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  1. player_709

    Stalingrad OP

    Peak humor my dude, definitely not overused
  2. player_709

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Ironically enough the teams are better during the late evening and night...
  3. player_709

    Zao needs a nerf.

    I could say this is a DDick whining, ya never see that
  4. player_709

    Zao needs a nerf.

    Maybe the 4 quintuple torpedo launchers are a bit too OP, this is a cruiser with a higher alpha than most destroyers.
  5. player_709

    0.9.5 massive lag

    Same problem, i5-8600k@5 GHz and GTX 1660, the framerate is fixed at 75 FPS but I have huge 1200 MS lag spikes every 2 minutes this is extremely irritating