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  1. MMASK

    Last Prinz directive

    With all the credit flags WG introduced (syclla, basilisk, vywern, hydra or leviathan) + zulu flag, also with +50% credits camo WG gave out for free (the white camos), also having premium time, I grinded 24M credits in less than 24 games. Don't understand why people complain when they are being handed out free things (in return for your gaming time). I got over 20 premium ships in port, out of which I did not pay for single one. All of them were given out by WG for simply playing the game. Granted, they're not OP like Belfast, but I won't complain about Graf Spee, DoY, Aigle, Missouri, Krohnstadt, Nelson, Musashi, JB... It was much easier for player like me who have a lot of T10s. But, I remember 2 years ago, I barely made it with Graf Spee grind. It was my first "high" tier premium and I played abt. 300 games in it because it was my best credit earner. TLDR: It's a premium ship for free, and WG actually helped players by introducing special credit flags, giving them out for playing few games on PTS etc...
  2. MMASK

    Ships for T9 ranked

    Kitakaze, remedy for the Musashi & JB spammers.
  3. MMASK

    Looking for a clan

    What happened?
  4. MMASK

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    20x big (medium) ones: Z-39 Ashitaka 2.000 dubloons (2x1.000) rest: camos & flags
  5. MMASK

    Best Secondaries

    I had tried secondary Alsace, and the results were not spectacular. Germans due to 1/4 pen are much better. For Republique I respecced for survivability, but kept manual secondaries for DDs and occasional brawl, they are good fire starters.
  6. MMASK

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Friend bought me 5 medium containers: Krasny Krim Kii 15 x Leviathan flags 20 x NY Streamer camos (2x10) I love that sound when a ship is in the box!
  7. MMASK

    Collectors Club Reward Changes

    So if we rebuy a silver ship after even starts, we automatically receive its snowflake bonus upon purchase, or we have to play a game in it? EDIT: It would seem snowflakes are one thing and collector's club something else. Or at least @wilkatis_LV says so.
  8. MMASK

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to win the lottery, in order to do that, I join the lottery.
  9. MMASK

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    Damage should not be best measure of DD efficiency. We all love high damage numbers, but doing 30k on DDs and killing one or 2 is more important that hitting 2 BBs for 120k damage. With Harugumo, you will be mostly shooting BBs and cruisers, but not DDs. And the fact usually is, the BBs you hit with 4-6 torpedoes or farm with Haru were not a big threat anyway. Gearing is not top DPM DD anymore, not even if you spec BFT and gun reload mod, but it is still very powerful. If Gearing now only gets hit for 10% damage from BB AP, it is even better boat. I'd also add that Gearing can be easily specced with RPF for DD hunting, while in Harugumo to have RPF you have to give up IFHE or 2 lower tier skills. And in Harugumo, you can be dev striked by BB. Yesterday my Montana divmate smacked Harugumo for 21k damage in single salvo, 5 pens... To the OP, get both, but I really suggest Gearing first. Harugumo is a whole other game, and it is even possible Kitakaze is better.
  10. MMASK

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    Longest range of USN radar: 9,95 km of Des Moines, all others have it shorter. Torpedo range is just like gun range: it's nice to have it, but the closer you are, the greater your chances of landing successful hits. One hit for a flooding that's insta repaired? If you're hoping to hit, from 10 km or more, ships whose damage repair party is on cooldown with torpedoes, good luck with that.
  11. MMASK

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    If you can't reach a large push with 10,5 km torps, considering enemies are moving towards you, you won't deny anything.
  12. MMASK

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    Pick Gearing for conventional DD play, I use Fletcher torps for the reload. Why the hell would you need 16km range on torpedoes? If you're 16 km from the target ship, you're playing it wrong. Harugumo does not play as a classic DD - and the turning circle will cost you dearly if you try to chase anything other than PA DDs. Harugumo is more fun, but needs good teammates to synergize, be it DD that spots, cruiser that radars...
  13. MMASK

    Captain respec over already?

    Same here, played CW on Wednesday and Thursday, today was gonna respec Lightning captain to Jutland, notice no more free respec?
  14. MMASK


    Republique has smaller guns, think 431 mm, which is enough to overmatch 30 mm of armor. Conqueror has 457 mm, except almost nobody uses them.