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  1. [WOOK5]BlameThaGame: hey cumshot dads sperm eater :) ! looks like ur the noob, u died idiot ,and you had less points than me ahah loser :! btw ur blocked u cant /w back, now go suck dads [edited] agian

    [S-W]Leusel_76: why u call me a idiot ? read all off the text assi nazi du

    u stupid assface of a pick

    wie beim cheaten auch selbst da dazu bist zu bescheuert genauso wie beim blocken du assi 

    1. Leusel_76


      and now i know where u live my friend see u soon 


    2. Trunembra


      @Leusel_76 Share that with me would you, I would like to have a word in person with him as well