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  1. st_dasa

    General Submarines related discussions

    I think you are a bit confused.
  2. st_dasa

    General Submarines related discussions

    Finally, I've been exposed. May I recommend upgrading your English tho, with a class or two, maybe even three? Your post includes no negation in the first sentence that would acknowledge the affirmation in the second. By improving your language skills, your strong arguments will destroy noobs like me even harder, just as your DD unicum gameplay absolutely trashes everyone you meet.
  3. st_dasa

    General Submarines related discussions

    So I had a WONDERFUL experience interacting with a sub player today. Anyhow, I took my own submarine Petropavlovsk, match started, I saw two (real) subs per team and typed smth like this: ''all sub players are conformist INSERT INSULT that support CERTAIN GAMING COMPANY''... and the sub replied ''Now I'm gonna kill you''. Yes, and I knew he would. There was 0 things I could've done. I was in the back of the map, guy sailed trough the middle and ping-torped me to death (standard battle mind you, so everyone is clumped around one objective). I was not mad or crazy, I was just... empty. This dude, that is by all means a pretty mediocre player, can press W, come in the enemy spawn and sink one of, if not the most OP surface ships manned by one of the top 1% players on the server. Just like that. Poof. Boom. Done. 3 sets of torps, zillion of pings and good night my sweet prince. I'm happy I made this guy's day (he gloated like a 12yo kid), but this was one the first times I actually felt.... pure sadness... by playing a video game. Because I realized, I guess for good, what once beautiful rock-paper-scissors interaction has come to. Instead of the former perfection, now we have rock-paper-scissors-minigun-RPG. If anyone is interested, I have a replay. Thank you WG, really, thank you. Peak game design. WoWs is one the few popular games that gets progressively worse instead of improving. What's your secret WG?
  4. st_dasa

    Stop crying about subs

    Whoa, what a fresh perspective, thanks man, your post changed EVERYTHING. Its all sunshine and flowers from now on.
  5. ...making this sub cry.
  6. st_dasa

    General Submarines related discussions

    This is the final level of WoWs. The peak performance.
  7. ''We appreciate your feedback. We will work hard to improve the gameplay mechanics. Considering that the silent majority expressed their satisfaction with the class, we will incorporate submarines as a permanent part of random and ranked types of battles, while exclude them from the convoy. Thank you again.''
  8. And now you get both. What a bargain!
  9. st_dasa

    Hunted by a SUB

  10. If anything, subs promote camping. They mostly 'rek pushing ships and players that try to play the objective. Don't hurt your sweet head too much, you filled your quota for the day, let the grown ups do the thinking, k?
  11. Vast majority of players. Fixed that for you.
  12. st_dasa

    General CV related discussions.

    Anyone played brawl? It's literally Chkalov Vs. Pobeda fiesta. All other ships are basically spectators.