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  1. submitted a ticket, here is the reply: Hello MMASK, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Player Support Team regarding your launcher issue. We are sorry to hear this is happening to you and would like to help you solve this matter as fast as possible. On the following link you can find the common ways of troubleshooting the Game Center client: - https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wgc/article/10300/ As a first attempt to do this, please check out the most common solutions to this kind of situation: 1. Start the Game Launcher with Administrator rights. 2. Make sure that your Security software (Firewall, Antivirus and so on) are not blocking our game. Adding the game and launcher to the safe/exceptions list is usually enough. 3. Right-click on the folder where the game is installed and select the properties. Disable the read-only option that is applied (Save). 4. Install the recommended driver for our game, depending on your video card manufacturer. Additionally, you can find the "preferences" file in your WOWS folder and try to return it to an earlier version. This has helped some players to solve this problem. Disable the game mode in windows: - https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/disable-game-mode-in-fall-creators-update-windows-10/ Disable the Full Screen Optimization - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXTOuQ8bdLI Should none of the steps above work, please send us a WGCheck-report so that we may investigate further: - https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/article/10248/ Additionally, we would ask you to include the following information: - Screenshots of the error/issue, if possible. NOTE: WGCheck reports listing mods won't be considered. Make sure the issue persists with no mods and with a fresh game client installation. We hope the initial troubleshooter did the trick and that you continue to enjoy the game as much as possible. I wish you a pleasant weekend and lots of fun and success on the high sees! If any other questions or issues arise, or this situation unfortunately persists, please don't hesitate to contact us again. Best regards,
  2. Me and several clanmates are still having occasional disconnects, 1-3 per day. I use PingPlotter regularly now. All the stream services, websites, Youtube, work flawlessly, yet we get disconnected from WoWs server between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. This is going on for 3 months now, think it all started with the patch before Christmas or the one before. I've had ISP technicians come and check the line several times, only to leave commenting that internet connection is good and valid. In case you've had disconnects (aka -35ms ping), please comment. Maybe someone from WG will react if enough of us say something.
  3. MMASK

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    T9 ranked with arms race, also 6v6, was much better. Reduce team size to 6 or even 5, remove CVs, and it will become much better. Who knew that 1v1 ranked sprint will be so much fun?
  4. MMASK


    Both Kitakaze and Harugumo are quite powerful. While Kitakaze is better pre-nerf Akizuki, Harugumo indeed plays more like a 1st tier support cruiser. As cruisers have citadels, Harugumo gets hit by full BB AP pens. That means 2 Georgia shells can remove 11k off your HP. Ideally, you want to have low concealment DD spotting for you or sailing 0.5 - 1.5 km in front of you. Beware of radars, do not stay long in smoke. Don't forget, Harugumo turns like a brick so you're easy to hit. Always pick one side only and try to isolate your target. Haru can 1v1 almost any cruiser at same HP level.
  5. Yes. My first US BB was Missouri - i thought "reload or accuracy". Took accuracy module. Two great games and 3 dev strikes later, I never looked back. Using same on the Montana and used it on Iowa. I even use it on Georgia.
  6. MMASK

    This is getting unplayeble

    Was disconnected again 15 minutes ago.
  7. MMASK

    This is getting unplayeble

    As capt. Newman said, aside from disconnects, I've been experiencing lag spikes as well, up to 1000ms. Happens 2-3 times per game, missed a shot or two because of this, but I'll take it over disconnect any time. Hope it will be solved in next patch. Will be playing this week and hope for the best.
  8. MMASK

    This is getting unplayeble

    Disconnected few minutes back while playing WoWs, cant log back into server. At the same time, could not access forum for several minutes until now. Yes, all other internet web-sites are opening ok, Discord is working. Logged in few seconds ago, ofc game was a loss... Really hope this will be fixed next patch
  9. MMASK

    This is getting unplayeble

    I am from Croatia. Playing the game for 3 years now. It is always optic cable connection, wi-fi or ethernet. Aside my connections dropping few times, I had never been disconnected from WG server, yet had all my other applications show valid internet connection. Until latest patch. Hoping it will change in 0.9.0. I am not as competitive as I used to be, but I will get annoyed and angry: - for being disconnected in 5 ranked games - for being disconnected in random games - hell, for being disconnected during coop game farming snowflakes and getting pink because of it The playerbase is relatively stable. So if all of a sudden, there are 60-70 people on the forums commenting they are getting disconnected, maybe there is something is what playerbase says. I will run pingplotter and send results to WG.
  10. 6k dubloons is 2 months worth of premium time. I always valued that more than individual ships. However, it indeed is a small price for a T10 - think Roma is like 14k dubloons. If you grinded so much up to now, then do it.
  11. I've been having disconnects, started with latest patch. Cost me 5 stars in normal ranked season that just ended. It is like 1-3 disconnects per day. Did a pingplotter session that did not show anything strange, still working on resolving the matter. Hope next patch will fix it.
  12. I would like to participate as well.
  13. Happened to me twice yesterday and twice today. My team finally lost all 4 games, and obviously lost 4 stars. Is there anyone else with same issue?
  14. MMASK

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    Received 4 more mega santa boxes: 2k dubloons, 12.5k coal, Huang He & Viribus Unitis. Guess I'm lucky today
  15. MMASK

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    Hello mate. I bought 8 medium santa crates, got Hill, Molotov & Exeter. But I only have abt. 30-40 premiums ships out of 82 on the list. Buddy from clan bought 80 medium and 8 big containers, and he got (consider he already had abt. 70 from the list): Marblehead lima, Yahagi, yudachii, Bayard, Asashio, Whicita, Geogia, Friesland, Azuma and Kutuzov I don't know if it's worth it, and won't tell anyone to buy. This is results so far from our clan, expect more.