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  1. Migantium_Mashum

    Alaska Build.

    Thank you guys.. I have only been doing COOP to get used to her but she's a tough little ship///
  2. Migantium_Mashum

    280 tokens for the Skane... 7 containers obtained...

    It's the Nuns honest... ever watched 'Sister Act 2?'
  3. Migantium_Mashum

    Alaska Build.

    Well I am all ready, new ship, re-skilled Commander.... sticking with Co-op until I get the hang of her... This is one player not attempting Random until I know what I am doing... Sorry, that wasn't a snipe at incompetent players going into games or Tiers before they're ready (Much) To all who gave me advice thank you very much.
  4. Migantium_Mashum

    Alaska Build.

    Thank you.
  5. Migantium_Mashum

    Alaska Build.

    Thank you gents... @DFens_666 My Halsey is a lvl 15 Captain so I will move him from my Fletcher... any advice on the upgrade side of the ship?
  6. Migantium_Mashum

    Alaska Build.

    As most people now I am a DD main but I am looking at buying the Alaska (FXP) Just wondering what build you guys would recommend for her using a lvl 19 Captain. Thanks in advance.
  7. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I came through the whole game from 8 minutes to the end with only 12 health points... my final input was to nail the Neptune and call time on the game... 12 health points makes you exceptionally cautious..
  8. Migantium_Mashum

    280 tokens for the Skane... 7 containers obtained...

    The lowest number I have had in Visby is 2600 damage for two torpedo strikes... In Vasteras two torpedoes netted me 6200 in damage... As a DD main even at Tier 6 it's pretty lame. I am not bothering now as all coins are spent.. I will wait until after the event to climb the tech tree (if I can be bothered)
  9. Migantium_Mashum

    Chat ban?!

    Don't worry about chat bans.. mine ends tomorrow... all because I call campers and idiots.. Hell even a TWA got it when he said I was useless because I wouldn't contest a cap against a Moskva and Des Moines with my Yugumo.... You get them, they end..... you go back to play your game again until once more you're frustrated by 'Marfona or Wilja'
  10. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    At the start some bright spark shouted it'll be a Tier 9 slaughter.... I took on five ships solo (Incl Missouri) because it seems my team just loved to camp and I am so sick and tired of campers. I literally cleared D alone apart from one enemy DD.... then chased down Missouri and Schors whilst my secondaries took out the DD I missed in D... One of the best BB games I have had in ages... mains and secondaries all deserve a medal 'cause they worked their socks off... Colorado never even got into the game until he stole my 6th kill... Not even a well done nor +1 from anyone....
  11. Migantium_Mashum

    One sided teams & poor match making.

    I played 22 random games in all yesterday and the teams were woeful... it didn't matter what I did, how well I played the team melted... In one game I was the only player left after 8 minutes of the game with no enemy dead.. It was like watching of football game where the teams consisted of 6 year old players... and oh boy if you expected your team to kill radar you would have been extremely disappointed. I got that pissed off yesterday I've now got a 4 day chat ban.... 22 Games played and only 4 victories...
  12. Migantium_Mashum

    24h renting of premium ship

    Great idea... allow the ZOMBIES into the high tiers (Again).... it's bad enough with the ships that they can buy.... How many premium ships have you seen with players who haven't a clue...sure throw more crap upon us.
  13. Migantium_Mashum

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Take a look at this... By 7 minutes and 26 seconds the game is over with 50% of my team is dead.... the enemy have 2 of 3 caps and hit 1,000 points... our JB and KGV wouldn't even enter an uncontested cap... This must take Brain Dead to a new extreme...
  14. Migantium_Mashum


    It's not a bug... it's how it was before WG decided torpedoes don't rip holes in a ship...