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  1. Steel_duck_1

    Update 0.10.1 -Clan Battle Season XII

    Still early days, but it was so refreshing to play clan battles without CVs. By far the most entertaining CB night in several seasons. I have to echo the wish for free resets and daily mission progress for clan battles though
  2. Steel_duck_1

    Ping Woes?

    I had 800-900 ping in a couple of games this week. Never really had issues before
  3. Scrolling to the tier by tier winrate and pr as well as looking for recent stats, solo stats and so on are the only way to get anything meaningful out of stats. Even then, they don’t tell the whole story, but they do tell something.
  4. Steel_duck_1

    question about ranked

    Well maybe. Before, even if you lost more stars than you gained, you only needed a small win streak to rank out. That win streak needs to be 50 percent longer now. I generally like the change. Having to do the same sprint every week got very repetitive last time and I got bored after a couple of weeks. I am hoping this will feel like more of a goal being reached at rank 1
  5. Steel_duck_1

    Rollback when ?

    I am all for a rollback. I would say to some patch from 2018?
  6. The xp signals are sadly not buyable, but you can get the performance signals (like detonation, firechance and so on) in the Armory, although they can be a bit expensive. I only buy them with coupon and only for credits. Maybe you already know but I just thought I would say it. Other than that, I do miss the signals we used to get for playing ranked. I think the new system is worse in every way that matters
  7. Steel_duck_1

    PQ's The CV problem - discussion with skilled players only

    That is a really good point, and I think it leads back to the issue of new players getting to tier 10 too fast and staying there. WG has done a lot to almost force people to play high tier if they want any of the good rewards this game has to offer. When I grinded my first line and really sucked at the game, it took me several months to get to T10. I recently started on a different server from scratch with no premium time, invite codes or anything and still got to T10 within about a week of casual playing. Ranked should be available at super low tiers for brand new players too imo. Then WG could dumb down the low tier ship while keeping high tier in a more competitive state
  8. Steel_duck_1

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    So, for reasons already started by others - particularly the poor rewards, more grind and the incentive to fail qualifications - this looks really bad to me. One question: Now that ranked will be on constantly, does that mean no more sprints? I mean the old sprints with divisions. The ones people actually liked...
  9. Steel_duck_1

    CB Season 11 : Feedback & Discussions topic.

    This is true. Good point. However, even without petro in the game, previous 2 seasons there were not a lot of DDs in the game. CVs need serious tweaks to fit into CB without ruling out 90% of the other ships from the meta. I don’t have any hope for that to happen so I can only hope we soon get an odd number tier for CB
  10. Steel_duck_1

    Introduction of new skill system without testing?

    Indeed we haven’t seen version 1.0 yet
  11. Steel_duck_1

    CB Season 11 : Feedback & Discussions topic.

    I am also a DD main. Most of this season I played Petropavlovsk. It is not the existence of 12km radars that made Dds less viable for us. We had Stalingrad spam before the introduction of CVs and DDs were always very useful for spotting. The problem is that CVs spot so much and while you could bring Halland for AA, you can do little damage as a DD if you have to hug your cruisers. If you go for an open cap, the CV can afford to suicide some planes to reset and spot you and your team will be down on firepower for bringing a DD over an extra cruiser so the enemy can often just push you away. Without CV there would be strategic positions your team could take that would mitigate the firepower deficiancy while the lack of plane spotting also make torpedoes more of a threat.For me it wasn’t surviving with CVs in the games that was the problem. It was having enough impact. Petro is probably my worst performing style of ship and I was still more effective than my DDs which are my best
  12. Steel_duck_1

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    There were 11 world wars? crap I never knew about like 9 of them :-D
  13. Steel_duck_1

    PT 0.9.10 - Big Hunt: Key to Victory!

    Yeah, but I guess I spent too long chasing monsters on the fringe of the map. I still got more kills than any previous match. They were just all before the final 5 minutes. I think it could be clearer where to go to find some action or perhaps make sure there is not a vast empty part of the map where people can get lost trying to find something to shoot :-)
  14. Steel_duck_1

    PT 0.9.10 - Big Hunt: Key to Victory!

    I usually like these events and this one shows potential too, but i just spent a full 5 minutes without seeing a single enemy or monster before being transported to the final fight. Was too bored to start another game after that