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  1. st_dasa

    General Submarines related discussions

    I could kill more than a half of the enemy team, even had a Kearsarge to spot those who tried to flee, but this super unicum sub had a perfect counter-tactic; he just dived and could not be spotted for the last 5 mins of the match. I was on top of him with my hydro, but with an unicum move, he scraped the bottom and shut every valve, cat and German on his tiny U-boat. A true tactician. Spoiler: sub was a 47% WR player Lovely design WG.
  2. st_dasa

    General CV related discussions.

    Gotta say.... I really like CVs when they do this:
  3. st_dasa

    European Destroyers tech tree split

    I know, read again, I pointed out that high tiers are problematic. Still, this guy at the very least used the historical ships and made a proposition in his free time, so props where pros are deserved. I agree that the line could've been made much better with more sensible ship choices, like yours for example. WG is now just recycling stuff without slightest sense of balancing.
  4. st_dasa

    European Destroyers tech tree split

    Someone (I guess just a regular dude with some free time?) had a great idea about alt EU DD line a few years back.. cannot remember who or where, but in short, the line he proposed was compromised exclusively out of Balkan nations - Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania, maybe Turkey, and it made much more sense. Northern nations are already over-represented in the game. EDIT: I found the thread, here's the link: Funnily enough, Yugoslav DD Split was at the tier 8 on this proposal as well. Would not be surprised if the WG took a direct inspiration out of this guy's work. I understand that there are some issues with T9, as she is basically just a regular Benson class, and T10 is a Gearing, but still, imagine a line made out of real, historical ships!
  5. st_dasa

    European Destroyers tech tree split

    Well, the higher tiers are all actually revamped French DDs, so I guess they will be consistent in their ''feel'' and will have an obvious gunboat role.
  6. My X key will retire soon. Too much work made a poor bastard quit life.
  7. st_dasa

    European Destroyers tech tree split

    It is indeed a Split! I'm happy that they will include a ship named after my hometown. She was actually built (albeit finished after the WW2) and had a long & prosperous career in the SFRJ navy (scrapped in 1980). Here she is at the Lora port in Split:
  8. st_dasa

    BB brawl summary

    Exactly. I played few battles, got this diamond of a conversation and left for good.
  9. st_dasa

    BB brawl summary

    We are in the middle of the second world war. Hunter-killer packs roam the Atlantic. Lo and behold, a group of U-boats finds the Allied armed convoy. Every single one of the U-boats perishes from the surface at periscope depth, but one of them is still sailing at full speed, hull well above the waterline. Captain Gunther says to himself ''I can do whatever I want, why should I do what the tactics, technology and pure logic dictates? I AM A MAN WITH ENDLESS FREEDOM''. Less than 15 minutes later, cpt Gunther's U-obat is lit by the searchlight and blown to pieces by the surface fire. As he perishes, he thinks to himself ''My mum raised no quitter, I can do whatever I want''. ............................................................. You know those two circles in the middle of the map, in every brawl ever? Matches in brawl last for 10 mins. Besides the Dunkerque, are you aware of the T6 BBs top speed? You know the dispersion of T6 bbs? Can you tell me how many teams that snipe win the game? I'd argue around 10%. I agree with you tho, you can do whatever you want, you can snipe from A1 or close your eyes and shut your ears while you're at it. You can even uninstall the game!
  10. st_dasa

    BB brawl summary

    Just because a submarine is called submarine does not mean it has to be underwater. Flawless logic mate.
  11. st_dasa

    BB brawl summary

    My optimism is in the class of my skill, very high and never-ending.
  12. st_dasa

    BB brawl summary

    His name is not B_P, it seems you are the bully here. What do you have against the poor B_P? Your mind is filling the blanks, ain't it? BULLY, REPORTED JK, I missed the lower part, blurred it. Now be so kind and edit your own post, you bully.
  13. st_dasa

    Overpowered CVs are absurd

    Man I think I signed for some extra taxation when I hit that ''YES'' on EULA. Scam for sure.