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  1. Ofc there are still ppl playing it and there are good players amongst them, but the "problem" was more relevant when they released her and all super unicums free xp:d her and were stomping everyone, it's actually pretty rare to see Conqueror at the moment, but I'm sure the numbers will go up when other people finish grinding. And yes I think I got little bit burned (and first impressions tend to stick) when they released Conqueror and I was at the time grinding NC.. But as I said the problem is not that bad currently, doesn't mean that the ship is balanced when the "counters" are focus it down by multiple people or chip it down with AP slower than any other T10 BB. Personally I haven't played her, but I have played Zao a lot and thats dmg farming easy mode (well you still can get oneshotted even with the trollish armor), with lot better survivability than Zao she seems even easier to play. And I would rate Zao in random battles borderline OP (can't obviously do much if you are alone and reds are not totally braindead). @wilkatis_LV Well I'm just spouting what ever comes to mind :D The part about boring was because I would think that the super good players would deem it too easy/no challenge to just click and fade in to concealment after every shot, only thing they have to do is check the minimap where the closest enemies are and position accordingly then proceed happy spamming. I have also seen several over 300k damage videos of Conqueror, some over 400k so thats why I chose 300k as my "super unicum BB main" damage padding number. And oh yes ofc I'm biased towards thinking it's OP when facing it :D But for some reason when Conqueror is in my team it doesn't seem that big of a problem (unless I'm in Zao and Conqueror is stealing my fires!) And yes I'm sure lots of topics will pop up during holidays where people are complaining about Conqueror being too weak and how it should have better armor, more health and faster cooldown on the heal.. Even though I am not good BB player, the playstyle of the Conqueror just seem super easy, but the stats are starting to show that clearly it's not easy for the average player. Maybe one day I might grind that line and see but definitely not in the near future.
  2. @El2aZeR thanks for the tests, nice to see some actual evidence of the matter, even though everyone who has looked the armor layout and have faced ships with submerged citadels in game already knew this :D For your mental health I would just recommend to leave the matter and don't try to convince someone who really doesn't want to change his opinion. @wilkatis_LV No one here is saying that AP isn't the better choice against Monqueror, but like several ppl have said you cannot say it's counter to her because other ships suffer from it even more.. sure burning Montana down is easier than chipping it down by overpenning with random pens here and there, but when she also takes more damage in the long run from AP than Conqueror then how is AP magical counter to Conq? I don't like the design of Conqueror, but if I'm not playing BBs she is not a big problem to me, and recently when actually good players have already stopped playing her (because boring gameplay just spamming HE and vanish) I don't have problem against her even in BBs, sure it frustrates when Conq player gives perfect broadside and I cant devastate it.. I can still do relatively high damage which they can't heal. But the issue here is that KM BBs "flavor" is tankiness and secondaries, I can get lot higher damage numbers against them in regular basis.. But when the masses reach Conqueror I don't see it being high on the stat lists, potatoes will be super aggressive and die after first heal, or snipe from max range missing most of the shots, then occasionally some super unicum BB main decides to pad damage a little and takes Conqueror out for those 300k damage games. And so that this whole post won't be off topic, I would say either reduce the Alpha damage of the HE shells or reduce the fire chance.. I'm fine RN BBs being HE spammers but when they get both insanely high alpha and insane fire chance then it gets frustrating.. It's nice to start game in a Monty and after 2 Conq salvos (starting to disengage when the first salvo is in the air) you have lost over half your health and you have used one heal :D Sure this is still rare and doesn't happen every time you face Conqueror, but these are the battles you remember.
  3. I don't get detonated much, sure using the flag helps, but having to use the flag in my T10 DD because I use lots of economy flags and camos on it is just stupid. But I have to use it so I don't waste all the other benefits. Even if its rare occurrence it is still a stupid mechanic. I have never been murdered before, still murder is shitty thing, sure I could hire bodyguards to reduce the likelihood 70% and it still can happen, hopefully not :D (yes totally insane and extreme comparison but maybe that helps to get my point understood - shitty thing that you can reduce by doing something is still shitty thing). ps: dont take that too seriously, I definitely don't mean detonations equals murder irl ^^ WG won't remove detonations from the game and I still keep playing this game
  4. Yeah I also miss understood that you would be able to allocate those captain elite xps how ever you wanted to pan asian captains, but they all went to the one captain automatically. Doesn't really matter that much but would have been nice if it was more clear how it works (in all honesty I might just have potatoed my self and missed the info that it will apply it to the captain you are using in 5th winning game).
  5. The thing is that if you play the objective (as in capping and spotting, not just farm damage being useless) you will end up in lots of knife fights, and when in the middle of said knife fight BB salvo from unspotted BB blaps you for 15k it can be frustrating.. It's good thing that BBs actually shoot at DDs now and don't just ignore them but I fully support removing full pens from BB AP against DDs, overpens are fine and you still can do massive amount of damage if you hit lots of shells, meaning you can still protect yourself against rushing DDs.
  6. I also have habit to even select the 3rd container as Try Your Luck container, I have had 1 super container in past 2 months (ofc I got super containers from yamamoto campaign missions). So I highly doubt there is any increased change to get super container from the 3rd one of the day.
  7. Remove fighters and suddenly thousands more CV players just striking happily because enemy CV cant do crap to protect their ships.. in few days (weeks tops) meta changes and you only see full AA spec ships and carriers cant do anything -> voila carriers are obsolete.
  8. There has been lot more roflstomps aka steamroll games lately, don't know why, maybe steam players have bought their way up to T10 already.. But don't agree with 7vs7 as multiple ppl have already stated that less players per team means more affect single player has (less potatoes can ruin the game). MM in general could use rework, but I don't believe we ever get any kind of ELO system, and I don't know if that would even work in this game, low ELO games would be total shiet fiesta and high ELO would be campy no mistakes allowed. +-1 MM could help somewhat on the issue at hand, two tiers lower ships either has to play super carefully and in result not being useful for their team, or die fast allowing opposite team to have early advantage.
  9. For me 5 BBs per side is just fine, more damage to farm ;) but playing a DD (especially IJN ones) in a 5vs5 DD game is frustrating, you either spend the whole game knife fighting and trying to survive (when you get spotted and see priority target number being closer to 10 you have to bail), or you get focused down early in the game. Being a BB in a 5vs5 DD fight would be easy, just stay back and let them kill each other, but I'm too stupid to stay back and snipe so can't complain when I get torped :D Sadly stats don't show percentual damage done :( As for the cruisers, can't really say, currently the only cruiser that I'm playing is Zao, so more the BBs the happier I am.
  10. So you could slap your golden e-pen1s to their faces when getting killed :D
  11. If CV is striking something and enemy CVs fighters are harassing the strike he might need all the fighters there too to fight off the enemy fighters, so he has zero planes to spot for you.
  12. I suggest you to try play couple of CV matches before shitting everyone that plays that line.
  13. If I recall correctly even if you dump all your reports to one guy it still just counts as one report? So don't waste your reports on one guy.
  14. Aah, the only game where I did quit early, not a rage quit but just had to leave because I was too embarrassed Was having a nice chat with other DDs while playing, and at that point my shima stats were actually pretty good.. so I might have been bit too know it all when they asked my opinion about which torps to use. Well game gets hard, we are pushed back.. dropping torps slowly, zoomed in the whole time, drop last salvo and unzoom just to see friendly DD appear to my screen and blam TK and all the friendlies start to fling insults my way quoting my previous comments about which torps they should use etc etc. Never seen negative WTR before or after this incident. (If its not clear the game wasn't played today but thought I would share anyway)
  15. I wouldn't mind +-1 MM but I don't see +-2 MM as a game breaking problem. And ppl here are saying that DDs and BBs won't get affected as much (and I agree cruisers and carriers have it worst) but for an recent example, I'm grinding my Benson and want to do my DD things aka capping, spotting and after that dealing dmg. But it gets pretty difficult when enemy has one T8 DD and 2 Gearings and 2 Z-52s oh and slap carrier on top of that. Cap contesting is immediately near impossible. Imagine 4 radars on top of that vs 0 radars.. <- this is the bigger issue IMO, 12 vs 12 match where other team has ships that immediately favors that team. Of course this can't be perfectly balanced but multiple radars versus none means that DD cap contesting fight is already decided.