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  1. guy_incognito79

    Update 12.2: Trouble in the Hot Tub

    The Rubber duckie rumble looks like it could be amusing, not so much the Pan-Am cruisers (AKA attack of teh clones) which are quite insulting to the Latino navies. Also, the new girl is cute , pls keep her around (and maybe let her try balancing the CV/Suckmarine plague).
  2. What can they do? Either make a couple of Ops for them and leave the rest of the game a sub free environment or remove completely, blame Lesta/the Russians for the whole shitshow and make something more productive and less toxic.
  3. guy_incognito79

    The "Von Jutland" Brothers need a skill change?

    Yes the Jutland boys could use some skill changes, they're useless ATM. WG could also add a couple of dude bros for the Swedes and Italians while they're at it.
  4. guy_incognito79

    British U-boats announced!

    WG collectively kicking its playerbase in the balls again I see.... It's fascinating in a twisted kinda way, EA is the worst company out there and their only motivation is pure greed, WG on the other hand actively despises their own players... it's bizarre!
  5. guy_incognito79

    Suspicious site - should I be worried...?

    lol why are you using McAfee bro?? It's the worst AV for taking up space on your HD, it spits out more false positives than WG makes stupid decisions and it's just the worst AV in general.
  6. guy_incognito79

    Balance changes - 0.11.8 Public Test (DB 364)

    Why the hell are you nerfing the Italian torpedoes???. They're trash already., they don't need to be worse!
  7. guy_incognito79

    Around the World web campaign...

    I'm not doing this because it only gives you the old bloke as a captain and not the girl!
  8. guy_incognito79

    Can anyone explain the latest LWM/Huron drama?

    As I look at this it seems to be a Canadian version of the German T-61 debacle. T-61 - Gaede with 127mm guns but you build around the torps (if you don't then you're dumb and should uninstall)+ smoke and hydro consumables = waifu boat, much sexy! Gaede - More flexible TT boat with 127mm and 150mm gun options, same torps and consumables as T-61 = solid boat that is good for people too late/cheap/dumb to buy T-61. Karl Von Schonberg - Gaede with 150mm guns, slightly better reload on said guns but shittier torps and poor choice on consumables = the girl you wouldn't pull even after 10 pints! Haida = basically T-61 but with less torps but better HE and sexy comsumables!! Huran - looking like another KvS ....
  9. guy_incognito79

    Wait WHAAT?? 12v12 BB only brawl??

    While I'm hoping the T6 BB only brawl will be fun and seeing plenty of pushing and brawling, knowing this player base you're probably right... they will still camp even with the torp and CV scum threats removed. I hope they don't, I hope this is a success so more brawls like this come around.. at different tiers and including cruiser only ones too. Not to mention DD only 12 v 12 torpedo jousts. As for the T4 ones, I like the idea but allowing the flying rats in might not have been a really good move.
  10. That T6 12 v 12 BB only brawl looks like it could be pretty damn fun, I'll have to check that out.
  11. guy_incognito79

    Oldest WOWS Player

    At 43 I thought my days of being the youngest guy in a thread were long gone... and yet here we are!
  12. guy_incognito79

    Submarines impact on your number of games

    Pretty much this for me too, just swap out ranked for co-op.
  13. guy_incognito79

    L.Tarigo - Captain Disappeared!

    Try checking your British/American ships, he might have switched sides.
  14. guy_incognito79

    Your favourite CV and Sub

    My favourite CVs and subs are the ones in other/better games made by developers who know what they're doing.