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  1. Menchalior

    Ocean map.....

    Still, sucks, last time I got it... Every one else in my Team was T10 I was with Admiral Hipper... The other Team T8 was Edinburgh. Never the less. I hate the Ocean with passion. I was underimpression it was T10 map exclusively then I took my Hipper there but luckily its rare map. They still should remove it or rework it completely. Like with Permanent storm or something.
  2. Yet another collection? Luckily its Permanent (well, so supposedly was Missouri and look what happened to it) I am still middle of Isoroku Yamato and Azur Lane and you can't buy Azur Lane collection. Meh... Too many collections. Too short time. Soon there will be French Destroyers coming up, then you have collection for French for alternative colors.. Jeez. Can't we have just little bit time conclude current collections maybe you guys can boost rate of collection item found on daily chests etc?
  3. Menchalior

    Fastest way to Make Credits?

    Since OP has Musashi its good. T9, reduced expenses. Yamato guns. It reaps damage easily. Only ship out crediting Musashi is Missouri. Or any T8 ships with Makaoto Kobayashi Camo. But Musashi is good even without any flags but with credit flag is quite phenomenal earner.
  4. Menchalior

    The “Victory” Event. Who’s Got Lazo?

    So, after 13 premium containers and 30 regular containers. I got T5, T6 and T7 mission in first 4 premium containers. After that 0. So getting Vladivostok in these containers is marginal, I have seen them but considering amount of containers I have opened... You probably need to bribe someone in WG to actually obtain it. You kinda think I would have had even slight chance of Vladivostok :D Definition of idiot is: person who is repeating doing same thing hoping different outcome. That is me with these containers but no more premium soviet era containers
  5. Menchalior

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    Well, considering 1 mil XP... Uhm.. Seems not really worthy. Kronshtadt, Missouri and Musashi were only 750K XP and Alaska's only current advantage is that you can get her atm. Not really sure would I spend 1 mil freeXP on her. 750K yes, but 1 Mil? If I want him, I rather take chances in next Christmas Santa Crates... Last Christmas gave Kronshtadt and year before that gave me Nikolai I, Gremy and Kamikaze. I just find 1 mil free XP ludicrous amount of free XP when previous ships were only 750K and Nelson is 375K.
  6. Well, this saved me tons of doubloons. Thank you for that. Also remounting upgrades and 0 doubloon captain transfer is nice touch. Thank you for those as well. These are small rays of hopes in middle thunderstrom of this CV rework. Good enough for me now
  7. Call me optimist... They can eventually balance out the CV .... But realistic me just keeps wonder what they will broke to make it work But At least I can leave carrier line now untouched. I am positive that some other's find new carrier enjoyable after the bugs have been ironed out. New improvements they make in Hot Fix and 8.1. gives me hope. Lots of small needed fixes. I was mentally prepared that balancing new CV work will take most of this year, let's see how wrong I am.
  8. i didnt like carriers earlier, but the new mode:(  allways planes, and attacks from air. i must go down t1-3 or stop play till this carrier mode ending. if i cant play i Will not.

    1. Menchalior


      Its very difficult. Seems also that AAA is not working atm as intended. But I will not yet abandon all hope. 

  9. Well.... This one patch and rest of the year fixing this one... I wonder how many keyboards WG's coders break just to make hot fixes this year :D
  10. I actually did the same, since selling Kaga and Saipan for Dubloons gave me dubloons, I also went for the Lunar Year Bundles and got my Irian aswell. Nelson is so much fun, even I have her "anime" captain on her :D All we need now is Trumps picture here and this would be soooo. perfect.
  11. Well, I sold off my Kaga and Saipan. Kaga was bought off because of history. Saipan was bought of well, it involved poor decision making and 5 shots of whiskey with some loose dubloons on account... not necessary that order :D. Anyway. Never played single battle of them so better sold them off. Bought off the 8888 x Bundles with dubloons. Got Irian with 2nd box and then bought of 2000 dubloons to get third 8888 dubloon box. It gave me commander and since second box had gave me Irian and I got 11,5K dubloons so I ended up around 12,4K dubloons. But considering if you buy those with actual Money... ugh I mean Irian is like Kutuzov without smoke and with 13,5KM deep water torps going 68 knots and with T8 torpedo booster reloader... but its still a lot of money. But hey, at least now Pan Asia actually has good Cruiser. So actual Kutuzov was removed from shop and is now rare premium and now we have Kutuzov Clone... Hmm...
  12. Wasn't the purpose of this revamp unify game play? Instead having two separate games rts clicking for CV and arcade simulation ships? Ok... That I get, but somehow I suspect we'll be ironing out bugs and problems till next Christmas event... I mean if you want to fly planes, there World of Warplanes for that, correct? It would have been just fine to ad CV's for Bot controlling aspect in random games if CV's would have ever needed such game. I am not hopefully with non-overlapping AA sectors, changing game mechanics, possibility of rocket ships utterly making DD's lives hell. Please do not put "in spirit of team work is essential" Majority of player's can't work together even their lives depends on. Not in Ad-Hoc battles of random chaos unless you out squads with your mates so trusting Cruisers or BB's provide AA-cover for DD's... Well, I suck at DD's anyway, I am more cruiser player :D I just have to think little bit out of box and consider other people and player base too (now if that is my therapists advice or nor... I am not telling) Well, I am not quitting this game but I am not expecting anything good for next few months. I think I still will get my goals for this year: Get Zao and Montana... My goals are humble since I am not expecting anything but chaos from next update onwards :D
  13. Bought the just the PEF went to game, game crashed when i was entry for battle. Battle was over before I was able to login because I had to download 400 + mbs... Second time in two months... But paying 50 euro's for additional campaign? Seriously? 100+ For T6 ships with below average German Gunnery even with all the bells and whistles? IS WG serious, I mean its not April Fools day
  14. Menchalior

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    Russian BB's nice! I don't comment about CV's yet... Where's Italian tech Tree? I want my Pasta Cruisers
  15. Menchalior

    Gameplay is now a joke

    My win rate diverse hugely by ship. Best win rate with at least 30 games played is Belfast: 87,3% and worse is Hipper with 13,1% But yeah, tight equally balanced games have been very few. Mostly it ends up after 5 mins the other steam starts steam rolling usually the team I am ends up steam rolled. Its not about 1 or 2 players performing poorly. It just feels that other team gets disproportionately much bad players or yoloists compared to others. I still say I feel so I don't have actual data so I might be wrong in here. I mean I try to get my team before game starts having up some kind of strategy and chorenece and plan but most people just don't give rats behind and steam whatever they want or lemming train and then die.