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  1. i reinstall the mod 3 time now but nothing work, i have all the files but game don't pick up at all, can anyone help?
  2. Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    why German?
  3. Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    what? just saying that WG don't really care that much
  4. Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    it true if you look from that angle but still the new Clev is not ready for t8
  5. Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    well really Ibuki is just shocking, Izumo... don't talk about her. Iowa just basically NC with speed... when you move from tier to tier you feel completely different but when it hit t9... you feel like is the same or worst... but then you hit t10 and you feel 3 time stronger
  6. Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    i'm not struggling with her lol but think about the average players and below... i mean i saw T10 people consistently show full broadside to Yamato..., sail in a straight line or just camp on the back... can you imagine them in new Cleveland now...
  7. Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    now a day everyone has t10 ship... and almost of t9 are suck for some reason. so random t8 people just end up in t10 game.
  8. Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    '''''''''''''''''''Notice all this information about the in ship is still Test Server, it may change in future '''''''''''''''''' Recently i has been check out on test server and testing the new USN CA line. and i notice that Cleveland is now Tier 8, so i take a look at the ship and see what change. so you can get 9 km radar and hydro now which awesome if you love play cruiser, not really if you like DD. also 15 km range gun. looking good so far right? but remember you in t8. best of your luck is facing t6 but i would say that is properly only 10% chance (could be exaggeration but i would say it feel like being in top tier is very rare for me, unless i'm play t7 ship). most likely you would be in t9 and t10 game. even when it in T6 is still struggling, HE and AP is quite balance in t6, the fire chance is not too small or not too big, AP only able to citadel other cruiser from 7-6km and below(no chance if they angling). shell take forever to land in long range. well armour for it tier, i admin the AA a bit stupid. but really it feel like Nagato, it have clear weakness and clear strong aspect. But when it in T8 it will be struggle train... armour will be like Pensacola, except now you have sh*t gun which take some effort to start fire and HE damage is joke. you also need to be in 15km range to be able to deal damage but because the shell travel so lazy it would take so long before it can hit the target. furthermore you only have 30k and something HP. consider your armour and how close you have to be... most of BB would easily have easy time citadel you. also you don't have heal and escape tool plan like Belfast or Fiji. The AA would be balance, it wouldn't instantly delete planes when active Defensive AA, with full AA build it would take sometime to actually shoot plane down (T7+) in the current state, the ship is not ready for T8
  9. Kaga just a Saipan easy game?

    need a bit of rng really, but at the same time, Saipan hardly can 1 shot t7 BB...
  10. Kaga just a Saipan easy game?

    fair point... i never use all of my torp planes.... they should change it to fight instead
  11. Kaga just a Saipan easy game?

    Thank you all... i think i'm doing alright in team play case but t7 like to end up in t5 game... and we know how good t5 AA is... maybe i'm doing fine just the fact that Kaga usually a ship that can change the game if she gets to do what she suppose too (strike)... but when she fought Saipan she lost that freedom to strike... For her commander, it would feel really unfair but when think about Saipan don't have the ability to 1 shot t9 BB like Kaga... is just annoying feeling then unfair really. but one thing they should change is the captain skill or the escape penalties for Saipan.
  12. Kaga just a Saipan easy game?

    yeah... its been many games now and lately Saipan is somewhat common lately. normally I should just get destroyed if I play against same level or higher or i get to fight a complete newbie. even that is still hard, the planes just too fast and strong... i need to get 2 proper ALT attack before is dealt any significant damage. i can't manual attack either because is so fair to have t9 fighter and not get penalties to escape right wargaming? clearly, you forgot to think about captain skills and now is mess up because of your... 'we won't nerf premium policy' any advice on how to beat Saipan? or this is just one of Wargaming thing again.
  13. 323551 what is this?

    after the update, my game keeps saying WOWs stop working, 323551... i hate this especially Microsoft... name they problem with the number... anyhow... i saw some people said it an update bug issue or something along that line... appreciates if any of you can fix without having to reinstall
  14. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    i don't want it to come to this but we really need new MM system, the player should be rated by performance point. the point gain will differ by the stats of the ship like Cleveland get less point for shooting the planes down. and point reduce rate differs by the weakness of the ship, dd likely to die early so if they did they lose less rating point. how matching MM work, the player with the similar point should play with each other. also Ship on both team should be matched. this will make the game fair and good experience players will play with each other while newbies will play with newbies. also have another mode where original random can still be plays.
  15. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    yeah.............. but if you put Ronaldo (football) against me then he would rekt me. definitely 100% of the time. the game is not balanced when i can win without playing and lose for doing good (the game is balanced but the level of player play against each other is not) my question here... does it really fair when (so far) i play so well and carrier so hard, yet. my WR is 64% and the whole server WR is 52%. so even know i doing so well yet im only manage to win 6 in 10 games and the average 5 in 10 games. i'm so bad as Kongo and i'm still managed to get 54%. the gap of performance is like heaven and earth but the number is not far apart at all. and this is like lucky MM where i met a lot of braindead CV 90% of the time... I'm sure it will reduce more and more.