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  1. I think a problem with this would be the Colossus/Majestic class ships that served in those other navies were generally either modernised or completed to a more modern design than that of the original HMS Colossus (which was herself sold on and modernised*), and flew more modern planes from their new-fangled-angled decks. So although WG did leave Boise and Nuevo de Julio so identical the addition flight deck is a large visual difference and they (paranoia mode on) might have plans for putting one of the modernised ones at a higher Tier. (* = Admittedly the Colossus herself wasn't modernised immediately the French bought her, and by the time they did modernise her she'd already she'd served in the Far East and during the Suez Crisis, flying US planes of WWII vintage (as Invicta2012 mentioned), as the Arromanches. So Colossus/Arromanches would probably have been at the same-tier with very few changes to the ship model but different planes to tempt people into buying both) After all when HMS Audacious was completed this was after some delay and after the name of the least complete third hull (four intended, three laid down) had been transferred to her when construction of that hull was cancelled. So just as we have Audacious-as-designed in the techtree at Tier X and Audacious-as-completed as Eagle at Tier XI/Supership we might have Colossus as designed and built at Tier VIII and one of the other Colossus/Majestic class ships at Tier X as the equivalent there of a Saipan if they gave her small but "higher tier" squadrons. Plus imagine the work that WG would save if they, as I expect, do eventually add TierXII/Supership+ and use the ship I expect they will for the RN CV... three laid down, one scrapped under construction, one in the game, so that still leaves the second Audacious-class hull that was completed to the more substantially modernised design that her less complete state allowed and retained her original design name (given in honour of the one in game) of Ark Royal. Not only would they be able to use the Audacious hull a third time but if they kept the same two-tier difference in planes (Saipan having Tier X at VIII) then they could just model the same ones for their new supership and premium ship. (Although as I am not sure of the overlap between Rod Stewart fans and WoWs players I am also not sure if $ signs would appear in WG's eyes if they also had the idea to do a permaflage for that Ark Royal that looked like her appearance during the BBC documentary series Sailor! and, since that series used that as the theme tune (helping with the renewed exposure to make it one of his biggest hits) had a horn that played the first part of Sailing. ) And all of that above is extraneous to what I decided to make a rare forum visit to check, i.e. if anyone had any theories on what planes Colossus had and if they matched mine, especially after I felt like I'd twigged to what the attack planes might be. Torpedo bombers match the Implacable's Barracuda V for hitpoints and that they are 1 knot faster for speed/maximum speed could be a rounding-error or difference. Level ("Dive") Bombers match the Implacable's Spearfish for hitpoints and speed/maximum speed. And with the bafflingly fast attack planes I finally realised might be F4U Corsairs! The RN FAA were the first to fly those from Aircraft Carriers (before the USN), continued to use them onboard those, and one of the advantages of the Light Fleet Carriers had over the later armoured carriers (**) was that their hangar spaces had enough headroom for the F4U to fit in those for height with their wings folded, with the last advantage there also contributing to their longevity compared to the other ships. So it makes sense to me, at least, for the Colossus in-game to have the same big ol' crank-winged long-nosed warbirds as the USMC enjoyed flying from island airstrips, once they'd helped deal with Japanese objections to that idea.
  2. Spunyarn

    What the **** is this? & Faroe Islands.

    Looks like a replay bug (ping says -35ms, so footage is from one), as can happen where the replay loses track of a torpedo or shell and "corrects" the display of it by making it look like it took a sudden turn. The new British Battlecruisers have "Torpedo Turning", so they can launch torpedoes from their fixed tubes and have them curve onto the chosen path before continuing in a straight line along that. Looking at where the torpedo appears to be launched and where it hits that would be about a 30(40?) degree angle port of the bow of the ship, so the actual path would be a curve taking the torpedo onto that. But the replay bugged out and put the torpedo too far ahead of the target ship, jumped it to where it should be, and then "joined the dots" with the flat-S.
  3. Spunyarn

    Public Test 0.11.1 - Bug reports

    You misunderstand; on the live server Franz von Jutland is the "captain from tech tree GK" and on the PTS he did "become captain for premium/special GK" but in the process he became a standard-captain with the same assigned skills, with the same also happening with Welthund. So it looks like they found the captains specialised for the tech-tree GK and swapped them for captains with the same skills specialised for the premium/special GK, which would work fine if the captain(s) assigned to the ship were normal ones but didn't work in this case as the captains were unique ones.
  4. Spunyarn

    Public Test 0.11.1 - Bug reports

    When the update goes live please check whether the captains specialised for the ships being replaced (Grosser Kurfurst and Khabarovsk) are special or unique in some way. On the PTS both Franz von Jutland (unique name and portrait plus enhanced skills), who was assigned to the ship, and Welthund (unique name and portrait), who was in the reserve, were replaced by standard captains with the specialisation for the "new" Grosser Kurfurst.
  5. Spunyarn

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    @Kiwi1960 You do realise the "Spring Season" starts with the upcoming Public Test? So they published a story to say you could get a Tier VI ship as a reward for each season two days before the start of the next season where you could do that, which obviously was after the end of the previous (winter) season where you could have done that. The graphic in the previous story did show the "Spring Season" and the news post linked to above does mention a Tier VI ship (although they have done stealth edits of posts in the past, so there is a chance it didn't before).
  6. Spunyarn

    Results – Great White Fleet Event

    Try looking at https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/the-big-stick/ , as linked in the original post here, rather than https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-091-weekly-1/ , as in your screenshot. The text should be on both, so they have screwed up, but it is on the first one.
  7. Spunyarn

    Do Perma-Camo's Effectively Make A Premium Ship?

    Three sorts of ship: Techtree/Silver - normal multiplier on how many credits you earn for what you do and normal maintenance costs, so they earn the least and cost the most and therefore make the least profit. "Special" - Coal ships and event ships where although they have a normal multiplier on the credits they have reduced maintenance costs (often a 50% reduction), so they don't earn any more but you make more profit. Premium - increased multiplier for credit earnings and reduced service costs, so they earn more and cost less and can be quite profitable. So to the original question of "do genuine premium ships have some hidden stats" the answer is yes.
  8. Spunyarn

    0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

    I think the answer to you gentlemen is each other's posts. A RN CV would find it a lot easier to set the required fires for Directive One than an IJN CV, since the former has HE bombs. But conversely an IJN CV would find it a lot easier to score the citadels for Directive Two than the RN CV would, since it's dropping large AP bombs rather than small HE. So they are balanced when considered a pair. Then, taking a look in game, Directive Three has torpedo hits, which is okay for all the CVs and if it does favour the Midway (as each of the three planes in her attack flight drop two torpedoes) then that seems reasonably fair when considering that and the previous two as a trio. And finally Directive Four with the incapacitation ribbons seems like it would be about as okay for all three nations, so as a quartet things still remain reasonably balanced.
  9. Spunyarn

    Legendary mod Moscow!

    They've changed that for every ship; you have until the end of the year to complete any of those missions you already have, but with the release of 0.9.1 you no longer get any more of those missions. Their plan is to have the unique upgrades available instead, from 0.9.3, in the Research Bureau (in the Armoury).
  10. Spunyarn

    Last chance to obtain London and Cheshire

    Due to the outbreak of war HMS London was the only county-class cruiser to receive that extensive modernisation, so if Wargaming wanted a premium ship that looked different from the other three in the game then it makes sense, to me, to chose the ship that did actually look that different. I suppose that as they were ordered, suspended, and cancelled as a pair (so it seems either ship's name would have been as valid) you could have complained that the techtree Tier VII is Surrey rather than Northumberland though.
  11. Spunyarn

    A letter from Narai

    Forward went the Atlanta, Pew-pew-pew-pew, Don't look at me Missouri, Oh hell, bugger you. Forward went the Atlanta, To hug his isle-waifu, And lurk behind that rock, Torpedoes soon to spew. Backward went the Atlanta, As with hitpoints few, Retreating to transport for repairs, A good idea, was true. Forward went the Atlanta, With radar and sonar too, To kill the Dallas and Campbelltown, And seek new isle-waifu. Back and forth went the Atlanta, Shells toward the sky of blue, Then raining down on enemies, For fires of orange hue.
  12. Spunyarn

    Petition to Keep Narai

    Removing Narai is an idiotic idea since the "bugs" in the operation are being caused by general problems with pathfinding and AI. There might be the joke "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."..."Well, don't do that then.", but that is a joke rather than an ideal to emulate. Something, whether "doing that" or playing Narai, might show the symptoms more strongly but the solution is still to identify and fix the underlying cause rather than to prevent the symptoms of this from being seen by advising or preventing people from doing that "something". And if you are actually trying to identify what the problem is then you want people to do the "something" where the symptoms show up particularly strongly, because that is also where your efforts to fix things show up more strongly. There's obviously a balance as if everything is going wrong then it's very hard to narrow down the causes, but something like Narai where things should be following the same sequence (so they are easier to compare) and people are still willing to play it and give feedback is exactly what should be welcomed as a testing environment.
  13. Spunyarn

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    I think you are out of luck. On https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/british-cruisers-london/ it says "You'll also be able to complete the Challenges on VIII Cheshire after she becomes available at the end of February", and by then your coupon will have expired.
  14. Aegis -> Defence of Newport -> Killer Whale -> Narai -> Raptor Rescue
  15. Spunyarn

    Who do unique commanders have no naval rank ??

    Each commander portrait you see in-game has two elements to it. The base pictures are designed so sets of them only differ in the faces, so one set of overlay pictures can be used for that set of base pictures. For example with the Germans there is base_0_0.png to base_0_13.png, which get overlay_0_1.png or overlay_0_2.png (or neither when they are low ranking) placed over them as the captain increases in rank. I don't know why your DD captain doesn't get an Iron Cross though as all the German overlay pictures include that. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0811-new-year/#misc "Changed the color of shell tracers to red for Commanders Nikolai Kuznetsov and Luigi Sansonetti." And in some other thread they said this was because they felt tricolour shell tracers wasn't in keeping with the feel of the game, which drew the response of "But spaceships and Halloween ships are?" Although I suppose the counter-argument is that you can switch off the display of the "unusual" camouflages and from the next patch you can do that and still equip the camouflage, with it looking like the normal permanent camouflage for that ship to you.