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  1. Migantium_Mashum

    Explain to me

    @Beastofwar it is the only way to play DD now..
  2. Migantium_Mashum

    Explain to me

    Yeah my mistake.. just didn't pay enough attention..oh the Irony..I am in trouble now... @hellhound666 apologies... be kind.
  3. Migantium_Mashum

    Explain to me

    Irrespective of his battle count I presume that he is complaining about the 8.0 rework.. I have to ask how much attention do you pay to topics on this forum? Little by the choice of your answer.
  4. Migantium_Mashum

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    They are the children of the 8.0... 10 years old and out for Zoom Zoom Boom Boom... Tactical, Strategic those words are Alien to then and to them Team = I
  5. Migantium_Mashum

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    I tried 3 times yesterday. 1st Game 3 allied Cruisers decided to push the enemy allowing a Cruiser to push into the zone.. they died game lost. 2nd Game 4 Clan members, with 1 CV, so you think they might be decent working together.. 2 go off and are dead quickly and 3 enemy ships hit the zone in the first wave we are overwhelmed and lose. 3rd Game Again the team allow the enemy to penetrate the zone with their first push... Gave up playing.
  6. Migantium_Mashum

    Hold on to your hats BB players - The DD Players have a new target

    That's like saying the game is full of 10 year olds... But, wait. it is?? Oh my...
  7. Migantium_Mashum

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Rather than moaning about radar take the time to learn the radar and hydro capabilities of your enemy. Know your enemy, plan accordingly, don't be the victim...or whine, do nothing, die. Your choice.
  8. Migantium_Mashum


    Maybe the problem is the impact of all those who have stopped spending their money on anything to do with WG... can't pay the bills can't run things... edit: 46 seconds to load my post on the EU forum too...
  9. WG don't give two when they are selling OP ships... they only care to take your money. Once they have your money because this is their platform they will do as they please regardless because they will not refund you cash paid merely throw Doubloons at you. It's a WG win win scenario.. Don't buy premiums for cash nor buy Doubloons to buy ships either... get your ships via Coal or Steel and that way when WG nerf a premium ship it doesn't cost you hard earned coin. Lately everything WG is doing is putting people off spending money.. it's like they want the game to die.
  10. So WG sold a ship they knew to be OP. WG knew full well what they were selling and quite happily took your money with a smile with no scruples or concerns. But, WG knew didn't they..after all it is their creation. The idea of the ship being premium means it is NOT a normal ship because they call normal ships the silver line.
  11. Can I have an ounce of what you're smoking please? In no other online game I have played do you buy something that is then changed down the line months or years later to something totally different. You buy something in an online game for real money it stays the same for however long it is applied to your account or until the company you purchased from disappears.. Read my post again..slowly and after the affects of whatever you have smoked have worn off.
  12. So you are quite happy to give you cash for something that can be altered at a whim without even asking you if it is okay? Would you buy a premium car and allow the dealership to remove all the extras later without your permission without giving you a refund? Would you buy a premium phone and allow the manufacturer to remove all of its applications 6 months after purchase whilst still expecting full payment for it? So the Belfast becomes a different ship entirely? So what was the ship we paid for again? So to anyone buying a premium ship for real money remember that somewhere down the line WG can change it into something totally different without your consent. So why bother spending real money. I want my money back for my Belfast then pure and simple...
  13. If I have understood the OP correctly. It can only be likened to buying a top of the range brand new car at a top of the range price driving it for 6 months before the manufacturer comes and says sorry mate but we're removing all of your extras from the car to turn it to standard because all the guys who drive standard cars don't like you driving your car because they feel inferior to you... But, oh sorry did we forget to tell you, we still expect to keep the premium price you paid... WG must think players are mugs. Given late behaviour patterns I believe they do. The premium ships were sold as seen...that's why people purchased them... people purchased premium the ships as was.... and whilst WG were getting your coins they were happy to sell them with no mention of tweaks or buffs......when you purchased your Kamikaze or Belfast did WG ever tell you they may nerf the crap out of your purchase at a later date? Of course they did not because you wouldn't have spent the money on the ship....... So the reality is that whatever you buy today may not be what you have in 6 months. That is considered fraud in some countries. In my opinion, why would I buy another premium ship with coin or spend money on Doubloons to get one..... WG who exactly is in charge of your marketing strategy a Clown from the local Circus?
  14. Migantium_Mashum

    How to not die in the first 5 minutes as battleship ?

    There is a fine balance for BB game play.. Be reckless, die early, become frustrated.. be over cautious, stay back, you will lose your allies because they will die first. Against DD's imagine how you would play one yourself in the hunt of a BB. You would look for the BB that is easy to hit because it is close to an Island, alone in open water or putting itself at the head of the wall.. DD's can attack with virtual impunity because you just cannot see them. A DD's torpedoes can extend to 20km range and BB's cannot easily avoid them if fired close in. With a BB's slow and limited movement an Island might actually hinder you because you lose the freedom to move and so a brave Destroyer can pin you with torpedoes...you're more concerned with missing them to be effective in the counter play and so the DD can easily escape. Learn your Cruisers so you know which can burn you hardest and when they are spotted stay out of their range. Fire on them at every opportunity unless a more important target shows itself. DOn't immediately put out the fires until out of range because you can still reclaim most fire damage from repair, unless this is changed. Don't assume an Island is protection from HE. Remember some Cruisers carry torpedoes which are just a lethal as torpedoes from a DD. Know your enemies capability and your battle is half won. Let the allied DD's and Cruiser proceed ahead of you but you must stay close enough to be able to deter an enemy attack and support your consorts. Don't long shot as you give your position away without a chance of high damage. Watch the mini map, if you cannot read it make it larger. Where enemy DD's are spotted change course, change speed and don't be the head of your group..those behind you can escape faster and easier. Become the illusive target never just go in straight lines.. Above all don't be frustrated if things don't work to plan at first. It takes time to develop a strategy of play in a BB... Out guessing your opponent is even harder at the beginning but patterns do emerge. Stay in the Tier you are most comfortable in...
  15. Migantium_Mashum

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    @WynnZeroOne this is exactly what I posted and you were the one telling me the 19,000 screenshot was wrong... okay 19,527. According to you when I took this screenshot there were 27,001 players on the server yet you refused to validate your claim with proof... you saw it with your own eyes you said... I am open for anyone to tell me how a screenshot can be so far out? According to WynZeroOne it is by nearly 8,000...