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  1. Hiro_016

    No res_mod folder

    Lovely, cheer for helping.
  2. Hiro_016

    No res_mod folder

    I believe the game folder use to have a folder call 'res_mod' and if you click into it, you will then have the current version of game... in there you can manually install mod. now I don't have it anymore... anyone know how to fix it? I try to install skin mod.
  3. Hiro_016

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    How will the selected people will be informs? email? forum or direct in game message?
  4. Hiro_016

    Report abuse and bot issues

    ppl who destroys their hardware is a big loser, I work for hardwares and i cherish them.
  5. Hiro_016

    Report abuse and bot issues

    If i were havin war in chat and get ban then i wouldn't be this pissed but this is simply just state fact... I went and check profile of all the players in my team and at least 7 are bot... i can't confirm it but i refuse to believe any human player to get to tier 10 with 200-400 PR. if we can't even speak up without getting punishment, that's a big problem. Also, you can say it nonesense however you want but the result is there, i was ban for 1 day and and those 3 were not since i match up against 2/3 of them next game... despite legit abuse me in chat, saying thing about my parent and even use 'n' word if i recall... but nope those 2 still chating from enemy team like GL with Zao, i carry the game anyway but damage has been done... i can't play for 24 hour cause is too much to not be able to communicate in rank.
  6. Hiro_016

    Report abuse and bot issues

    I said "many" not "regularly", this is my second time I ever got 3 days ban... the first one is me saying 'useless' CV since i was quite close to him and holding epic center while the whole team is doing what they do best cough* not helping. Going by your logic i should have many 3 months bans by now but this is only the 2nd ban and this reason is so light. I think i didn't said the f word at all... i think i said "best team fill with 40% WR bot" BTW i have 1 days ban from 3 turkish players report me in rank for not play Zao with 8 km from enemy yamato... i hope that's not manual ban too.
  7. Hiro_016

    Report abuse and bot issues

    I played 2 game this early morning and already got 3 days chat ban... wow... and reason must be so stupid... yes i said stupid because I either get reported by a Yamato who was 'idiot' sailing, legit said for 'this team fill with 40% WR bot' or just plain reports from me simply just killing them... vid for Yamato: https://replayswows.com/replay/99477#stats all I said is "omg... move" follow by "i'm leaving this" OR i just get report by salty ppl who push on one side of the map and get crossfire by me in Shikishima. OR the game early which I said "omg this team fill with 40% WR bot" All of these doesn't matter which... for 3 days ban is seem pretty extreme to me. My real problem is not even that... you can't just have players get ban just because other player don't like them... is promote toxicity. Even if my ban is not from report which i highly doubt... since i have so many match were I legit just having war in the chat and i didn't get ban... let say it actually from me saying like "fking team fill with 40% bot" is ban still a fair punishment? To me this a lazy way to force player from speak up... I don't have any prove but I can't think of any benefit for player to code bot to play the game for them... especially bad one... you can't send money in this game anyway... no one gonna buy account with 400 PR stats. Again i don't have any prove for this but basic logic is still there... seem like WoWs just let these bot out just to make their playerbase seem bigger... Else these bot issues should have been fix long time ago... posting this properly eliminate my chance of me getting ST but i doubt i'll care about that anymore... no matter how much i love this game, is just hard when playerbase is not value. cause this issues is not just me that experience it... lot of ppl i knew having like 3 month chat ban... i dkn what they did but i know that these are good players... Also i won't submit a tickets... not sure why that are even open... i got like 20% issues solve success rate. They properly say "nah ah, sorry no can do"
  8. Hiro_016

    What I think Yukikaze needs

    the well knows fact about Yukikaze extraordinary historical luck. The current Yukikaze doesn't really show that apart from 5.4 km concealment. I think Yukikaze should have heal consumables, a 1 charge AA def (2 with premium) and a decent section of 22mm armor. But keep the weapon system or nerf it if WG feels it too strong. The reason is I believe none of IJN DD have heal consumable yet, this would be a great selling point for this premium and she's properly one of the best candidates to have heal consumable. Def AA for the cherry on the top for tanky... also another great selling point but I rather make IJN gunboat have it. 22mm just so she can somewhat tank DD incoming fire. The reason why I think this change is okay because IJN has a poor gun system... so it not gonna beat other nation apart from IJN itself. Or one more possibility is new consumable... +30% dispersion of incoming fire for 15 sec. This should boot her survivability to fit her 'unsinkable' title. What do you guys think?
  9. Hiro_016

    Bug Reports

    CV navigation is bug/poor (not always but regularly occurs) When press 'M' to command CV next destination. - CV simply ignore and move forward -Instead of reverse, CV move forward and try to turn. -CV sometime just don't move and have to manual control. I'm constantly being kill because of this, instead of turning away CV just keep moving forward and ignore command.
  10. Hiro_016

    Texture broken

    problem with low to even some mid pc user, DirectX 9 make the game, smoot, load faster and hardly crash but when change to DirectX 11 we now face all these problems...
  11. Hiro_016

    Texture broken

    I saw 7.10 in PTS and texture it a bit weird... it so pixelated, I tho they going to fix it but I guess is not And this is the image of Harugumo before the update change DirectX to 11 it helps a little bit but it still looks worst like the Montana image on the top. btw the image of Haru is medium-low and Montana is medium/ high.
  12. i reinstall the mod 3 time now but nothing work, i have all the files but game don't pick up at all, can anyone help?
  13. Hiro_016

    Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    what? just saying that WG don't really care that much
  14. Hiro_016

    Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    it true if you look from that angle but still the new Clev is not ready for t8 remember when T10 UK BB came out? how many people said it OP... WG still release it anyway