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  1. Silmaauki

    EU server down?

    I finally got in and there was supercontainer with 14 days premium.
  2. Silmaauki

    Reports & Compliments

    Again. :) I dropped one enemy DD and this person then sends one line in chat for all about idiot Mutsuki. I did not comment back at all. His stats were bad & bad (winrate & PR) with more than 5000 battles. After game I was clearly the top 1 scorer in the winning team. My Karma went down by one. There are poor players who are bad losers. Some how this issue did amuse me a lot. I take it as a compliment.
  3. Silmaauki

    Reports & Compliments

    My karma goes up and down. One funny (?) observation is that a substantial amount of those downhills are after a good game. Once I have succeeded extremely well (perhaps the top 1 scorer). It looks like that some (opponents?) are giving punishment of killing them or team mates are not pleased when I have ignored their "orders" (there are every now and then poor players who think they know what other players should/must do). Ok, some times I have politely commented in chat that "please, stop that". It might have caused some resistance. Somehow this whole issue with reports and compliments is not working as it was meant to. Just my 2 cents. ;)
  4. Silmaauki

    Game is Draw - what happened

    In the middle of fighting I lost first the crosshair for my guns and then I was kicked out from game. I logged immediately back and I find myself in port. I was wondering why the battle is not continuing. It has happened every now and then that once I log back, I can continue fighting - unless I have been sunk while away (and then I can look at the rest team while they are fighting). I looked at the results and last battle was "Draw". Both teams had several ships alive and some sunk. Newer seen this before. perhaps there were some problems at game server.
  5. Silmaauki

    Player statistics: 0 battles

    Of course. And they play like that. The last one sent full load of torps on me. dodged all but one and the I was in middle of enemy torps (which originally were not on my course...) No chat, no comments from that player... killed pretty soon. Others have been similarly numb and play stupidly.
  6. Silmaauki

    Player statistics: 0 battles

    Every now and then I check another players statistics. I usually play with tier 5-9 ships and it has happened at least twice that the stats for that player shows 0 battles and nothing else. I know that you can hide you stats byut this is different. I believe that when you start you must always play some games on lower tiers before tier 5-9 ships. So, any player on games with tier 5 up should have several games played. What are these 0 battles users?
  7. Oooppps. :) I found It now. I did only put the window in "full screen" (the green dot), but I did not specify in the game settings that monitor should be "Full-screen". Problem solved and targeting is now normal.
  8. I have usually played with computers with Windows. Now I have tried to use Mac. However it is very difficult since most of the time when I try to target enemy ships I am moving mouse upwards it opens the application menu and my cursor does not move more up (because it is already at the top and thus it opened the application menu). I can try to move it down and up, but it doesn't always help at all. And most of the time the enemy has already dropped some shells on me. Does anyone know how to permanently for this application set the application menu off? Or any other tricks how to solve or overcome this problem? I have full screen on, but it does not prevent this menu from popping up all the time and preventing me to move my guns up. :(
  9. Silmaauki

    Game crash after latest update

    My game crashed two days ago and now again. First I noticed that rudder is not working any more (I could not change course) but I could speed up or put on reverse. Then after a few seconds I was kicked put from game and on the logging sceen I was not able to log in "Error connecting server". After a couple of minutes I could eventually connect, but when back in game i was already sunk.
  10. The task manager is unusable, because the game freezes it as well. I can open it, but I cannot do anything with it. Thanks, I downloaded Process Explorer. Let's see if it does the trick.
  11. This happens every now and then. In the middle of the game the game just freezes and it kind of freezes my computer as well. I can use alt+tab to access some other programs (like browser) and I can open the task manager, but it is impossible to kill the game client because I cannot acces my mouse ot the interface of task manager. And the alt+F4 on game does not kill it. So far the only way to overcome from this situation is to log out and log in to Windows. After that I am surely killed during my "absence". Does this happen to others? Is there any way to kiil the game client from desktop and get back to game faster?
  12. Silmaauki

    HUD lost during battle

    Today this problem became a bit more serious. After losing my HUD I tried to recover by alt+enter. The result was that my game halted and I could do nothing else than plugging the power off. The game unfortunately every now and then totally halts my computer. The only survival trick is to restart the computer. Game cannot be killed and task manager cannot be accessed.
  13. Silmaauki

    Reports & Compliments

    ^Thanks. Now I can find it. Did not understand this at first.
  14. Silmaauki

    Reports & Compliments

    What karma in profile? Can't find any. Perhaps I don't have (enough) feedback. What is the purpose for compliments (and reports) if you cannot "read" them? I somehow can understand that the reports (negative feedback) are not visible, but why are the compliments (positive feedback) hidden? Or is it?
  15. Silmaauki

    Reports & Compliments

    Is there a place where you can see what compliments or reports you have received from other players?