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  1. ENFrostburn

    Czech flag (cosmetic) bonus code

    SPOLECNESTOLETI gives a "Czechoslovakian Riverine Navy flag" and "Czechoslovakian Legions insignia" for those who wish to have this (commemorating 100 years)
  2. ENFrostburn

    Special camo. and flag bonus codes

    JDU6LSY4ER had provided me with 2 of each: Spring Sky, Asian Lantern and Mosaic (maybe expired) NDL4KDUEH4 had provided me with 5 of each: all special flags e.g. Wyvern, Red Dragon etc. (this one is also of limited activations) Enjoy while it lasts...
  3. ENFrostburn

    1 day premium account bonus code

    WOTGMSEASON10FINALS It may have a limited number of activations.
  4. #MerryLittleShipmas and #WorldOfWarships Let's recount some of the things in World of Warships 2018: French (BB) arc: Vive la France flag Space battles: LilFish OG US (CL) arc: Worcester's 152 mm turret (and shells); William F. Halsey. Jr's red tracers Go Navy: Sharks vs Eagles (and their tokens) IJN (gunboat DDs) split: 100 mm turrets, shells and 6 * 610 mm torpedoes Arms Race: Bonuses (heal and concealment) Halloween: Mogami and the Octopus Camouflage RN (DD) arc: ... try to spot it Of course done on some "quality" paper tree with MS Paint drawn ornaments (gotta save some costs)
  5. ENFrostburn

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate in this lottery; good luck to everyone that joins...
  6. ENFrostburn

    Yorck vs Algerie

    Both Yorck and Algérie work as an intermediate ship between the light and heavy cruisers of their respective lines. As such, both of them are generally played at range with HE as it can be quite difficult to get in close to utilise their AP effectively (due to their armour). As such, one can play at mid range to find out what the friendly and enemy team do. With this, one can move in closer around islands on a weaker flank to: ambush lone enemy destroyers, fire some AP salvos on the broadside of enemy cruisers, perhaps a surprise torpedo attack on an enemy battleship or get a free capture zone. Of course, sometimes it is better to be opportunistic and at other times, it is better to be safe. This means that one can be cautious as these ships do not boast neither the greatest rate of fire nor armour and should disengage when there are already a large number of enemies at one's flank. If this is the case, then play at range and utilise the HE. In ideal circumstances, these will help improve one's ability to do more than just ranged HE attacks and hopefully should give a better outlook on how to use these ships. To summarise, these ships are best played at range (especially when a flank is heavy in battleships and HE cruisers) and can play in close quarter combat to use their AP or torpedoes (but be sure not to expose one's broadside or overextend so one can go back to long ranged combat until another opportunity arises).
  7. ENFrostburn

    Help, camouflage issues

    If you are wondering where the conning tower is, then it is most likely to be here on this image (found of the World of Warships Wiki page). This image should be much more clearer than the given template.
  8. ENFrostburn

    Help, camouflage issues

    Here is a section of my "quality"camouflage design. Please note that some parts have been redrawn (as seen in the 'rough' outline on the bridge section). But you can have a look at where the colours and annotations are to distinguish what parts make up the superstructure . Also if anyone has any corrections to the annotations, please feel free to do so. ENFrostburn.
  9. ENFrostburn

    139mm guns?

    Aigle's 5x1 139mm guns (138.6mm/ 40 Model 1927) http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNFR_Main.php
  10. ENFrostburn

    Christmas Tree Contest

    When you're broke and have to think outside the box. I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year.
  11. ENFrostburn

    Christmas Poem Contest

    Instantaneously, the crew awoke- The barrage of whistling molten rain Plummeted whilst clusters of explosions Sent the crew into a mild frenzy of pain The crew, however, steeled their fixed Countenance and carried their duty taken. But upon settling on their quiet stations Saw a glimmer far away. Are they mistaken? A gentle light illuminated the path For the crew that followed the trail The glow of the smiles at home Led them- it's their only Christmas tale!
  12. ENFrostburn

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello, I would like to participate in this raffle. 1: Scharnhorst (a nice tier 7 brawler) 2: Murmansk (a nice floating citadel) 3: Doubloons (great for all sorts of things) I also wish everyone luck in the raffle and a lovely, festive season.
  13. Hello all, This is my submission for the Christmas postcard contest. It was created in MS Paint with some screenshots from the game; I hope that you do not mind the simple 'quality' aspect of it. Regardless, I wish everyone luck on the contest. Kind regards, ENFrostburn.