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  1. pfcremus

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    oh crap, another nerf to kremlin
  2. pfcremus

    Armada: Boise

    ain't nobody wants real exiting ships, we all want to spend our $$ on fake fantasy russian ships.
  3. pfcremus

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    i feel so sorry for those who bought this piece of crap ship, exeter is by far a better ship then london
  4. pfcremus

    Dry Dock: Roma

  5. pfcremus

    I really dislike Japanese BBs?

    i was watching a streamer on twitch, there was a yashima that dev striked a full hp thunderer
  6. pfcremus

    what is happening to this game lately?

    no idea if u are stupid or u just trolling
  7. they should totally do like a minimum requirement of a certain number of battles before u are able to use the premium shop, but knowing that wg is only after money in this game, they won't do that crap. greedy [edited]
  8. pfcremus

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    they said black will be available in the armory for coal, in a few months
  9. pfcremus

    Results: Help a Friend – Win a Ship!

    Recruiting Station flag (only for Recruiters) all that invited players should have that flag, i myself invited someone, didn't got crap
  10. like those [edited]moments when u [edited] decided to add the no skill/brain russian fake bb line and cancerous smolensk into the game? asking for a friend ofc
  11. pfcremus

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    i went to a mountain trip, wich is more worth it then staying at home and playing this [edited] game
  12. pfcremus

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    nevermind, i didn't get crap from the first directive, i call that historical accurate
  13. pfcremus

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    [edited]your view point, here i fixed it for you
  14. pfcremus

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    i can't see anything in armory or does it start?