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  1. I know that most of the people complain about GZ when it comes out, how weak is it compare to other CV, but now it can dominate AS and Strike power. I believe it should be specialized in one power, not both. it saw it rekt AS Lexington 4/5 time so far. also, it doesn't feel like t7 plane, it feels like fighting Saipan planes but have TII logo on the top.
  2. exactly :D imagine Yamato in Pink.... but no!!! we stuck with 2 lame colour
  3. I'm so excited for this but...... is that.....is that it? really? i'm not even angry anymore, they continue to release more premium but they can't balance the old ships yet. so we have drop torp and run class, set people on fire at 20km class, i'm still Full hp for whole game class and CV actually decent(same type of cv fight each other) but unbalance AF. even after all of this, i'm still playing this game... do i need help?
  4. can u unlock achievement with this?
  5. i heard that steam gamer now can play world of warship, the game not releases yet but anyone have any idea how to link your original account to steam account? without downloading it again.
  6. do you know where i can find the stat for all planes? i would like to check it out so i can improve my skill.
  7. yes, fighter does slow down(IJN) when i try ALT drop or change direction, that could the case
  8. just to mention, this doesn't happen every game. so far 70 games+ that i played (all) i only found 4 games that i has been in this situation.
  9. yes, i am aware of that but sometime my fighter can't catch it even before drop, also is not every game... that why I think it might be a bug.
  10. hello, captains I have some questions to ask (especially if you are CV main) mainly the title, I have played Shokaku for a bit and some time i come up against Lexington with 0 1 3 deck. some of the game i played, my fighter just not capable of catching Lexington planes at all even know i have 171 kts speed while Lexington Bomber has 140. but my fighter can't catch it before that anyway. also sometimes is easily catch it. also, T8 ijn don't have aircraft speed upgrade, so i assume Lexington don't have one. so i can't see anything that makes Lexington bomber faster than Shokaku fighter.
  11. how well you do is base on your team and enemy CV I guess... but all that hard work rarely get reward
  12. oh yeah... when did i get that..... but i don't think solo cap worth more than Kraken
  13. straight to the point. I'm not the best CV player and most of my experience is on IJN CV, but that's not the point. CV players are not rewarding enough, for the effort that put into gameplay to reach team expectation is insane. you have to actively provide spotting information, defending, and try to strike at the same time and yet the reward is poor. just look at this: I'm in Yamato sit at 15km away, deal 100k and yet I manage to beat CV who active defending everyone (yes he/she did in this game) get Kraken and actively spotting. i'm played like a brain-dead in that game and yet i manage to be in top 1. also another game were i was played at Shokaku and get 200k damage with 4 kills but only came in the top 3. and i didn't shoot at DD at all, not a single shell direct to DD.
  14. is not like Montana can't get citadel but i'll be lucky if i can get 2 if Montana just angling little my chance of citadel properly went to 0 but in the same time, Yamato properly gets deleted. i hasn't play Montana vs Montana in live server yet, but from the screenshot i saw, her armor is working fine. so now is Yamato problem.
  15. CV too op? not a problem for USN Buff dispersion? pffff also not a problem for USN Torp should be more visible? they already have radar and hydro, also who sail in a straight line deserve to die. torp should be limited? never heard that one before. nerf smoke? WG already did it. USN and Germany already counter most of the part, also some of them i never heard about complain about that before. i don't think any decent player would complain about most this, apart from new UK line of course. HE power just too ridiculous.