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  1. [WOOK5]BlameThaGame: hey cumshot dads sperm eater :) ! looks like ur the noob, u died idiot ,and you had less points than me ahah loser :! btw ur blocked u cant /w back, now go suck dads [edited] agian

    [S-W]Leusel_76: why u call me a idiot ? read all off the text assi nazi du

    u stupid assface of a pick

    wie beim cheaten auch selbst da dazu bist zu bescheuert genauso wie beim blocken du assi 

    1. Leusel_76


      and now i know where u live my friend see u soon 


    2. Trunembra


      @Leusel_76 Share that with me would you, I would like to have a word in person with him as well

  2. BlameThaGame

    Proposal: punishment for low-performers

    i would sugest that the best in the losing team ,would have same points as if he would win... so he isnt puished for his game, but stimulated because he played well.. ! like in the ranked battles.. the best doesnt lose a sar.. that would be nice solution
  3. BlameThaGame

    Moskva 9.4 and 9.5

    i have a Stupid question, i know... so the question is,what if i only reserched Moskva with ship xp ,but didnt bought it yet for 19.500.000$ credits ,because i dont have enough credits yet. will i lose the chance to have moskva after 9.4 patch ? or will i get her as premium since i did reserched her but didnt purchased yet for 19,5mil k ? i know that it might seem as a stupid question but i just want to know if i have to sell all teh ships to get credits for her so i dont miss her...