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  1. pfcremus

    What is the difference between Petro and Moskva?

    petro was a real ship, moskva wasn't
  2. pfcremus

    Update 0.10.11: New Year

    paulo emilio will have kek AA
  3. pfcremus

    Soviet Carrier-Based Aircraft

    Soviet specialists undoubtedly followed the development of the world's military and technical ideas and correctly assessed the significant potential of the ascendant aircraft carrier ship type
  4. pfcremus

    HotFix: Game Balance

    petro too OP? sure, lets nerf british cruisers and dd's, that will fix it
  5. We will add the requirement for a user to confirm the age of 18+ to make such a purchase.
  6. pfcremus

    Update 0.10.10: Superships

    But even though the data suggests that submarine torpedoes are not over-powered, we have heard our players say that submarine torpedoes are currently both effective and easy to master at the same time.
  7. pfcremus

    Karl Van Schonberg in the shop!!

    Karl von Trashenburg
  8. pfcremus

    WG survey regarding subs

    that survey was made by a 30% wr player
  9. working as intended, right?
  10. pfcremus

    new players?

    u need to hide the name, i didn't stat shamed anyone
  11. pfcremus

    new players?

    3 battles in co-op and 1 battle in randoms.
  12. pfcremus

    new players?

    the saint spreadsheet was right, we have new players coming into the game on a daily basis.
  13. pfcremus

    Hunted by a SUB

    historically accurate
  14. pfcremus

    Anyone else got a mysterious gift?

    open the [edited]BOX already