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  1. Menchalior

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    Russian BB's nice! I don't comment about CV's yet... Where's Italian tech Tree? I want my Pasta Cruisers
  2. Menchalior

    Gameplay is now a joke

    My win rate diverse hugely by ship. Best win rate with at least 30 games played is Belfast: 87,3% and worse is Hipper with 13,1% But yeah, tight equally balanced games have been very few. Mostly it ends up after 5 mins the other steam starts steam rolling usually the team I am ends up steam rolled. Its not about 1 or 2 players performing poorly. It just feels that other team gets disproportionately much bad players or yoloists compared to others. I still say I feel so I don't have actual data so I might be wrong in here. I mean I try to get my team before game starts having up some kind of strategy and chorenece and plan but most people just don't give rats behind and steam whatever they want or lemming train and then die.
  3. Now this is good news. Finally one can obtain also Steel outside clan matches and boost coal reserves. Now this is very good news. Thank you. Too bad I don't have time to grind: Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Meh, I will just buy her as I have to work the holidays. But this is one ship I have waited for months. Hoodesque style German battle cruiser. I really don't care even if it is What If style upgrades (but this game has way too little pre-dreadnought style ships IMHO or WW1 era ships) ... I have waited this ship for long :D
  4. Menchalior

    Suggestions thread

    Can we please have either more ships to Polish tech tree or then create Pan European Tech tree, where Blyskawica is incorporated? Entire tech Tree for single T7 DD is nuts.
  5. Menchalior

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    Well, since they are still working, let's hope for the best... not that I am expecting this carrier thing to work out well. I suspect when they release it, it takes at least 3-6 months before all the bugs have been ironed out. Before that it either CV's don't do thing or they so over powering good, that they can sink 3 to 4 ships before with one reload... yeah they are still testing and know the problems and care them. I keep lying to myself. I hope they won't screw this like WoT section but since they haven't released new CV yet but its still in testing phase, we cannot yet certainly say anything, even I am tad worried when I have seen few videos.
  6. Menchalior

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Ok: 60 small ones and 5 Large ones: That made arounds 9K Coal, Krasnoy Krym + pts captain and Kronshtadt + 10P captain. And around 50K free xp and around 4K dobloons. Everything else was either camo's or Signals. But I got enough coal now to purchase Musashi just before she was about to get retired. Kron was nice surprise, considering I have almost every premium ship you could have bought with money or dobloons, except Graf Zeppelin, Jean Bart and West Virginia.
  7. Menchalior

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Intresting... Its no brainer for me. I only play WoWs these days.
  8. Menchalior

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    I consider Yamamoto Japan's Rommel because all the things I have come to read about them I have made conclusion that they were personification of true warrior-soldiers. Rommel to be example of Prussian officer and Yamamoto personification Bushido-warrior. One common is them to be loyal to chain of command no matter how bad they consider them to be as duty is honor. That is why I don't think Rommel was part of July-plot against Hitler. Rommel's part of resistance was white washing by allies after war to create Rommel myth to boost German morale after allies realized they needed German's against the Communist threat and had to re-build German armed forces. When it comes to Japan, why the Emperor was treated eventually after war, was quite interesting. It had a lot power struggle behind the scenes but that is something allies learned from World War 1. Creating power vacuum to Empire is dangerous. But yeah, Japan had no chances against U.S. Even if Yamamoto would have sent 3rd wave of bombers in Pearl Harbor and knocked our oil and fuel reserves, it would have only delayed U.S. Pacific operations by year or two. Japan had no way of defeating U.S. not to speak make U.S. collapses or Invade it. Few Islands in Aleutian Islands are far different from Mainland of U.S.
  9. Menchalior

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    Thank for the link. I do watch little bit carefully these kinds of videos but this is much better and has more fact base, unlike some tanks videos which claimed Sherman's M3 75 tank should have been able to penetrate Tiger tanks front glacial (not mention people do these kinds of videos have little understatement of metallurgy and think all steel is same, whether its Japanese, Russian, German or US and have never even heard of Krupp values) :D But this video is more interesting Well, if German's wouldn't have invaded Russia, Russia would have invaded German. When Barbarossa began, German army encountered soviet formation deployed for resupplying before moving into attacking formation. Of course you can debate whether this is true or not. We all still know Stalin had plans for Europe and those plans weren't benevolent. Also interesting thing is, If French and UK would attacked Germany immediately Germany invaded Poland, there was great chance that Germany would have capitulated in 2 months or less. I mean they had like 130 + division vs 27 German divisions... But still its amazing that German people managed to build high-spec jet fighters in the woods, in tents etc even most cities and industry complex were shot down, they managed to produce ME 262's till very last days. Japan is more interesting but generally speaking Japan is island and had to bring oil and most resources for war over seas.It was nowhere near needed industry capacity and Japanese military officials had no realistic estimation how great industry power U.S. was, few of the Japanese generals and admirals like Isoroku Yamamoto had understatement but it is soldiers duty to obey and there were so many high ranking Japanese officials who were completely sure it was their destiny and Japanese bushido-spirit would over come problems like inferior tanks etc. I have always consider Yamamoto Japan's Rommel.
  10. Menchalior

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    Problem with profanity filter is, that you would need to have it work with other languages in EU rather than just English. You need; French, German, Flamish, Spanish, Italian profanities filtered too. Not to mention whole bunch of smaller languanges: Estonian, Finnish, Swedish etc.... I mean yeah, you can do it with google translate but still...
  11. Last year I bought 25 regular and 5 big boxes. I got 180 days premium, Gremy, Kamikaze and Nikolai I. Now I got around 80K free XP, 2100 dobloons, Krasnoy Krym,, whole bunch of flags and camo's Well camo's are nice and Flags are something I needed but no coal. That sucks. I pulled only boxes for Goal, I was never expecting to get Missouri etc... But I can't really complain as nobody didn't force me.
  12. Menchalior

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    This is step to correct way. Thank you.
  13. Menchalior

    Collectors Club Reward Changes

    That is not new, dear Comrade, welcome to the New Social Soviet ... thing'a-ling :). All animals are equal but pigs are top of the pyramid Just beware the hounds ;). To be seriously, that is good news. I currently have 107 ships at the port, most of them are Premiums...
  14. 40 basic boxes, only Krasnoy Krym.... No way I could have gotten Kronshtadt or Missouri... It would have been nice but those are prolly afforded people who buy Mega Gifts... But no Coal, that with no coal with 40 basic boxes I do feel bit... cheated, meh...
  15. I am actually were waiting Wichita, Charleston, Prinz Eitel Friedrich with HMS Dreadnought. JB being cash surprised me. Even I am wallet warrior, paying close to 70€'s for ship, without commander and other bells and whisles is way too much currently. I kinda got burned with Le Terrible and bought its Admiral Pack using credit, not going to make same mistake now. I am going to think more if JB is actually worth of getting with money as I am lacking 60K goal atm for getting her via arsenal. I am close to Alsace anyway so spending money is less attractive to me. I am just wondering if they will turn her for Free XP ship or doublon ship after this 2 weeks Cash Grab period? Maybe she is put also Santa's gift rotation? While my personal view is that seriously? T9 battleship for cash? I also understand company needs to make money. However we still have this WG's cardinal sin: Bad communication to players. I mean if they say she will be free XP ship and now she is in arsenal for 228K Coal and for Money, will she be given after that Free XP status, or put as tech tree doublon ship? It is frustrating trying to decode WG's announcements regarding Premium ships. I really wish they would put entire WG crew: How properly communicate with end users and clients course. So we can make following conclusions for WG's handeling JB: A) deliberate misleading / Blatant lying B) Bad communication that lacks certain information (if she turns FreeXP ship later on or not) C) Plan's got changed after comments were made but WG didn't bother to correct or update it. If WG start selling T9 and T10 premium ships regularly, I admit, it will hurt slightly my pride. As I take pride I have managed to grind t10 ships taking countless hours in battle and now some new player with enough disposable cash can have by pass lane for it? Oh, well. I can live with hurt pride. This unfortunately wasn't first time and it won't be last time. Only thing that this changes is that I am reconsidering my Wallet Warrior / Ships collector status if I limit myself only up to T8 Premiums with money... Hmmm.