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  1. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    To the person posting they are an achievement to others who have greater skill they are merely average. If you have some guy in lower tier games coming through then of course average will be amazing to the poster and will drive him along for his rise in tiers. It is down to the poster, I would say that if the poster feels it's an achievement then that is what it is and it hurts nobody so what's the harm? Perhaps, you should begin an independent thread for your own results so that we can see your level of performance? And this is the title of the topic.. emphasis on "Your" What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?
  2. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I think most of my battles are DD's and I am not far from my Jutland and if you like the Cossack you should enjoy Lightning... She gives even T10 players a run for their money. From T8 IJN (Kagero) gets to be fun especially with 5.4km concealment and TRB (Torpedo Reload Booster) I am still at T6 for Russian DD's and perhaps will finish the grind later.. but not too fussed tbh now. I still do very well in my Gearing especially with the LU equipped.. 5.6km concealment is nothing to be sniffed at... and the torpedoes are still powerful, if you're brave enough to go as close at 6km to 6.5km you never miss with them.
  3. Migantium_Mashum

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    @Verdius 1. Germany still could have won the war in 1942 but for the fact Britain remained undefeated and the USA was now an enemy. 2. I have to concede this point, which surprised me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isoroku_Yamamoto's_sleeping_giant_quote 3. I knew a few Australians who respected the tenacity of the Japanese in combat but yes reviled their cruelty. 4. The UK radar chains were so badly damaged, so with the southern airfields being bombed daily fighter squadrons had to operate from further afield. I knew an RAF pilot who came from Nottingham from 1989 until his death in 1993 and one day when I was talking about the Battle of Britain whilst a little drunk he stated that if the Germans had not switched from the bombing of our radar and airfields the south of England would have been defenceless within 3 weeks.. The loss of the southern defences he said would have resulted in capitulation. 5. Was never taught about Rommel building death camps so concede 6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kasserine_Pass This is one example. The same happened in Italy, France, Huertgen Forest, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Hürtgen_Forest, the Siegfried line and the Battle of the bulge... It was material superiority that was the deciding factor for as I said 1v1 the Germans were better trained, better led. It wasn't only the Germans who committed atrocities against civilians the allies had there fair share too one example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Dresden_in_World_War_II
  4. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    @aboomination @PisiReis don't you get the four kill squid? Have WG removed it? @DFens_666 Cossack is a good little DD and with performances like that you should perhaps consider another line. You never know you may be a natural.
  5. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Taking defeat and exchanging it for a victory...
  6. Migantium_Mashum

    Japanese Destroyer Captain -. Rookie Player

    OP, I welcome you to the DD club.. You have already had so much good advice from the other members of the forum that there is not much for me to add.. unlike you I came to the forum for advice late.. but benefited greatly from the other members here like you will. My advice: 1. Learn enemy radar or hydro capabilities, they will get you killed fast if you don't. 2. Be careful with your torpedoes for if they can destroy an enemy they can also destroy your allies. 3. Never enter a situation because the team demands you do it. It is your ship and you must weigh up for yourself whether you have a chance of succeeding. 4. Always ensure that when you begin your action, capping, spotting or attacking you know exactly how you're going to escape should you be countered. 5. Always be prepared to run away from a bad situation, for in running you can regroup and attack again.. you're still alive. 6. When firing torpedoes you have a grey target line and you will need to learn how to judge a target speed against the speed of your torpedoes.. the grey target line is useful only for stationary targets.. 7. Never sit stationary or broadside in smoke unless you know for certain there is no DD or torpedo equipped Cruiser near you. In smoke you cannot spot for the team. 8. Use flags if you have them.. Many DD players will have different skill sets for different ships and as you go along the lines you will develop a sense of which work best for each DD. Don't be afraid to keep asking questions.
  7. Migantium_Mashum

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    Japan lost simply because it was a small Empire nation taking on the USA.. Also, because they failed to knock out the aircraft carriers at Pearl Harbour they were always destined to lose eventually... The attack at Pearl Harbour also indirectly resulted in Germany's defeat.. Yamamoto was a strategist ahead of his time, as well as being a realist, which was why the Americans took the opportunity of shooting him down when the chance presented itself. He always said that he feared that by attacking Pearl Harbour and not securing a decisive victory there they had roused a sleeping Bear and filled it with a deadly resolve... Japanese soldiers however were fierce and despite the propaganda they were respected by their adversaries on the field. Answering a comment on Germany.. Germany first lost the War at Dunkirk when Hitler halted the tanks to allow the Luftwaffe to gain some kudos..imagine if the tanks had raced to the beach and captured the whole BEF and French forces... Her second failure in 1940 was in the battle of Britain, changing targets from the radar and airfields, because of a single raid on Berlin, to target the cities, when Britain was at best 3 weeks from capitulation.. The final and most insane failure was in 1941 when inexplicably Germany declared war on the USA after Pearl Harbour.. The Tripartite pact and Japanese aggression sealed it for the Germans... Rommel was a General of the new order but carried the values of the old school and as he was too a great strategist, which was proved many times especially in Tunisia, many POW's owed him their lives because he refused to kill out of hand captured Commandos and did his best to follow the Geneva code even overruling subordinates who had less moral scruples. German soldiers in 1v1 situations were always better trained than the allied soldiers at least until the end of 1943 when the losses of men and material began to have a drastic affect on their performance.
  8. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Sterling performance in my Gearing with an Izumo for extra muscle........13 minutes in to the game we are winning... victory is ours... But, wait, you don't want to kill a spotted DM with 4k hp nor the Minotaur.. I F3 for all I am worth "Target Des Moines".. I chat "Kill the damn radar Cruiser ffs!!!"....Des Moines fires up his radar perhaps not believing he is still alive.....Oh well there goes Yugomo and Asashio B all lit courtesy of DM radar services... radar hmmm.. and now Minotaur comes in and claims the other Yugumo. Now we are losing...we have lost...
  9. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I purchased both standard and +B last week and they are now my preferred DD.. Even with the DST limitations they are tough as old bricks and their torpedoes really do sting..
  10. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    And here was me thinking you had some magical device that frustrated MM to allow you to play against lower tiers..... Oh well back to Tier X...
  11. Migantium_Mashum

    Spotting and XP

    As a DD primary player myself I say don't lose heart. Spotting is as important as capping and sinking even if the rewards seem less. I have had games where the positioning of 1 DD exposes the whole enemy team.. A visible team can be killed easily.. You may not get much in the way of XP but this is not a solo game and in any game there will always be those with low scores but victorious nonetheless... As you move up the tiers this ability becomes more valuable.. For example, if a DD can perma spot enemy radar Cruisers, they cannot surprise your DD allies, they are easily forced back or sunk and you have the benefit of being able to fire torpedoes into them if you wish..remembering that once you fire the enemy will have a rough idea of your position by backtracking the torpedo angles. It would be nice to get better rewards for spotting but it isn't there yet... the thanks of your allies will have to suffice.
  12. Migantium_Mashum


    The OP has to mean torpedoes... OP for that extra special flare you should have posted thus: Oh cruel world, "raising your voice" cruel game and even crueler DD's with their one shots, goodbye my Cruiser brethren of Tier 5 as I end my games with WOW's. How will you all survive without me? With a heavy heart, with the tears of frustration I go into the mists to be lost forever.... "In whisper" Goodbye forever.... "Door shuts" "Absolute silence.".... A scream!!! OP just rammed the door handle into his Buttox. Now that's done, off you trot back to WOT...
  13. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Something weird here... every time I play my Asashio or +B I am up tiered to Tier X... So tell me what's your little secret?
  14. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Decided to dust off my YUGUMO.. and what a game. Keeping at bay 5 enemy ships from B: Yugumo, Jutland, Yamato, Musashi and Iowa... With an allied Musashi alone we kept all comers at bay... talk about hard work..lolz.. After killing Iowa and taking a heavy chunk off Musashi with torpedoes the Yugumo had to go next because as long as it remained alive we could not win... I chose to close down A after the enemy retook it from the north with Udaloi coming in from the south and enemy Yugumo came out of A guns blazing at me and it took but 1 salvo to finish him off whilst avoiding his torpedoes.. at the end after capping A with Udaloi we hid from the approaching Minotaur and at the end 28 points was the difference between defeat and victory... Karma up by +3... Between us (Me and Musashi) we killed all the ships trying for B...
  15. Migantium_Mashum

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Worked for me thank you.