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  1. Centurion_1711

    Offtopical Disco

    Gunslinger Girl was a great series, and like you say the soundtrack is pretty good. (that first one is amazing). Shame the art style changed a bit for the second series, and it Il Teatrino was a bit... open ended with how it finished. I don't dislike the different artwork, it just took a bit of getting used to.
  2. Centurion_1711

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_8-55_mk9.php This is a new gun that was proposed for WWII heavy cruiser projects, but none were ever made. It has a lower muzzle velocity to the Japanese 8" gun (816m/s compared to 840m/s, but the shells weighed 131kg. The Japanese shells were 125kg, so this is probably a net improvement over these. Also, the bursting charge for the HE round is larger than the IJN gun: the Japanese 8" HE round has a approx 8kg burster, while the British shell uses a 10kg burster. But I don't think WG will make the Heavies a line of HE spammers. I don't know how streamlined the round will be, Navweaps only states that a new round that was longer and heavier would be used in the new 8" gun. Hopefully its drag figure isn't too bad then. Chances are that the line will have the same sort of AP characteristics as the RN light cruisers, making them good for farming BB superstructures and doing reliable damage to cruisers (in theory). Whether the line gets a HE round is up to them. EDIT: looks like Fumtu beat me to it by a few seconds. Oh well...
  3. Centurion_1711

    Grozovoi vs. Khabarovsk?

    Last I checked both Groz and Khaba have the same number of turrets. But yes I agree, after the nerfs to Khaba she may actually be weaker than Tashkent. Honestly, give Tashkent the T10 modules and I think she would do just fine in Khaba's place.
  4. Centurion_1711

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    Pom poms are called something like 40mm 2-pounder AA guns in game, but the quad and 8-barrel mounts are the famous pom poms. The lack range sadly, making them a bit of a self defence AA weapon only.
  5. Centurion_1711

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    Don't put it past them.
  6. Centurion_1711

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    Not to mention she has a pretty striking camouflage pattern!
  7. Centurion_1711

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    @fumtu got the list bang on. Don't know why Tiger is listed in a heavy cruiser line, that would be better for an AA cruiser line (if there is a point for one of them) I've seen proposals that put London at T8, though the RN need a premium T7 cruiser now that Belfast isn't up for sale. Though perhaps one of the other Counties could do there. Those 9.2" guns on Churchill would be strange, what barrel length do they use? If the barrels are 50 calibres long, then the velocity is a spicy 881m/s. This should make the guns pretty formidable in the anti-cruiser role. I think that BB's may be a step too far though. Especially if they implement old, less streamlined shells. I think the most streamlined shells are 4crh, which to put that into perspective the old shells for the 15"/42 were 4crh, later upgraded to the longer, pointier 5/10crh shells. They could be quite draggy, which may make long range work a problem.
  8. Centurion_1711

    Grozovoi vs. Khabarovsk?

    Grozovoi guns are just better though. They have a better AA rating (50.7 vs Khaba's long range aura of about 49), better velocity (950m/s against Khaba's 900 m/s), 1 second faster reload stock than Khaba's guns and better penetration to round it off. Oh, and Groz's guns also turn 180 degrees 1 second quicker than Khaba's guns do. Not to mention that after the nerfs, Khaba has a shorter base range than Groz too. This measn that Groz will most likely out-perform Khaba at range if they were fully specced into guns. Khaba's saving grace would be speed and its 50mm plating that would negate some of the HE damage. But since Groz has better concealment (and these two DD's shouldn't be getting that close anyway) it would control the engagement. Khaba would have to chase them down while being spotted, which would put it at a massive disadvantage. The Groz would be in a position to kite, while the Khaba has to push into those shells if it wants to keep spotting them. In DD-on-DD fights, often the one who kites first will be better off. I'm not saying that the Kebab has bad guns or anything, they are some of the best DD guns out there. It's just that Grozovoi has better guns in most regards.
  9. Centurion_1711

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery please. Use the name you see here
  10. Centurion_1711

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    It's okay, not amazing. AP is frustrating to use at times, but other times is devastating (usually on cruisers), and the HE can be a flamethrower or just anaemic. It is fast enough, but won't set any speed records. And X turret (the 4-gun turret at the back) has horrible aiming angles forwards, so you have to kite to make use of the guns. Still, AA is alright and the reload is good. I think the dispersion and sigma value are what trolls you most often, as shots can scatter all over the place.
  11. Centurion_1711

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Shame I don't have my PS4 with me anymore, I would love to play Dream Tank Match. If the Switch is reasonably priced I could be tempted to get one. If there are other good games on Switch of course.
  12. Centurion_1711

    My Take on British (RN Cruisers)

    You just have to position a bit more carefully, and watch for torpedoes when you smoke up. It's 10km torpedoes are very nice, you can stealth torp if you need to. Also good for torping smoke screens, so you don't have to get too close. Other than the rate of fire and AA, it almost feels as good as Neptune, as you actually have armour around the citadel (and it is lower too). Not saying the ship is tanky, but 114mm beats 102mm of high citadel any day of the week.
  13. Centurion_1711

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    It's not just the shooting range, as that would turn it into a long range HE spammer. The AP shells need looking at and tweaking, either to make them do reliable damage (short fuse) or alter the krupp or something to give them extra penetration. That would mean the ship actually rewards careful aiming, rather than just leading to shatters all the time.
  14. Centurion_1711

    English speaking Commanders

    Sounds good, I might try it fir a change. Do I find the download online?
  15. Centurion_1711

    English speaking Commanders

    Yeah, it adds a certain level of atmosphere. And the French ones are probably the best, the Captain gets so worked up over everything! Is that voice mod any good? I saw a video on the forums somewhere and it seemed alright.