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  1. @Gojuadorai You seem to have missed the point of what I was saying. Traffic Light indicator shows whether a ship is going forward, backwards, or is stationary. Position of an aim indicator would show this (from whether the indicator is ahead, behind, or on the ship), show the speed (from how far ahead or behind it was), and show whether the ship is speeding up or slowing down (from whether the distance between the indicator and the ship is increasing or decreasing). Plus how far out of line the indicator is with where the ship is pointing might help with judging how tightly that ship is turning, as a point on the arc it's making. I agree that it would be of little use as a "shoot here" but it might (emphasis "might") provide extra information to extrapolate from.
  2. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/ranked-sprint/ "Ranked Sprint doesn't inherit achievements from previous Ranked Seasons and doesn't affect those in future." (Text between the dates and the rules)
  3. @Aotearas I'm not sure an aim indicator would be as little help as you think. One of the available mods is the "Traffic Light" one (*), which shows whether a ship is going forward, backwards, or is stationary and an aim indicator might do this job, but with the extra information of how fast the ship is going and how it is turning. I don't know how well it would work in World of Warships, and I don't use the "Traffic Light" mod anyway, but I do remember that in other games where there was an aim-indicator I took this less as a "shoot here" and more as an indication of how the target was moving from how the position of the indicator and the target were shifting relative to each other.
  4. Johmie

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Reinforce sector is less fiddly than clicking on a priority squadron target, which can get hectic, but I do like being able to say what planes I want killed soonest. Agree with the comment about the training room. I’ve not played carriers outside of the PTS, but when I tried them out to see how the mechanics worked I used the Training Room for a static target, then a moving target, and then a moving and firing target before trying some Co-Op games. So going straight into a Random Battle using a stock Tier VIII carrier against Tier X ships was a bit of a steep learning curve. Took me a while to realise the mouse was having any effect on the direction of the planes, despite what the guide had said it felt like all it was doing was moving the camera around. Eventually though I realised that it seems that if you move the mouse too far then it only alters the view, but smaller movements did make the planes turn. So keyboard for coarse adjustments and mouse for fine. Also took me a while to realise the difference between how many planes took off and how many were ready, which was me being a potato as there was a nice large number on the squadron icon to say how large it was and the bar showing the health of the individual planes. Feels like I am getting more the knack for how much lead and how much run-in distance the different weapons require. It can be tempting to try to turn around too soon and find yourself unable to get your aiming-indicator back onto the target. Torpedoes I had a problem with starting the attack too close and then waiting too long to drop as I adjusted aim and waited for the cone to narrow, so they didn’t have enough distance to arm. Finding the dive-bombers the trickiest and had a lot of dives where the aiming-indicator seemed to be coming nicely on target, but didn’t quite get far enough. Not sure about the evasive manoeuvres with the planes; I’ve been trying to dodge and weave on the approach but I’m not getting any sense of how effective this has been. This is probably something that will come with more practice, but at the moment it still feels random and I’m wondering whether trying to evade is actually working against me as going straight in might take less time and expose my planes to less fire. New aircraft carrier gameplay does feel more “complete” than I expected. From the videos and their focus on the attack runs I’d got the impression of it being more like the artillery “mini-game” in the Total War games, where you could focus down to aim and fire some sorts of artillery yourself. But this does at least feel like an alternative way of playing rather than just a snippet of one. Rather a lot of crashes to desktop and lag.
  5. Johmie

    Idea: Remove citadels from cruisers :)

    I agree; it was a bit of a "oh bugger" moment when I noticed the lack of a dividing line in the armour viewer. Fiji has a citadel that is "yay" high and has a section of plating along her side. Edinburgh has a citadel that is "yay" high and has a section of plating along her side. Neptune has a citadel that is a little higher and has a... wait... no dividing line... the bit that was plating on the previous two is now citadel... and Minotaur is the same.
  6. Johmie

    Twilight Battle

    Scenario Battles are operations, not Twilight Battles.
  7. Johmie

    Help! - Got "Coupon". How do I use it?

    Have you tried clicking, or mousing-over on the blue "i" in a circle? I think the last time I had a coupon that gave me the information on the very limited selection of things.
  8. Johmie


    I was going to be pedantic about it being the middle of the ship, as the detection point is up where the optical-rangefinder or crows-nest or whatever is, but rewatching the How it Works video I realised I'd got part of my reply to @CptBarney wrong. So to correct myself it doesn't matter about the height of the ship and the height of the island, the line of sight does work both ways, if there is a line between the detection points then you become visible to each other. (Not sure why I'd remembered this as "tall ship can see over island better")
  9. Johmie


    If you are at a high enough tier then they might (rarely) have taken the Target Acquisition module rather than concealment and have a 3km proximity spotting range rather than 2km. They mentioned in the How it Works videos that line of sight works from the masthead of ships, so if you are a low ship and they are a taller one then they might see over the island sooner as the land slopes down. Also there might be a rendering delay, though they've tried to fix that, so you appeared for them sooner despite you both having technically spotted each other at the same time.
  10. Johmie

    PTS 0.7.11 - General Feedback

    They added the Tier VI ships after it was pointed out that those were missing, and after we had posted.
  11. Johmie

    Twilight Battle

    Also all the Halloween ships seem to have consumables that are labelled as "Repair Party" but work as "Damage Control" and have a similar icon to that.
  12. Johmie

    PTS 0.7.11 - General Feedback

    Addition of HE Shell penetration to the information in port was interesting; I'd thought RN BB secondaries got 1/4 penetration like the main battery shells. Did confirm what people said about the Bismarck and the 150mm secondaries getting 1/4 while the 105mm get 1/6 (so the 150mm guns have over double the penetration, 36mm vs 17mm). This will help with people trying to decide on IFHE or not and extra information is often welcome. Agree with @Caljostro about the operations. Need Tier VI and VII ships, mostly, and we've been given Tier VIII and I. If the operations are rotating then could try Cherry Blossom, but nothing else as I doubt an all-Richelieu queue would work.
  13. Johmie

    I got the Acasta in a mission then I... :P

    Press "F" and the launcher starts to reload; game even pops up an indicator of this. Full launcher. Launcher after firing one torpedo.
  14. Johmie

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    As to the question I don't mind any, because I can use the filters for the "special" ship-specific ones and it's not much work every four weeks to fix the others.