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  1. guy_incognito79

    New line

    Odd, was expecting the next new line to be destroyers not cruisers. Still, good to see the Latin Americans finally getting some attention.
  2. It's clearly a miscommunication, so WG in an unprecedented move will sack all the dev team, except Sub_Octavian who will have a hot date with a firing squad, and they will put Dasha in charge of development! Let's be real here, at this point Dasha couldn't possibly do any worse than the current shower of incompetent bumblefucks.
  3. guy_incognito79

    WG I hear you're looking for CC's

    Your satisfaction would be guaranteed there my dude!
  4. guy_incognito79

    The Ex-CC list

    I think Clydethamonkey and Mejash have gone too.
  5. guy_incognito79

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    I've never seen a company administer so many self inflicted gunshot wounds before... even EA isn't this bad. A great start for WG would be to sack Sub_Octavian... this guy is behind most if not all of the oopsies for the last 3 - 4 years.
  6. guy_incognito79

    WG I hear you're looking for CC's

    Even combined all those guys still have less credibility than Zoup.
  7. guy_incognito79

    Mass resignation of CC's

    I should think Jingles will be going too.
  8. guy_incognito79

    2nd line of american destroyers

    I think any US torpedo DD line up should be made of the designs that used the wing mounted triple/quad launchers, something that seems to be unique to the Americans. They'd make a pretty interesting group of torp spewing little monsters! :D I'd like to see more torp boats added too, I think you could get 1 maybe 2 more lines for the Europeans, French, German and British lines could be added. If teh Commonwealth and Latin-Americans ever get added one could have a hybrid line and the other could be gunboats. And oddly enough I'd like them to make a proper hybrid line for the Russians too, since they actaully designed and built DD's themselves it would be interesting. Maybe use a modified Tsarist era DD as tier 5, unused blueprint or incomplete designs for 6 & 7 and the existing 3 get a few tweaks to make it a consistent line and have the Opytnyy destroyers as a tier 6 premium.
  9. guy_incognito79

    ST - 0.10.7 - New ships

    As soon as you notice the torp range on the BB's you can hear the Z-52 line DD's crying quietly in the distance!! And the RN DD's loudly cursing at the Incomparable.
  10. guy_incognito79

    Austro-Hungarian possible "short" tech tree

    An A-H mini line like this could work and the Swede DD's could be given their own separate tree, just replace the Tatra with the Wrangel class destroyers. https://www.navypedia.org/ships/sweden/sw_dd_wrangel.htm
  11. guy_incognito79

    LWM review of Yukon

    Looks like it's going to be a copy - paste Haida coming our way boys and girls. How long are we goona have to wait for the next PR balls up to come.. any guesses?
  12. There's some good possibilities for new game modes and classes based around lower tier ships if WG wasn't so lazy/stubborn with their high tier trumps all and obsession with napkin nonsense ships and pidgeon carriers. For example, when subs land they could add a mode of subs Vs corvette/frigate/any other small escort class... maybe in a convoy escort mode like someone has suggested before. Or for the WW1 era buffs you could have a squadron of 1 BB plus cruiser/DD escorts that must escape from team 2 which is made up of DD's and 1899 - 1910 era torpedo boat DD's. TBD's like these - https://www.navypedia.org/ships/france/fr_dd_chasseur.htm https://www.navypedia.org/ships/austrohungary/ah_dd_huszar.htm https://www.navypedia.org/ships/germany/ger_dd_s90.htm
  13. guy_incognito79

    The 14th season of CBs will feature double CVs at tier 6?

    I'm so glad I don't play CB's, this is some world class trolling.
  14. guy_incognito79

    New German battlecruiser tech tree line coming next.

    Found the chubby chaser! Either that or this gentleman is blind.
  15. guy_incognito79

    SMS Goeben/TCG Yavuz Proposal

    Lol we all watch excitedly as the Ottoman navy declares jihad on planes! And as far as Craddock goes, I remember reading about him and that he wanted battlecruiser support before engaging Spee's forces. He was soundly denied and told to do his best with what he had, him trying to do that is what got him and everyone else killed. Brave? yes, but ultimately foolish.