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  1. DDs could get special sonar that works only against subs, or they could code that DDs have better target acquisition against submerged vessels, as it is their job to hunt submarines.
  2. Interesting halloween event incoming it seems
  3. Carrier APM

    But you cant say that CVs are APM intensive and thats why lesser carrier players cant keep up.. I guess if you take fast firing cruiser or DD and kiting away while firing then your APM will be higher than El2aZeR has in his carrier examples. Overall awareness is the most likely reason, people can't focus on several squadrons around the map at the same time.
  4. Torpedos and Team damage

    Don't launch torps past your allies.. even if they dodge said torps, those torps might force to show broadside to enemy team. So it might be better to eat torps from pink player (reduced damage) than get devastated by enemy BBs.
  5. The problem with Seal Clubbers

    I think that that's exactly the reason why OP made this thread, he can't seal club in peace because others do it also LUL
  6. People like Stats but which ones matter

    There already is skill based MM as others have stated before (clan wars), if you want other skill based mode then it needs to be pre defined tiers with possible some ships locked from it, random battles should never be skill based, I don't want to meet only my level players when I start to grind some new line.. progress would be much slower. So it's either new "competitive" mode (which will not happen, too small player base, too long queue times for top and bottom players) or just let it go. :)
  7. People like Stats but which ones matter

    And they use the same system in counter-strike, dota, league etc. You have bracket where you belong with your ELO or MMR or what ever you want to call it, you get players from that bracket (they can have higher or lower rating) then based on the average rating difference between teams lets say 1400 vs 1600, team 2 is supposed to win because they have higher rating, so lets say they get 30 points from the win, now if team 1 wins even though they are expected to lose they get much higher rating increase, lets say 70 points... and even if they lose they wont be punished so badly because as I said they were expected to lose, so maybe they only lose 10 rating points for losing while the team 2 could lose like 50 points for losing a match they should have won. This way good players keep on climbing until they reach the highest bracket. Ofc people need to understand that you have to forget every other stat as they do not affect this type of matchmaker. But does WoWs need skill based MM? I would say no as this game has so much randomness that the diversity between skill is fine. Edit: you created this thread because earlier thread got "hijacked" and now this thread is about skill based MM and not about stats and their importance
  8. Belfast

    Torp their smoke, or get accurate BB and blind fire them in their smoke.
  9. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    Yes that is true, but if someone has thousands of games and has unicum WR he is still playing effectively, be it solo or in division, solo players might have better individual skill but division players might play overall better when it comes to winning games. I will still listen if full purple stat player critiques my play even though all his games were played in divisions
  10. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    Im still lost whats the point of this arguing? Ofc divisioning will boost your WR if you are divisioning up with better than average players... When you solo then you are the only constant in your matches, if you div up then quarter of your team is constant in all the matches, now 60% WR solo player obviously has some affect on the match to reach clearly higher than average win rate, now but 3 of those guys on the same team and you suddenly have 1/12 -> 3/12 players who constantly affect your game positively. If I would div up with someone who has similar stats to mine my WR would raise much faster, but it wouldn't mean that I am being carried, it just means that instead just one of me there is also 2 similarly skilled players in every game instead of possible 40% WR guys (sure possibility to get 70% players also exist but those are much rarer than 40%+) Edit: And yes my solo stats are better than my div, because I used to division up with IRL friends who even tho have kept playing when I stopped are still in the "below average - average" bracket
  11. 3 detonation in a row now

    You have 16 detonations in 1664 random battles played so that's 1 detonation in every hundred games, you should use your deto flags if it frustrates you, I have only 14 detonations in 2361 games, because I use the flag on DDs
  12. Stats

    You have 1000 games, your son has 1700 games... that's little bit more than .1% difference
  13. Removing totally seems pretty harsh, but from the choices if I absolutely needed to remove something then maybe standard game mode, I don't hate it but its just worse and slower version of good game mode (domination). Lots of the items in the list could use some tweaking, but for example radar can be frustrating as a DD player, but you cant remove it.. if you remove it then multiple ships become obsolete.
  14. I would say the reason why shima is played most is the amount of grinding you need in this game. So lot of people got shima as their first T10 DD and might never grind another line to the top. If we look wows-numbers and compare amounts from there (obviously cant trust its 100% accurate) Minimum of 80 battles played: Shimakaze - 15072 players listed Gearing - 9594 players listed Khabarovsk - 3460 players listed Z-52 - 3044 players listed Yueyang - 1518 players listed Grozovoi - 985 players listed so there is at least 15072 shima players and 18601 players of any other T10 DD (when listed like this), so it is not surprising that Shima gets most games played :)
  15. Asashio.. Please shelve

    Never heard a thing about Harekaze before its launch, and after that I have seen one video about it, still I know pretty much nothing about that ship.