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  1. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Hi gabberworld, (btw. sorry for not mentioning you in the acknowledgements - corrected now!), I didn't use steam but Lutris. Tried Steam also, acknowledged the OS as unsupported, for some reason. I remember I got beyond that point beforehand some months ago, but didn't push further here but tried Lutris under Manjaro. Suppose this was a Tumbleweed problem; this is a rather innovative distro, always the latest of the greatest, at the cost that new features and updates are scarcely tested. If it survives a handfull of testbed cases on a handful of architectures, it's considered stable. That might have hit the Mesa drivers or such, I'd say. Will evaluate how Manjaro is behaving, maybe I'll port completely at some point. Cheers, Olomeron
  2. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    And - there we are, back again. What worked for me: Lutris under Manjaro Linux (yes, I went the extra mile, have now both Manjaro and Tumbleweed as dual-boot as I anyhow want to migrate from TW to some other, less "innovative" but rather reliable distro, plus give XFCE a try), installed the MS core fonts and tahoma via winetricks, wine itself had issues connecting to the internet, wine-staging solved this. Installed WGC via https://lutris.net/games/wargaming-game-center/ and WOWS via WGC. WOWS crashes when starting it with WGC, solved by linking the exec under Lutris directly to WorldOfWarships.exe (suggestion by Ouzo11) Thanks to Saiyko, gabberworld and Ouzo11 for helping out with this! Makes me happy to see that there is a -- naturally -- small but skilled community of Linux users playing WOWS that can help out. Hope this thread helps others, too! Cheers & sink some pixel, Olomeron
  3. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Okay, so here's the update on Lutrix: Followed the Link, EU-DXVK, Lutrix started and installed: the old launcher. This one forced me to install the WGC. Which, then, crashed. The link there is 4 months old, certainly not up-to-date. Will see if I give steam another try... motivation is slowly fading out, I must confess :/ Maybe I find some time tomorrow. Take care! Olomeron
  4. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Hi Saiyko, in fact, Debian would be #2 on my list, though I heard various Ubuntus to also do a good job. Will try if I get any progress with a more detailed look at Lutris and my Wine install this afternoon & keep you (and anyone interested) up-to-date. Cheers!
  5. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Hi Saiyko, I also tried the one-click WOWS-only from the Lutris page, did essentially nothing (maybe I was too impatient). Will try again the afternoon. Consider co-installing Manjaro; it has excellent ratings, XFCE as native desktop (not such a colourful resource eater like KDE Plasma) and from what I hear a very good steam support. - Tests to be done before: delete preferences.xml and see if WOWS works again - try to rollback to a previous Mesa driver in case this is possible without rolling back manually half the current distro (oh how I wish devels would keep solid, established stuff and change it only if really necessary...) Thanks for your help!
  6. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Next update: Tumbleweed has rollback snapshots only a few months back - the one I had previously from Sept'19 (before OpenSuse screwed up the Mesa drivers) is not existing any more. The latest version crashes WOWS. Gave Lutris a very short try this morning, WGC here is a black rectangle without any functionality, will try a bit more with this the evening. I must admit that I get closer and closer to giving up WOWS - the game lost a lot of attraction to me after WGs started throwing out fantasy ships in immense numbers after the CV 'rework' accident, and crippled a lot of well-established functionalities to replace them with something that has no advantages except for being 'new'. Fixing or re-installing WOWS after every second patch becomes more and more annoying (and, no, I won't move back to WinDoze either). Will see if I get WOWS running again or leave it alone for some months or so. Cheers, Olomeron
  7. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Hi gabberworld and Saiyko, thanks for your suggestions! I installed Steam with success some months ago when WG stopped supporting 32bit DirectX, Steam worked like charm, the WOWS install worked, however, the game didn't run (if I remember correctly it did not support my back-then OS which was OpenSuse 15.1). Haven't tried since then. I remember there was some issue that I refrained from installing Lutris (not available for my OS back then? Today both Stumbleweed and OpenSuse15 seem available...) and other measures solved my problem. Will try the downgrade to a previous TW version as I did back in Nov'19 as the current problems could be related to Mesa drivers screwed up in the OS. If this doesn't work, I suppose Lutris will be the first alternative, Steam second. Anyway, thanks again - I'll let you (and others who might consider playing on Linux) know any progress. Cheers!
  8. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Here's the next update: install went smoothly now - setting the call from wine to wine64, running the WGC, then setting it back to wine and running again seems to work for both install and launch. Totally unclear why, suppose there is some interpretation done in the wine64 binary that translates "Windows 7 64-bit" to "Windows 7 x64" or so, at least this helped. (note: same for other Win versions, my previous experiences were best with Win 7, though, and trying below Vista seems to be useless). Note on the WGC: it sometimes remains a black square, sometimes (only after system reboot!) looks ok, game can be launched in both cases if you know where the launch button is in the black square-version. Now: after game launch I receive the 'error has occured' message again. Will try downgrading to the older Tumbleweed version named above (from Sept.'19) as this could again be the Mesa "up"date in Tumbleweed. Will keep you updated on the results. If this doesn't work, I'll give Lutris a try, couldn't get it installed previously (OpenSuse 15.1) for some reason I do not remember, but maybe Tumbleweed is easier on this. What exactly is now the advantage of the WGC compared to the old launcher, except for "it's new"? I always wonder why working software is replaced - I'd never purchase a new car if the old one still does the job...
  9. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    First update: set the call from "wine C:\\windows\..." to "wine64 C:\\windows\..." made the GC a black rectangle. Setting it back to wine only it's still black but it seems to do the update after I clicked wildly around where the update button must be. At least the task bar window says so. Weird. Keep you updated.
  10. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    There we are - new update, new luck. I was now finally forced to use the Game Center, the clear advantage being that now I do not have to open the launcher to start the game but the game center. From 2 clicks down to 2 clicks only. Anyway, here cometh the problem and I appreciate any help. According to the GC message, the OS "Windows 7 64-bit" is not supported (for the protocol: I also tried Win 8, 8.1, 2008, 10 - same issues). As the supported version is "Windows 7 x64" (which is the same) I suspect this is a Wine issue rather than WG's. Certainly, the precise OS version is defined somewhere in the wine files... does anyone by chance know where? I don't mind changing it manually, but all I find in the usual suspects (the .reg files of wine) is #arch=win64 Does anyone have an idea how to tackle this issue? The game client itself does start, however I cannot log in, of course, as the version is not the recent one. If anyone knows whether WGs still deliver an update.exe rather than launcher or WGC, that would also help. Still digging into everything, in case I find a solution myself I'll let you all know, of course. EDIT: Wine version 5.9 on Opensuse Tumbleweed Cheers, Olomeron
  11. olomeron

    NPC ships sailing reverse in Narai

    In particular, given the endless list of known bugs I personally refrain from PvP because I feel bad for leaving my team alone if my game crashes again or I encounter lags of half a minute and more or all the other crap that happens as WGs simply does not care for anything except new (nowadays mostly fantasy) ships. After the CV rework accident it seems WGs totally gave up anything in terms of playability and stability, including the operations. British CVs, french destroyers, russian BBs, italian ships, british fantasy "heavy" cruisers... more ships more ships more ships - kinda sceptical that this business model will pay out.
  12. olomeron

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    After playing for a while... a standard WG patch. More ships more ships more ships, f*ck performance, f*ck stability, f*ck playability. Freeze crash kicks me out every now and then and I have to restart every 5-6 matches as it seems memory (mea culpa, I only have 12 GB) leaks force the game into swap memory. I encounter lags of up to a minute, screen frozen, music (only, not sounds) running - the only way to distinguish this one from the above freeze bugs. AI cvs are almost totally harmless, however, their airplane torps sometimes go completely nuts and are not at all related to plane directions and so on and seeing an AI plane attack with rockets scarcely ever happens. The list of known issues now cites almost 500 items https://eu.wargaming.net/support/de/products/wows/article/10746/ and one gets the impression that WG will rather implement a bunch of fantasy cvs that some two-week-warlord of Sambia sketched in the desert while heavily on drugs than to start digging into all these bugs. I like the game, still, and I admit that your (nowadays mostly fantasy) ships look great, but I stopped investing real money in it as the next patch could completely kill the game. Not sure how long your business model will hold... What about having, say, 0.9.1 as a bug-fixing patch rather than shoving the next fantasy ships into the game?
  13. olomeron

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Everytime I think WG cannot f*ck up more than in the last patch. Everytime they prove me wrong. Could login to a battle after numerous attempts to do so with severe server issues. Had 3 sec per frame with several graphics bugs inbetween. My machine is a quadcore with 12GB memory. Do I need to purchase a HPC cluster to play this game on lowest graphics? And how many CPUs and GPUs and memory do I need to have the dockyard running at least somewhat fluent? Will 96 GB do or should I better purchase 128 GB? More serious question: while shoving in more and more colourful crap into this once great game, do you devels *ever* consider stability, playability and the fact that even nowadays compute resources are *not* infinite? Utter nightmare. Where can I downgrade (ideally to pre 0.8.0)?
  14. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Thanks for the hint; will have a closer look at it. Now for the moment, here cometh the hotfix: a) Install an old Tumbleweed snapshot via tumbleweed-cli. For me, 20190909 brought back WOWS to its original (won't say 'robust', though) state. b) Don't *ever* allow an update again unless you have serious security issues (I never experienced any, Linux user since 1997, mostly-Linux user since 2005 and Linux-only user since 2017) or any of the applications you actually use refuse to work. Call me old-fashioned, but in my philosophy the sole purpose of an OS is to facilitate the usage of the software the user wants, be it work or entertainment. Will give Steam another try now as well, maybe it increases stability of WOWS a bit. Given the endless list of known bugs I could imagine only a tiny bit of my specific issues are Linux-caused. Take care & happy hunting!
  15. olomeron

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Update: So Tumbleweed repos don't have older packages. Also, it might not be wine as the mesa drivers also had an accident update. (Again, TW doesn't supply older versions, trying to install them from elsewhere) Lesson learned: never change your running system