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  1. Migantium_Mashum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After 2 days of crappy games this was a perfect game.. and I never sank a ship..lolz.. Got to 16 minutes then splat... But, so much damage for not a single scalp... I must be slipping... But, I feel the love as my Karma jumps 7...
  2. Migantium_Mashum

    Win, loss, win, loss, loss... a way out?

    I agree also... team loses all suffer.
  3. Migantium_Mashum

    Win, loss, win, loss, loss... a way out?

    And what a film that was...lolz
  4. Migantium_Mashum

    Imbalanced Ranked Radar

    Learn the ships that carry radar, learn their range and play accordingly... If you're in a position to be hit behind an island, if an enemy fires up radar, then you have placed yourself at a disadvantage and cannot blame anyone else.
  5. Migantium_Mashum

    Potential damage taken undervalued?

    Potentially, there could be....
  6. Migantium_Mashum

    dont understand the GK at all

    Sometimes playing the GK you have to forget she has four turrets and focus on the forward two... So, you don't get off all your shells, you can still be very accurate with the front turrets and your acute angles mean shells that come from the enemy will not do as much damage. I have the Alsace and the Jean Bart and decided one day to play GK the same way with a secondary build... I got some nice juicy citadels from my opponents and received hardly any damage. If I lost a turret, very rare but can happen, I turned the ship and attacked in reverse...
  7. Migantium_Mashum


    Have to agree with you there...
  8. Migantium_Mashum

    Web/chat server unavailable

    Look at the title from the OP and the reveal... my answer was correct.
  9. Migantium_Mashum

    Web/chat server unavailable

    Use Facebook Chat whilst you play or any other reliable third party chat platform... Then switch back when WG fixes the problem..
  10. Migantium_Mashum

    Legendary modules: which do you really think worthwhile

    The LM for the Gearing was the only one I really thought any good. It brings your concealment down to the level of Shimakaze @ 5.6km... Nice if it was linked to faster torpedoes too but you can't have everything... 0.2km extra concealment may seem small but it really does make all the difference if opposing IJN 8-10 line DD's... The LM for the Shimakaze is just a waste of time...
  11. Migantium_Mashum


    Got to rank 10 then stopped there... games lost for no reason.. players... well let's just say rank 10 was enough.
  12. Migantium_Mashum

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    It says that IFHE isn't the right build...
  13. Migantium_Mashum

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    Last four containers...
  14. Migantium_Mashum

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Migantium_Mashum wants to join the Lottery.. Thank you.