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  1. MMASK

    Cyclone yes or no

    Which is why you need to pay more attention to minimap, track where BBs were last spotted, assume which way they will move. If you're in a "weak" ship for cyclone, join with 1-2 more ships or with DDs asking them to smoke you up. Brawling is more fun than sniping or lobbing HE shells from 20km. End of story.
  2. MMASK

    Cyclone yes or no

    Cyclone is actually quite good as it (should) improve minimap awareness. More brawling is always good, especially in high tiers.
  3. MMASK

    What did you get from 'Premium T6 Ship' container?

    Warspite, after first game seems like T6 Thunderer.
  4. MMASK

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    I'm grinding French DDs as an experienced DD player. Main advise to all, regardless of tier: do NOT expect your team support. Only do what you can manage alone. Out of 11 teammates, you will find 3-4 reading the chat. Sometimes you can work with them, but even so it comes up to where will I smoke you up. Rely on yourself, pick tasks which you can manage alone (e.g. Friesland vs. stock no camo no CE T7 DD, torping noob BBs sailing in straight line for 3 minutes etc.). Do not take risks early. DDs in mid-end game become extremely powerful, especially in a no-CV game.
  5. MMASK


    Secondary build all the way.
  6. MMASK

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Opened one by one, 19 in total. Got: 1k dubloons x2 50k free xp x2 15k coal 7 days premium time 100x AA flags x2 100x India Yankee flags 100x Victor Lima flags 100x detonation flags 50x WoWs camos 50x Ouroboros flags 50x Restless fire camos x2 50x Irish green camos 100x Zulu flags 25x Dragon flags 50x Haloween camos Last year got 60k coal, so a bit disappointed.
  7. Reason to grind Japanese BBs? Sound of Yamato's guns.
  8. MMASK

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Friesland incapable of taking DDs one vs one??? Yesterday I managed to isolate Black (did 12k lost 8k), Chung Mu (did 11k lost 3k) and Akatsuki (did 9k lost 1k). Hydro helped with Black. Got a Kraken with 1 solo cap and 2 assisted caps, also 32 plane kills. Friesland can be played for the team, but you need to be aware of its limitations. Shooting HE from smoke for 2 minutes... not a good idea. Take care of radar ships, take care of low concealment DDs and where they might be. And don't forget to shoot AP at broadsides, 2k damage every 1,4 seconds adds up nicely.
  9. MMASK

    Message when I`m citadeled

    @PerStenbeck did you really have to ressurect 15 months old thread for your first post? :)
  10. Got the Texas, played a game, forgot to get my Monty captain inside... still 80k damage in a T7 game. Its always nice to get a free ship, can't understand why people complain on the items they get for free. As for dubloons / credits, WG decided several months ago, if not even more, to stop giving away dubloons :(
  11. MMASK

    What is your most played ship?

    Zao with 420 battles or close to it. The only ship so far I've bought perma camo for.
  12. MMASK

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    So... CVs won't be included in clan brawls / battles, where people would expect one will be always present, and can plan, compose team and spec ships accordingly. But it was OK to have (pre-nerf!) CVs in ranked? Reckon clan brawl was a much better opportunity to test CVs in competitive - smaller scale battles than ranked.
  13. Guess you need to relax a bit and sober up... as AFT still improves range of secondaries by 20%. Regarding AA, range is no longer improved by AFT, so manual AA is now actually considered "better" AA skill for 4 points.
  14. MMASK

    Neustrashimy Gun knock-outs

    Neustrashimyi can: - if heal is managed properly, receive 35-40k damage and live - survive harassment from T10 CV for more than 5 minutes, and fight off T8 planes for even longer - concealment 5.6 km = same as Shima and LM Gearing, only bested by Lightning, Cossack and IJN torp boats T8 and 9, so you can control most engagements - air concealment 2.4 km makes it hard for CVs to find you - if specced as torp boat, which I recommend, you get 10 torps of 10km range reloading every 90 seconds - reckon only ship that can torp rush Kurfurst Fletcher has more firepower and better torps, but Neustra provides more flexibility imho. Not to mention the heal, I would like all high tier DDs to have heal.
  15. MMASK

    Neustrashimy Gun knock-outs

    Played once with Neustra against Neustra & Black division. It was an unpleasant experience. There might be another snowflake event this december, but not including steel as per latest reports.