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  1. MMASK

    FdG, the most frustrating ship out there

    Played Izumo pre-buff, then Freddy, then Iowa, finally Alsace, so far refused to touch RN BBs. Out of 4, Freddy felt to me like the proper T9 ship, having more HP by far than any of T8s or T9s. I used secondary specced captain, choosed my engagements when I could. Izumo was the only one I did not play with 19 point captain, and at the time it felt weakest. Now considering to rebuy it. Iowa... when I finally got her, already had over 100 Missouri games, which did not stop Iowa to actually become more dear to me, yes I really like that spotter plane. Alsace - I just don't get along well with 380mm guns, enjoyed Lyon and Normandie, disliked Richie and Alsace. Just like all German BBs, Freddy is xp pinata for cruisers and RN BBs, huge superstructure. Reduce fire duration as much as possible, try to time your push and then attack.
  2. MMASK

    PSA: Issue with Daily Shipments

    I just want my premium container, I will return all other items, no issues there.
  3. MMASK

    tier 10 premium ships

    That's impossible. Perhaps the archives are incomplete.
  4. MMASK

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    I have no idea, saw people mentioning it over and over again, and it did hold true until JB, other T9s or T10s are / were only available for free xp, steel, coal.
  5. MMASK

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    WG said, there will be no submarines, ever. Seems there will. WG said, you won't be able to buy ship above T8. While JB breaks that promise, I really don't think many will rush to buy her for cash. If they do, though... good move for WG from marketing point of view.
  6. MMASK

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Jean Bart is not P2W. Ship is not OP, don't think it can even measure up to silver T9 ships. You get one extra salvo in 14-15 seconds, and afterwards back to normal reload with 8 guns that cant overmatch and are not accurate. Until the CV rework, good AA won't mean that much.
  7. I like those camos, thx!
  8. MMASK

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    Playing with F3s on the Yugumo and Shima makes you really learn and understand the game, movement, enemy ships, when is your time to move forward, when to flank and when to retreat. Firing 12km torps on a target that is 11,5 km away will only result in a hit if a target is complete moron, afk or if somebody else runs into them. If you want to hit more with torps, fire them from the limit of your detection range. Also, few things are more satisfying than killing Des Moines or Wooster with 8km torps :)
  9. MMASK

    EU server down?

    I ranked out (again), took me only 1 game in the Minekaze. I'm sorry for the SolitaryDaze though, he had bad luck.
  10. MMASK

    EU server down?

    So SolitaryDaze and me (possibly some others as well) I have to rank out twice... I actually opened ticket as I have replay, where I'm writing that I am ranking out, dishing compliments to everyone. Pity you can't amend this even if hard proof is submitted there was a game and outcome was positive.
  11. MMASK

    EU server down?

    My win in ranked did not count as well, opened ticket and sent replay to WG.
  12. MMASK

    EU server down?

    Cant reconnect after reaching rank 1. Coincidence? I think not
  13. MMASK

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    Republique is fine as it is. Yes, the guns will troll occasionally, but it seems to be "flavor" of the line. Speed is meh, would have liked it to be somewhat faster, as even with speed boost, it cannot match Missouri / Iowa. It took me a while to get used to Rep, but now I've found it to work for me. Which is something I can not say about Alsace. Most reliable ships in the line are Normandie (12 guns & 30 kt speed at T6) and Lyon. Rep's greatest issue is the 32mm armor everywhere, it will melt under cruisers fire.
  14. MMASK

    Kronshtadt, an ok ship but not fun

    Triggered :) Graf Spee is fun to play, unless it's T8 MM with 5 BBs and 5 DDs. Or a T8 CV in addition.
  15. I had complained about Scharnhorst manual secondaries not working in Narai several months ago, sad to see the problem still appears. You can ctrl+click airplanes, but no any response on the ships. Did not play recently Narai with Scharn, so cant tell if the problem persists for me.