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  1. Martin_D_Roberts

    Laptop Cooling Advice

    I now have my Ipolar LC06 fitted to my laptop. and am well pleased. might be a tad chunky but it was fitted in less than 5 mins after watching you tube vids. works well not to loud or intrusive. even when it kicks in at full whack tbh its not loads louder than my internal. and the graphs form the software show its working knocking 10 deg off the core temps of not only my i5 but also my GPU.all in all one happy gamer.
  2. Martin_D_Roberts

    Regia Marina

    I love this discussion, as a brit I'm amazed that the RN wasn't the top of the tree and in the top 3 navies to be added first. should have been UK, French, then German, then Japanese, then Russian, then US, then the rest. in order of historical importance and size etc etc. Yet the US, German and Japanese fleets are huge. I applaud the fact that the RN is be in sorted out right now, and rightly so it should be in all forms of available warship types. Personally I think each fleet should be equal in number of every one and definitely equal in types of warships where Possible. Obviously some fleets like the Kreigsmarine never had Carriers so they cant be represented. For me having equal numbers of warship types and fleet sizes from say 1890 - 1945 gives the gamer a full choice when he / she plays. I might not be hugely successful having a BAD ranking on these stats sites, but I hugely enjoy changing nation and warship type to vary my gaming experience. Keep up the good work and keep improving the game play.
  3. Martin_D_Roberts

    Laptop Cooling Advice

    Well an update. I have purchased an Opolar LC06 Fan cooler. arriving tomorrow. I have also down loaded Open Hardware Monitor (free download) as recommended on a load of forums. this enables you to monitor and log a whole bunch of information very easily about your Laptop. Its cool as you can select as much or a little information as you want. I have selected both my cores and my GPU to monitor the temp. My cores are running at max 98°​c when I'm on WOW. so I will look forward to seeing how much cooler it is when I'm running the Cooler in Auto mode and at max. lets see if it was worth it or not.
  4. Martin_D_Roberts

    Laptop Cooling Advice

    its a new lap[top supposed to be a fairly good gaming one. its fast as fk just runs hot. there are some good ext laptop cooling fans that draw the heat out through the vents so might just get one of those.
  5. Martin_D_Roberts

    Laptop Cooling Advice

    Captains, We all know this game in order to run properly uses a heck of a lot of CPU and Memory power. This results in high temps on our systems. I want to purchase a cooler for my laptop, but there are many choices. so I am looking for advice from others as to what they have done or rather what they have purchased to assist in cooling. I have an Acer Aspire F17 i5 7200u 2.5ghz with a Ge-force GTX950M(4GB) and 8GB DDR4. so hopefully I will get good advice and can stop worrying about high temps destroying my laptop.
  6. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    Prince of wales not tier 10? or Warspite?
  7. Martin_D_Roberts

    Bastion - Who enjoys it

    I still think that being available only for Tier X is rubbish. Let us all play it and let us decide which mode we want to play in !!
  8. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    edited apologies should have been battleship
  9. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    not an RN fan how come if it is safe to ask lol?
  10. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    it better lol I'm British and have along history of navy in my family. Even had a grandfather on HMS Hood before the war.
  11. Martin_D_Roberts

    Bastion - Who enjoys it

    When do bastions open up is it really tier X? They should be available for lower tiers too.
  12. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    Fair points both of you. In fact a lot of fleet battles were very similar in composition like they are in the game. the game is and will always be biased about some things I guess for the game play. I wont drone on but there are a few other topics regarding the same sort of things. like why the royal navy is not a bigger part of the game for example.
  13. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    I'm sure this has been covered before. So I apologise for not being good at finding things in the forum. I have read up on pretty much all the ships I have researched and bought in the game and every single one is different in the game. I have yet to find a ship who's game ship is the same spec as the actual. specifically armaments. some Battleships such as Kawachi game primary range 9km actual 22km !! can some one who has been involved in the game a whole lot longer than me explain why there is such disparity​? also the actual ships had torpedo tubes, but none in the game. I'm not being picky as I absolutely love this game albeit according to the ranking sites I'm classed as a bad player lol.
  14. Martin_D_Roberts

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    I think in General seeing as the Royal Navy is the oldest continuous navy in the world then WoW shows a lack of respect to the Senior Service by not having a larger number of ships. don't for get they have led the field in warship development since the 1300's. carriers invented, catapults invented. Landing lighting systems another British invention. could go on and on. Its about time this was put right WoW Please. there were so many great British ships, I agree it could be hard to chose but how about. Dreadnought, glow worm, ramilles, courageous, Ark royal, prince of wales, Sheffield, king George, hood, and im sure many more. not as premium ships which cosy 20-70 uk pounds. they should be on par with the Kreigsmarine which lets face it was their main 20th centaury rivals.
  15. Martin_D_Roberts

    Night battles & severe weather

    Just for the record a large majority of the WW1 battles occurred in the north sea where weather if you didn't know can be atrocious. if you see film of jutland the weather was foggy, rough seas rain spray etc etc. wind and waves should be added. Im not really an expert in this game but I do enjoy the different challenges even if sometimes it is frustrating at times. sometimes the rewards do not justify the efforts especially in lower tiers.