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  1. thanks WG, i always wanted a [edited]aigle and a [edited]krasny krim
  2. pfcremus

    December’s Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    Complete 40 out of 62 available Chains of missions WELL F*CK that
  3. u can removed the black camo, ofc. you cannot put another premium camo on B ships, i can't see anything beside the black one, but u can remove it
  4. vangaurd for that price? and it still sucks, i'll rather get battlefield 5 for that price
  5. @Tuccy how many credits for 1 sovereign?
  6. pfcremus

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to participate too but knowing my luck maybe the Hood or Scharnhorst
  7. pfcremus

    That's all folks!

    If a ship was built and fits in the game from a time period and gameplay perspective, there is a very good chance we will eventually introduce it anyway, so we're not going to leave out ships that were actually built due to these project ships. so you are trying to do like russian cruisers? 1950's projects fighting against ww1 ships?
  8. pfcremus

    Turkish Warship Addition

    Get more of your friends to PAY, then WG will introduce them in no time.
  9. pfcremus


    why every other server has very good offers on signals? i mean russian server can pick flags from premium shop in small bundles 50 or 100 for way less then eu, https://ru.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/and this applies to na server too, https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/ . if we check the european premium shop, https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/ even the "cheapest" offer is 3 times the cost of those other 2 servers and contains way less signals. let me guess, its "historical accurate"? and also i would like to thank you in advance for no one froim wg answering to this
  10. pfcremus

    sapian too strong

    that guy said it: - Ships like Belfast and Saipan should not exist. Period. At least remove them from the shop. u can't do $hit when a saipan targets you on a low AA ship
  11. pfcremus

    ''Technical issue found'' - unable to log in

    it seems to be working now. but why the hell only EU gets this kind of $hit? wot and wows