spotted is death. Avoid being spotted. Still, Kamikaze is superior in every possible way, basically. She's no longer sold, but if you can get your hands on one...
  12. SaxonHoliday

    Adressing the Battleship Plague

    Interesting how the (relative) DD population makes such a huge jump at T9 and T10 while BB population actually notably drops. I guess that's down to lots of people stopping at Bismarck or North Carolina (or buying a Tirpitz), while the jump for DDs is thanks to Fletcher appearing at that tier... and T10 is likely thanks to Khabarovsk.
  13. SaxonHoliday

    About gunboats

    As many, many, many others have already mentioned, you basically want Russian destroyers. From T5's (now T6) Gnevny onward, they consistently have the best long-range guns amongst destroyers, and have the agility to dodge return fire. Blyskawica also counts - she plays as something of an odd mix of Russian and American destroyers. Other destroyers have their own roles. - Japanese destroyers are stealthy torpedo boats. The current meta with radar, hydro and RPF everywhere doesn't really allow them to contest caps at all, so their job is to slip behind enemy lines and try to take their battleships out of the game with a well-placed torpedo salvo. - American destroyers have the highest (theoretical) DPM out of all destroyers in the game. Their reasonable speed, good turning circles and bad shell characteristics firmly entrench them as the lords of close-range knife-fighting - something they are only beaten at by Khabarovsk, that overpowered little [CENSORED]. Their primary job is to get into the cap and bully other destroyers out of the cap. They also have excellent team support with the longest-lasting smoke screens in the game and the ability to mount Defensive Fire at high tiers. - German destroyers are weird hybrids with a gimmick. They have guns with reasonable reload speed, turning rate and shell characteristics, not excelling in any one area like the Americans or Russians. Their torpedoes reload fast, go fast, and have good range, though their alpha damage is bad. They have reasonably good concealment, but not quite as good as the Japanese or American destroyers, while not as bad as the Russians. They have terrible smoke, but get hydro. They work extremely well in very specific situations, but are not as versatile as the Americans. The Japanese are out for you since you want gunboats (though you may want to consider the Akizuki). The Russians are the closest to what you want - they act as fire support ships, and playing them as escorts is very viable. You can either follow a bit behind your cap contesters (ships like the Gearing or Z-46) and aid them in shredding whatever they find, or you can sit further back and screen your fleet against enemy destroyers. RPF, as much as I loathe that skill, is very helpful in this instance, as it is otherwise very easy for low-concealment ships to avoid you.
  14. SaxonHoliday

    Benson/Fletcher TA?

    I used to play a lot of Shimakaze with F3, so short range is not a problem for me. I've thought about getting TA on my Fletcher for this reason, but ultimately I found picking another T3 skill more appealing. It's a matter of taste, probably - 8.4km torps are very usable, especially at 71 knots. On the other hand, 10.5km torps mean that you can fire from the edge of radar range with little risk of discovery.
  15. SaxonHoliday

    How French are you?

    The closest I am to being French is living on the border.