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  1. Naesil

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    Your torpedoes, your fault.. don't shoot torps if there is a chance to hit friendly. And ship happens, getting pink for couple of games is not end of the world.
  2. Naesil

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Lots of new players have reached higher tiers (masses from steam release) and if you would believe the forums then lots of experienced players have quit for whatever reason (doubt that the numbers are actually that high). I think biggest reason is introduction of british DDs -> lots of players grinding, and that every new ship seems to be either radar ship or HE spammer, which both obviously make DD play more demanding. Can't really give input on the whole BB AP nerf because haven't tried it yet, for close range it might be too big of a nerf but seems good for those long range almost devastating BB volleys, it was pretty weird to fear more about BB that is 15km away than Des Moines radaring you when playing DDs :D
  3. Naesil

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    I have used this picture before to show that actually the biggest shell wont actually devastate destroyer if it just punches through without exploding: That is 130 meters long shimakaze and that dot in the middle is 460mm hole. And overpens do damage in this game, quite big percentage to DDs as others have pointed out.
  4. Naesil

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    This is very impressive tin foil hat stuff :D we haven't had this much in long time, thanks OP for making my boring workday more enjoyable I have had my camera spin 180 so many times that it's just reflex to rotate it back now, the effect of this is very minimal in this slow paced game.. I have also lost control of my ship several times, either network hiccup or WG server hamster running slow.
  5. Naesil

    WOWS in year 2100

    All the stuff OP listed could be done now, but not with this game engine, so it would be totally different wows, and if I had to guess then I would say that majority of the player base have too bad PC specs to run several times more demanding game than the current version. If I take CS as a example, valve did release statement several years ago why they don't upgrade their servers to 128tick servers instead of 64tick even though everyone who has played in both knows that the game just works better and more consistent on higher tick rate, the statement said that majority of the players could not even reach 64 fps so there would be no point to have server update twice as fast.. and that game is in no way demanding game. So don't hope for any fancy new elements before PC hardware gets so cheap that everyone can afford powerful machines :)
  6. Naesil

    Wierd and Odd Play Stats

    You should make a habit (especially on BBs because you have the time anyway while reloading) to zoom out after every shot, this way you have much better picture about what is going on around you, also making minimap bigger (and enabling last known positions) helps lot. Oh and zoom in and out with shift-key don't use mousewheel. And for your original question I would suggest something that I thought I would never say to anyone playing BB -> actually try to camp a little further away :) I mean if you are first to die even in BB you are rushing in too fast. And enemies are dealing lots of damage to you when you show your side to them (aka broadsiding) they can then hit your citadel and deal massive damage. You can learn about armor angling from some content creator in youtube.
  7. Naesil


    Yeah the problem with co-op games is that its just race who can kill most ships fastest so less experienced players might not see any action in a match because experienced player has already torped every bot in their side of the map when they get to position. Missions are better for xp and credits anyways, I don't like that they division block all the others than the "operation of the week". And @thiextar the new halloween mode already has BR elements in it (mainly the closing circle) so wouldn't be surprised if they combine arms race with that so you have map getting smaller and have to scavenge for buffs.
  8. Naesil

    Ships you kept

    None, I have even sold shima so I could progress in lines without excessive grind. If I had credits I would probably re-buy and fully upgrade NC, Clemson, Benson, Mogami, Chapayev, and if I had massive amount of credits I would buy every ship :D Currently I think I have less than 10 ships in my port (excluding those halloween ships) FeelsPoorMan
  9. You can control your mouse by pressing ctrl and then next to the minimap there is a cog icon, you can change minimap settings there. And for me the biggest advantage of the "x marks the spot" is shooting ships in cyclone, before blindfiring targets above 8km was like winning a lottery, but now you can consistently hit ships that you can't see yourself.
  10. Naesil

    Same Detection Marker for Hydro and Radar

    Yes ofc but at least I would know that this moment nothing else spots me, and then I can form my decision to use smoke or not based on if there is radar ships close, have they used their radar etc. It would not be massive help, more of a quality of life improvement.
  11. Naesil

    Same Detection Marker for Hydro and Radar

    THIS. Countless smokes used in vain.. just show at least that I'm spotted in more than one way if they don't want to show all the icons, example hardspotted and small + next to it, you still would not know if its hydro, radar or planes but you would know that there is something else than that ship close to you that spots you.
  12. Naesil

    Ranking system

    WG could test (if its not too massive of a job) making separate matchmaking for one season where they used ELO system, so everyone starts from some baseline and better players start to climb up the ladder, same way as clan battles are now but just every individual has their own ELO rating (so they would need to count both teams average ELO (which should be equal in some margin) and then add or remove points from players depending on the rating difference between teams, if you have lower rating then you are expected to lose, but if you still manage to win that you get more points). That way we could put these threads to rest. Whether skilled MM works or not.
  13. I have always had fps staying stable at the cap (was it 78 fps?) but last few patches I have seen fps drop to 50-60 and even though it is playable its still noticeable and feels weird :D I don't think I have that overwolf thingy on my PC but their logo looks familiar, so I need to check that when I get home.
  14. Even though I voted yes, I don't mind if they leave it on random battles (just make the explosion and shrapnel flying massive so at least I can enjoy getting rekt by rng :D) but they should definitely remove detonations from "competitive" modes, detonations are opposite of competitive. And as other has suggested, let BBs also detonate by shells hitting water next to them and its more fair across the board.
  15. Naesil

    things I do not digest

    Yup cant digest that.. still getting gagging reflex just by looking at that can and thinking about the smell