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  1. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    i don't want it to come to this but we really need new MM system, the player should be rated by performance point. the point gain will differ by the stats of the ship like Cleveland get less point for shooting the planes down. and point reduce rate differs by the weakness of the ship, dd likely to die early so if they did they lose less rating point. how matching MM work, the player with the similar point should play with each other. also Ship on both team should be matched. this will make the game fair and good experience players will play with each other while newbies will play with newbies. also have another mode where original random can still be plays.
  2. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    yeah.............. but if you put Ronaldo (football) against me then he would rekt me. definitely 100% of the time. the game is not balanced when i can win without playing and lose for doing good (the game is balanced but the level of player play against each other is not) my question here... does it really fair when (so far) i play so well and carrier so hard, yet. my WR is 64% and the whole server WR is 52%. so even know i doing so well yet im only manage to win 6 in 10 games and the average 5 in 10 games. i'm so bad as Kongo and i'm still managed to get 54%. the gap of performance is like heaven and earth but the number is not far apart at all. and this is like lucky MM where i met a lot of braindead CV 90% of the time... I'm sure it will reduce more and more.
  3. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    my problem is really impossible to fix or basically beyond my reach. I know the fact that I'm not the best player but I can't stand people like me trying to get good at the game by improve WR but then have to play with these non-sense players before i really have no problem with them, i don't care about my WR anyway if i can just win by doing not and lost by play like a god. but when i try to help them by advised what is the best thing to do and they just ignore it... example: when they cant break the line in lemme train completion and another side is losing... the best action is to turn back and defend the base... i tell them that and they just ignore... DD too, i warn them that AA is too heavy i can't spot so just stay in cap as max and quickly escape if fail... they just like nope i must yolo... so that is why i stat this topic...
  4. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    64% is not bad but consider how easy i made it for my team i'm sure that saying 85%+ win rate is fair yes in future my technique will not work but so far is work, but sending my planes in the middle, they will spot DD, also it means that I have to beat enemy fighter s which most of the time i did so far, also when i beat enemy CV fighter, majority my enemy afraid to strike. so now i keep spot DD mentally defend enemy cv strike and heading to strike him and most of the time the strike is successful. also i don't just push my plane in to strike CV... if on the way AA is too heavy then i just go for DD but i don't really see enemy CA hang about with CV or CV get close to the main fight area. so what I did trick off all of the negatives of snipe. yes snipe is a bad idea, i can agree with that but when is work is really helping out the team. like i said is might not work in future but so far is work but which doesn't affect my win rate much at all even doing all this work.
  5. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    sorry but they're nothing i can do at this rate, i spot, i kill DD/BB and CV and yet my team still lost
  6. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    i don't dismiss it, i just don't need it, most of them is just basic CV gameplay... i did all of it but they certain thing i can't, if my team can't play sensibly most of those advice is out of the window. yes, Kaga is OP, but why my WR is so low compared to how much carrier and work i has done...does that just prove my point that success in this game is = less brain dead in the team?
  7. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    that doesn't help when my DD just push in by himself in the middle of the team. everything he said is just easy basic CV stuff, but it doesn't work when DD is playing like a brain dead. i cant spot... i cant strike... I'm totally useless if DD just yolo in like that... the best thing i can do is spot enemy team for 5-14 sec with Kaga fighter before i just lost my whole squad... and why people should people keep telling me you should help DD more... the way i snipe is help my DD... and if the snipe is successful (and i did like 90-95% of the time) the rest of the game they DD will get spot all the time... for god sake majority off my kill is DD.. why do you guy think i only have 90k average damage.
  8. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    is mean is kinda true but is not telling the whole story, getting snipe doesn't mean you're bad CV player. remember im using Kaga with dogfight skill (i cant remember what is call but is the one that give extra damage for tier different) which help me win fighter fight. but first let me clear this off, i don't just always go for snipe and also the way is did it is still helping my team out i only snipe when: i cant beat enemy fighter & no AA ship brocking my way. if these 2 conditions not meet then DD is my target. let get to the point, no matter how bad that CV player are... he still show danger unless he AFK, secondly getting snipe in my way doesn't mean you're bad player, my ship is just P2W, i can't prove that the player that get snipe by me is good or bad... but i know they can't do anything about it, if they lost in the fight engage... that is 30 sec refill + 10 sec launch time, even if they fight get off they still have to fight my escort fighter.... in that amount of time you won't survive kaga strike... DB will finish u off anyway. really if you not fail, killing enemy CV off is better in every way, worst case scenario is you getting point . also people said i should help my DD, if you look at my Kaga stats you will see that i only have 90k average damage.... that is because i alway go for DD first if snipe is highly impossible or already successful. also, i kept 1 spot DD while another escort my TB if i just aim for BB every game, 140k is not even hard.also i never waste more than 4 min to strike
  9. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    what you want me to fly my planes into the middle of the whole enemy team AA defend?
  10. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    even know is success 90% of the time? plus i don't just snipe by hide my planes then try to cause him off guard, i basically beat these guy in ALT fight then priority my target to enemy CV. your comment logic hurt my brain... yes is make sense if it not successful but when is successful, they're no reason why I'm losing so often
  11. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    who dont CV snipe in Kaga.....
  12. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    I have been played Kaga since Christmas and not gonna lie, she is really strong against braindead... most of the time I successfully snipe out enemy CV... but my win rate with her is not impressive at all... I notice that no matter how much i carrier.. if the team is full of braindead i'll lost. what i saw is ridiculous: DD push in super even know he has no support, even worst when he is the only DD in my team... team lemme but refuse to defend when lemme is fail (they will keep pushing until they die or break the line) so on and so on. i just don't get what kind of logic they're using... but i'm tired of seeing this every random.
  13. Some CV gameplay tip pls?

    it not my fault that i was born without skill to play CV, that why we learn and try to get good.
  14. Some CV gameplay tip pls?

    at least training room coming soon, but thank you for suggestion
  15. Some CV gameplay tip pls?

    it not like a delay but is the time for the squad to turn around, the squad must stay still or it will take a little bit of time but it will not instantly. so to move away from my plane and somehow while moving and ALT attack backward is really usually. also, i did tell them to re-engage million time and they still stay in the same place for a couple seconds