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  1. will alaska be free xp or coal?

    About the coal... started with abt. 50k from the clan oil I collected. Played regularly almost every day, WG was giving 2,4k coal daily for 5-6 games if I remember correctly during 1st month of coal introduction. So far received 5xSC with 15k coal each. Always going for resource container, and mostly get 2-3 per day. So far only spent 30k coal on one engine boost and one radar module. Coal adds up nicely, just keep playing.
  2. Just noticed that premium T6 French cruiser De Grasse does not have main gun reload booster. Its silver counterpart at same tier, La Galissonniere, received it. Will MGRB be added to De Grasse?
  3. will alaska be free xp or coal?

    Got all free xp ships except Musashi (dont want it as I have Yamato & Missouri), sitting on 1M free xp and 290k coal. Patiently waiting for Alaska, French BBs with small guns don't interest me much.
  4. From my 12 containers: 4 x 50 camos (Ocean Soul, Restless fire, Haloween, Anniversary) 4 x 15k coal for a total of 60k - now sitting on 280k coal 100x India Xray flags 100x Zulu Hotel flags 100x Detonation flags 1x T6 ship De Grasse ;)
  5. Bug Reports

    1. Description In Narai, having secondary specced Scharnhorst, can not ctrl-click enemy ships (same thing happened on PTS 0.7.8) 2. Reproduction steps Playing Narai operation, during the entire operation I did not shoot secondary guns once. Planes were clickable, but ships no-no. Manual secondaries do not work. 3. Result Regardless of where i ctrl-click (enemy ship, circle, its name), no reaction. In random games, secondaries work normally. My Scharn has 8 km secondaries and the ships I tried to click were way closer (although you can ctrl-click even if ship is out of your secondary range). 4. Expected result Should have gotten a lot of secondary hits, damages, fires etc. 5. Technical details Played PTS few days ago, Narai was yesterday or day before. Playing on 3440x1440 and 1920x1080, had issued with secondaries on both PCs.
  6. Bug Reports

    Played several battles today with French cruisers, can not ctrl+click enemy planes - tried really a lot of times. EDIT: noted someone with same issue. Playing on 3440x1440 full screen. And btw, had issues (not being able to) ctrl-clicking enemy ships in Narai yesterday with Scharnhorst as well on live server.
  7. Graf Spee owners - hints and tips, please.

    Back in the old days when I did not have premium time, used to play Graf Spee as a credit maker. Having abt. 290 games in it, seen good and bad times with the ship. If the MM is 5 BBs, 5 DDs and 2 cruisers, you're... not in for a lot of fun. If you see 4-5 or even more cruisers, smile, keep 11-13 km distance from them and punish broadsides. Sadly, dispersion will mess up your shots, but a single citadel gives more than 8k damage. Having heal means you can tank some fire damage. Play it safe in the start, because having sufficient HP means you can torp rush single BBs later in the game. Hydro or AA boost... difficult choice because lower tier games see lot of CVs, Spee AA is not strong. Use HE only in case of only target being bow-in BB.
  8. fletcher, gearing and PA DDs

    I am one of rare people that find Gearing better than Fletcher. Gearing's DPM wrecks all DDs in knife fight. Also, 4 guns forward means you can chase and kill more easily than Fletch. If I want to play torp boat, I'll play Shimakaze or Yugumo. However, the advice to be fully bow in when BB shoots AP... You must have been lucky. I got 16k damage on such Gearing with one Monty salvo. BB AP hurts when you're in Gearing. A lot.
  9. 8 kills with Konigsberg. Needless to say it was a loss. Actually more proud of 7 kills with Graf Spee :)
  10. Cyclonic iritation

    There's nothing better that taking Kurfurst for a game and getting notified cyclone will start shortly...
  11. BBs that outspot cruisers

    Nobody outspots Fuso!!!
  12. Have to agree with this. Retired Shimakaze after 300 games, it is my ship with most 200k+ damage games. It got boring, so what I did... Rebought Yugumo, which I play with F3 torps and smoke. It is tough, but also fun. Now it's a bit like hunting, you don't spam 12km torps from 11km distance. It's about chasing, getting into position. Once you do, though... Akizuki is hands down the funniest ship to play atm, not to mention reload if you manage Kraken with Isoroku Yamamoto driving it. Best T8 DD. Kagero is the weakest of them all mentioned, because of gun reload and poor choice of torpedoes. Don't think I will rebuy it tho, cause at T8 there's only one DD I really enjoy playing :)