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  1. MikHausen

    December’s Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    Noticed the tech tree discounts but they seem to disable the Clan Base discount. Is that correct? We have 15% on tech tree ships, but not showing at the moment.
  2. MikHausen

    -RDE- Join a mature and hassle free clan today..

    Let me know if you're taking solo's again as I'd definitely be interested. Play virtually every day (20 containers a week usually), have almost 7k battles and decent stats and multi-tier X's. I should be contributing heavily to oil collection. Never been in a clan before and not really interested in battles (my play time is wrapped around gaps in work day, so quite irregular). Have a wide ship selection for scenarios and missions and completed all the collections (except latest ongoing RN one). Not sure if any of those give oil, but you will know better than me.
  3. MikHausen

    WG removed credits from supercontainers

    I think replacing all of the mods with a mod token that you can redeem for the mod of your choice would please everyone. There's almost always at least one mod that you could benefit from. SC tokens would work for almost everything. A value token would give a choice of FXP or credits, for example, and ship tokens could have a 'value' that let you either save it up and combine with another or use to buy a ship from a selection - say a choice of T8* dd/T7 ca or cv/T6 bb. Even flags could be done this way, with a flag token giving a choice of 100 of any of the standard finance flags, or 100 of one of the battle flags. A premium flag token could give a user choice of 25 of the premium flag they want (Ouroborus etc.). The system wouldn't need fundamental change to chance or operation, but wouldn't this make getting one of those rare SC's much more pleasant and useful?
  4. MikHausen

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Really struggling to get into it again. Got to R5 last season and R7 before that (my first), but am at R10 at the moment and hardly playing it. Doing ok with the New Orleans but it just seems so frustrating. I'd like another irrevocable level (maybe R5) to make it less of a grind.
  5. MikHausen

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I bought 5 medium and got Some camo and flags in three of them, as well as an Okhotnik and a Scharnhorst. Obviously very pleased for £10. ! bought 5 medium for my NA account because I have little on that one and anything would be useful, but just got camo and flags. Disappointing. Purchased one last five pack and got 15 fir camo, some Red Dragon flags and three lots of 1,000 doubloons. Pleased again. More than enough for a Cesare and 400 dubs left over.
  6. MikHausen

    Ships of 'minor' nations

    I'd be more than happy with a mixed-nation lineup instead of specific runs of fantasy ships. It would be nice to have something with a lot of variety, although it would be good if there were free captain retrains within it perhaps, to offset the variety of skills needed along the line.
  7. MikHausen

    Summersale... "the grand finale"

    Exactly. What they lost to people that were going to buy has surely been made up many times over by those that wouldn't have except for the sale (like me). It's a virtual product so sales numbers all count. A decent sale, badly marred by unnecessary secrecy as to what was coming next. I'd love to see them make the original offers available again, even for just the final day. Would turn the bad PR around with minimal effort and cost.
  8. MikHausen

    bismarck captain skill - advice

    Thanks. That's very helpful.
  9. MikHausen

    bismarck captain skill - advice

    I only have a 10pt captain on mine so far and have allocated 6 to Preventative Maintenance, Adrenaline Rush and Superintendant. I have 4 unallocated points and can't decide on either manual secondaries or AFT for a secondary build. The range of AFT or the accuracy of manual? Would the points be better used elsewhere?
  10. MikHausen

    Thoughts on Tier 6-10 British Cruiser AA

    Just had a game on the test server in a Minotaur (my 6th in this ship I think, as only up to Fiji on the public one), with absolutely no AA upgrades or Captain skills. I became quite the target for the enemy CV. Ended the game with 40 aircraft kills, just one shy of the other 23 ships in the game combined. I certainly wouldn't bother with AA upgrades on my limited experience. Enjoyable ship although I struggle with the firing arc a little.
  11. MikHausen


    Hope it's a paint coating made of 200mm of titanium...
  12. MikHausen


    Horrible ship. Hit a grounded Furutaka 29 times and got 7.2k damage. Just played a game in it and before my inevitable demise in a devastating strike, had 49 hits for 13k damage. Hit an Isokaze (a T4 destroyer) in that game 13 times for 4.6k. Seriously Gave up bashing a New York when I worked out I was battering it at the rate of 90 per hit. When I say gave up, I actually mean he hit me with a single shell and I turned into a submarine... The sluggishness I can live with, but the guns are rubbish compared to its peers. Ship seems slow to stop so you have to be careful with the smoke, not always possible when the shells are flying. Torps are good, but getting within range in this ship is way to difficult on the more open maps. Can't wait for Leander.