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  1. Sambor0

    Tier 11 Super Ships? Seriously?

    People with few hundreds battles has already T10 ships so quality of game will go down below even don’t know what ?
  2. Sambor0

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    T10 is worst than T2 now. Is so bad push PLAY and end game with 8 min with people and WG MM like this! WG fault that allowed players grind to fast but also people not using brains to learn a little. Not on this game but on another one guy said '' I have 55% WR on this ship'' but overall he had 42% WR, 850PR and over 12K battles. Some people says that is just game and having fun. Must be really fun as well in their life.
  3. Sambor0

    Solution to the submarine problem

    Subs torps shouldn’t go like dog behind his owner. You have chance to avoid dd torps but not sub.
  4. Sambor0


    Correct. I have claustrophobic .
  5. Sambor0


    NO WAY MAN 🤪.
  6. Sambor0


    WG gives subs for free to people, which even doesn’t know how to play tech tree ships! Games today with guys playing T10 subs with 290-780 battles in total.Getting for free just ruine game! @MrConway. Do you know speed of subs during WW2? About 8 knots under surface and 18 knots on surface ( if I am not wrong). Going full speed with BB I can not disengage from subs. Miracle 😀. Turbocharger weren’t at that time I think? You just don’t care about this game and people playing from super unicorns to bad ones. Toxic on game chat went up to the moon! Thanks to WG Team!
  7. Sambor0

    WoWs Stats - brak statystyk i inne nieprawidłowości

    Jak za komuny. Cenzura działa.
  8. Sambor0

    Suggestions thread

    Buff tech tree ships.
  9. Sambor0

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    To much to say and nothing to say! How keep calm with this MM. It was WG crap show.
  10. Sambor0

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    From the start was lost already! Went to cap with 5 ships and killed as a last one. No way to do something. Not surprise, that some CC start play another games more than WOWS. No competitive game at all.
  11. Sambor0

    British Destroyer advice?

    @Deckeru_Maiku. Instead laughing and bullying him take him to division and teach him how to play all ships classes. Be honest I was in the past similar to you and realised, that very often people need little advise, give them guidance how to play and where to find good YouTube commentary from top players to get better in this game and WOWS life will come better. Also you can take guys advice how to play RN dd’s because you are not good with them at all. Up to you.
  12. Sambor0

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    You know that this is river subject. Everywhere on forums people were writing and write about it. For a lot of people is so frustrating watch no play base in this game and people not thinking at all in a lot of situations. WG fault just watch and do not do enough to make this game better. This is my opinion. I know that is no possible make this game perfect and make everybody happy but something needs to be done. Watching Twitch and very good streamers you can hear about it almost every day. If WG not listen even them sorry. We are not able to change it. We can suggest something but somebody is listening?
  13. Sambor0

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Week by week is getting worst! WG doesn't give a crap about players at all! Kremlin and Goliath full HP push when was 950 to 150! It's so common every day! Well done WG!
  14. Sambor0

    Zatopiony przez swojego (spotkanie znajomych z forum)

    Trzeba odkurzyc. Za cicho tutaj Dwa dni temu spotkany @Eric_Wolf na Zao. Pozdrawiam
  15. Sambor0

    Na randomach nie da się grać....

    Obrotniejsi niz nie jeden szarak.