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  1. LordNyberg

    Flint or Black?

    I was in the same situation. Even though I really love the Atlanta I went for Black. So far it works as intented. Radar helps me focus the teams attention/fire on other DDs without loosing my HP so win rate is fine. But I struggle a lot with the ultra slow torpedoes. Don’t hit much and even with torp acceleration you are belove 50 knots. So close your eyes and may the force be with you when you torp. For me the main reason for Black was the fact that next ranked is T9. There will be no T9 CVs, right? So my plan is to use Black in ranked and avoid randoms as I guess the initial CV meta will be hell for all other classes.
  2. LordNyberg

    EU server down?

    They seem to have big trouble today.... Guess they will extend my premium with at least a day.
  3. LordNyberg

    Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    WG want to distribute 8 stars to the 14 players in the match to support their progression model. Either they need to rework the model for rank progression or give the 8th star to someone else than the top xp performer in the losing team. What would happen if the 8th star went to the top xp player in the winning team (who would gain 2 stars) instead? Could it be given someone else? What would be the criteria? Can you guys see any way to distribute it without getting bad consequences ( like in the OP) for the fun when playing the game?
  4. LordNyberg

    OP AP Bombs

    Worked with me. I have never played my Bismarck again since being deleted by Midway AP autodrop.
  5. LordNyberg

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    mxstat.se includes a Trojan according to windows defender!
  6. Regarding 1. Organization wanting to improve teamwork often want to balance critical and encouraging feedback. Especially when forming a good feedback culture in new organizations. How about only allowing +-1 when it comes to compliments vs. reports? That would encourage people to really consider what was good and not only complain about their teammates. As some of you may already be aware of, reasearch show that teams that give positive feedback perform better. Yes, even in gaming. Just a thought.
  7. LordNyberg

    Help screw the nut with friendly CV captains

    Thanks OP for this great post/thread! As CV-play is another game (mode) I think many (like myself) tried some low tier CV and then stopped. At hi tiers this means problems but now I have some advice on strategies.
  8. LordNyberg

    Bug Reports

    Same for me. Was happy for a while... Screen on the right is my 2nd. I have to use OnTopReplica to get a readable Minimap when 4k minimap is not working.
  9. LordNyberg

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    same for me
  10. LordNyberg

    Division Ready-up and chat window

    The new Division UI is really bad. Or should I even call it UI? Its not for Users and it has no Interface. I couldn't find where an how to create a division. I can't leave the division when I want. My division friend left the game after being killed and exited WOWS. I was still in the division but couldn't start a new battle (as I was still in division with a person that did quit for the day). There were no function to leave division. When I am in a divison Why have you changed it WG? If you insist on contra intuitive then you must give clear instructions. Bad, really bad.
  11. LordNyberg

    Number of active players

    Thanks a lot! The facts I was looking for! So the game is in a kind of a steady state. Positive thinkers may find a slightly positive trend this fall (or do my eyes fool me?), but it is to early to say if the efforts WG has done lately will pay off. In a couple of months we will see if there is an established positive trend. I hope so as I have become really engaged in the game.
  12. LordNyberg

    Number of active players

    Hi all, my first post so have patience! From time to time there are discussions in this forum regarding the success of WoWS. Is the playerbase growing or not? I have found many opinions but not so many facts. I thought I rather check for myself. On the homepage I found the the server status. At this very moment13 k something players (EU). I realized that if I could find somewhere where someone collected these figures at the same time everyday, I could actually say that "Yeah, we are growing by xx% this year!" or something similar based on facts. Does anyone know if this kind of stats can be found anywhere? Actaully, I think that the typical evening player base (approximately 24-25 k users) is growing, but as I can't find historical data I'm not sure.
  13. LordNyberg

    For security reasons bla bla

    I only get that when I log in from another PC (basically changing PC seems to be what triggers it).
  14. LordNyberg

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Namn och ålder? Johan Nick ingame? LordNyberg (LordNelson var taget...) Hur gammal är du? 57 Vilka är dina maxtier fartyg? T10 Gearing och Minotaur Vilket är ditt favoritskepp tier8? Benson kanske. Gillar även Charles M och Mogami. Skriv ett par meningar om dig själv! Vill alltid utveckla mig till att bli bättre. Just nu är WOWS min hobby. Spelar kvällar och lite helg. Teamplayer. Spelar mest T8-T10 (jagare och kryssare) men om teamet vill så spelar jag gärna låg och mellan tier.
  15. LordNyberg

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    1. Description Error in detectability for Z-52. 2. Reproduction steps Full concealment says 6.1 range in port. In battle H-key says 6.3. 3. Result I am actually detected in 6.3 km i actual battle, exactly as H-key says but contrary to what interface says in port. 4. Expected result Both in port and in game values should be the same.If intended nerf - please inform 5. Technical details ---