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  1. Asashio.. Please shelve

    Never heard a thing about Harekaze before its launch, and after that I have seen one video about it, still I know pretty much nothing about that ship.
  2. How on earth did i not get this kill? =)

    Wasn't that supposed to be fixed at some point? so that torpedoes always do some damage even in full saturated parts, meaning that 0 dmg torps not possible.
  3. Hindenburg is probably the best brawler of T10 cruisers, but all of them will be deleted by BBs up close. I find Chapayev pretty tanky (angled ofc) and because of the radar you want to be pretty close range. All T10 cruisers are good, you might like British cruisers too even though they are the very definition of squishy, but they have smoke and their short range means you have to be pretty close to the enemy force.
  4. So the OP has been programming longer than I have been alive, knows +30 programming languages, and still doesn't know what random means? Hopefully I never have to use any programs he has been working on :) But on the topic, take a break, come back after you have calmed down a bit.. I don't see any point why would WG rig your games, and why would they rig it so that one day you get good results and next day bad results, that seems RANDOM ()
  5. I would play domination only, atleast there you need little bit of tactical thinking, not just two lemming trains pushing slower than a row boat, dragging the match to full 20 minutes with minimal action.. and then there is always the one DD that caps the base within the first 8 minutes, game ended maybe one ship sunk. SO FUN AND ENGAGING! Standard battles are the most boring games ever. And I still can't understand people liking Ocean :D It's not challenging map its plain boring because you can't try anything different when there is nothing on the map. (Good EXP though when playing DD, kill all enemy DDs and keep solo capping the caps)
  6. Seperate detection sybol for Radar/Hydro

    Game is getting more brainless every patch, so instead of making it easy for everyone maybe they should start making all classes punishable when making mistakes (I though they finally did this by making BBs actually eat citadels when full broadsiding, but that obviously was bug and needed immediate fixing ). So instead of making game easier for everyone they should focus on balancing some other way.
  7. Seperate detection sybol for Radar/Hydro

    I as a DD player actually like that you don't immediately know if you are hydroed or radared, this adds one more skill element to the game, you need to be more aware of your surroundings -> "could this be German DD pushing me, or did those USN cruisers push close enough to radar me". But on the other point I totally agree, "Detected by a Search System Consumable" should be the dominant icon even if you are also surface detected, wasting smoke when you don't have any indication that you are actually also radared or hydroed sucks.
  8. Manipulation

    I guess he is trying to say that the games are some how fixed... Now if he provided some kind of conspiracy theory then we could atleast prove him wrong. Why would WG wan't someone to win and someone to lose? and how would they do it? some hidden matchmaking putting only unicums to other side?
  9. Best Ship To Carry Teams With?

    Well the obvious one would be CV, but you need to be good at them, CV can provide scouting, support from enemy airstrikes and also deal hefty amount of damage. Other than that, just what ever you are most comfortable with, solo carrying is not exactly a thing in this game, sure you can have monster games but I doubt no one can in regular basis get 8-10 kills every game they play.
  10. No fun, no money

    Problem is that WG is trying to run business here, if you limit too much what people can do or buy they will lose profit. Also for others to have high rating someone else needs to have bad rating. Player base would collapse if those "more special" players could not go past tier 5, but I agree tier 10 CV should not have red personal rating :D you would think that it's not enjoyable for that particular player either to be deplaned every game and not getting anything done.. I guess everyone gets their "fun" from different things. Limiting premium ship purchases to the tier you are in the silver line, I would agree if you just think about gameplay advantages, but that wont never happen, as I said WG is doing this for money.
  11. No fun, no money

    How would you collect this "gameplay behavior"? If your criteria is separating pushing and camping players (aka their distance from objectives), you would get those who play mostly DDs to one group and those who play BBs in another group.. that would be bad for the meta, "aggressive" group would look like PTS, just everyone rushing in, and "passive" group would look like SEA where no one moves closer than 15km from enemies until the last minutes of the game. No thank you! Random matchmaking works relatively well, people have given us examples in the past what skill based matchmaking would do and in a game like this it would most likely kill the game.
  12. WG - EU Law issue

    Wrote longer and maybe little too aggressive post, but instead posting that I would like to just say that no I dont trust social media companies.. but you are naive if you think your info is not out there by not using them, or requesting data remove from one server :)
  13. No fun, no money

    There is point arguing with OP, he clearly doesn't want to learn, and only wants to blame someone else for his own mistakes.
  14. No fun, no money

    Well killing enemy and getting 300 xp just seems like minimal damage dealt..
  15. No fun, no money

    Yeah doesn't seem like you helped either, kill securing one ship and being in the bottom of the list. Face rolls happen at times, just have to deal with it.