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  1. Johmie

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.8

    Updates are planned to be every four weeks. 0.8.7 was the 22nd August, so 0.8.8 would be due on the 19th September.
  2. Johmie

    Manual AA

    The skill is now called "Massive AA" and if you have it you get an increase in the instant burst damage, but get no sector reinforcement bonus to AA, so you are right in saying that "it's like it turns off right away" as the captain skill has "turned off" that part of things.
  3. Johmie


    According to the picture there are eight that would contain 100 000 credits and three French Riviera camouflages, eight that would contain twenty signals (5 each of Equal Speed Charlie London, Zulu, Papa Papa, and Zulu Hotel), and sixteen bundles with 3 special signals and 100 000 credits (eight sorts of special signal, two bundles with each sort available).
  4. Johmie

    0.8.7 AA Changes – Credits Compensation

    Great; I didn't use it on any of those ships because they only had the one AA aura being affected, and I did remove it from all the ships I'd had it on because the change meant they now only had one aura being affected so the upgrade was half as effective. Or, perhaps, less than half as effective in practical terms as adding +2 to the small number of long-range flak bursts might not make those any more difficult to dodge but adding +2 to the larger number of mid-range flak bursts might tip the balance (too few and still easy to dodge, too many and +2 doesn't make it any harder). Got plenty of credits since I reset some lines, and I sold/replaced the upgrades while those were half price, but it's still irritating that Wargaming are limiting the compensation to where the upgrade became completely useless rather than half as useful and that it sounds like it's only for people who hadn't taken advantage of the 50% discount on upgrades to change things.
  5. Johmie

    Submarines are Coming

    The only information I know of is on the page (https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/submarines-announcement/) linked to in the first post. This talks about the three levels of depth and says that Submarines can be detected by Hydroacoustic Search while on the surface or at periscope depth, but while "underwater" ships cannot detect submarines "including through the use of any consumable". (underlining of text mine)
  6. Johmie

    Is it a bug or am I just an idiot?

    @CptBerry I wouldn't call you an idiot, but you have taken a captain skill that removes the sector reinforcement bonus and are asking why you are getting no sector reinforcement bonus. And from what @nambr9 says about having no indicator and no countdown it sounds like he has also taken that skill. I think some mild blame can be directed towards Wargaming. Having a week long period where (if you opted in) you could respec your captain for free was better than how they handled it for round one of the previous PTS, where they only reimbursed the four points for Manual AA. But it does seem like they should have reimbursed the four points AND given the free respec to avoid the confusion. System without "Massive AA": AA guns start firing so you know some aircraft are in range. Look at the planes. Press button. Instant burst damage done as a percentage of the enemy squadron's health. Continuous damage starts to increase on that side of the ship and decrease on the other side. Change in continuous damage reaches peak value +/- and remains there for a few seconds. Continuous damage snaps back to 100% on both sides of ship. Cooldown period begins. If AA guns are firing when cooldown period finishes then look at planes and press button again. Repeat. System with "Massive AA": AA guns start firing so you know some aircraft are in range. Look at the planes. Press button. Instant burst damage done as a percentage of the enemy squadron's health, which is twice the amount as would be done without the skill. Cooldown period begins, which is longer than without the skill. If AA guns are firing when cooldown period finishes then look at planes and press button again. Repeat.
  7. Johmie

    London Port... Modern or Historical?

    Tower Bridge I quite like the London Port just because it is so unlike what I find at the other end of the train line, though not been up there recently. On the other hand I can understand why people would dislike it for being so dreary, even if it's probably less dreary as a working port than it got in the decades between when those warehouses closed and the Docklands regeneration schemes. There was one thing that disappointed me with the April Fools though; one of those was suggesting they intended to add a Port based on the micronation of Sealand and I wish they had followed through. Not to have it as Sealand, but to have it as the sea-fort it was constructed as. It's quite close to Harwich that served as a naval base in both World Wars, so it felt plausible to me to have a warship rendezvous at the sea fort with that supply ship. (And if you want to be anachronistic then it's also quite close to Felixstowe, which later became the UKs largest container port, with even more containers than the largest WoW whale would buy.) Suggestion has often been made of Portsmouth, and there has also been the suggestion of combining that and the museum idea so rather than ships in the active naval base our ships would be models/sculptures on the plinths next to HMS Victory in the modern historic dockyard. This would give the people at Wargaming the opportunity, as this is the present day, to dress The Mighty Jingles up in a skintight suit with motion-capture markers and gaze adoringly at that magnificence as they gather the information to have him virtually wandering about.
  8. Johmie

    AA Defense Changes

    I quite liked the pre-rework Manual AA skill as it worked better for some ships than others, depending on how much of their AA was large enough calibre to be affected, so it was a choice rather than something to take as standard and as it increased the effect of Ctrl-clicking a squadron it was something that increased the effect of actively doing something. I still quite liked the post-rework Manual AA skill as although it worked the same for all ships it was still increasing the effect of actively doing something, with making it quicker to switch sectors and increasing the amount of extra damage. So I would have preferred a Manual AA skill with the new system that continued this pattern; probably not decrease the cooldown as you don't want to have to look at the planes and press the button too often, but something that gave a small bonus to the burst damage and sector reinforcement or that works the opposite way to "Massive AA" and removes the burst damage in favour of a larger bonus to sector reinforcement. And in either case this bonus could either be an increase in the intensity of the effect (like with the previous version) or in how long it's at full reinforcement for, by decreasing the ramp up time or the cooldown time or both. As has been said here and by me elsewhere, and in my survey reply, the removal of flak from the mid-range aura has affected both the "+2 explosions" AA module (half as good for ships with mid and long range auras, useless for ships without a long range aura) and the little benefit to AA you would get from Advanced Firing Training as there are fewer flak bursts to have their damage increased. This is something that should have been blindingly obvious as soon as the idea of removing flak from the mid-range aura was suggested, and changes to those should have been implemented as part of new system rather than being something to be "fixed" after 2 or 3 patches. My suggestion would be to scrap the new "Massive AA" skill as I didn't think it was worth it on the PTS where it tripled the burst damage so I certainly don't think it worth it when it only doubles this at such high a cost. Then add a bonus to burst damage to AFT, a small one in addition to extra flak damage or a larger one if replacing that, so that AFT gets some of the AA usefulness back and will help the Destroyers (or the Atlanta or Flint) that took it for extra main-battery range. And then make a new Manual AA skill as suggested before, with it coded so that if this was the one that removed burst damage then the bonus from AFT would restore that.
  9. Johmie

    gamescom 2019 - What to Expect

    I hope he's not "throwing them" at players after the work Jorge Sprave of the Slingshot Channel put into the plushie torpedo launcher.
  10. It gives you a 100% discount on the cost, so you would reset the captain skills in the normal way but it would cost nothing. And you can experiment and see if something works for that ships and reset that captain as many times as you like. I don't think so. On a ship with more than vestigial AA you would gain more from the sector reinforcement than from doubling the burst-damage part of the system at cost of losing that reinforcement, especially since the "skill" also increases the cooldown so although you are doubling the damage of each burst you are not doubling the dpm of the burst-damage. Even on ships with very bad AA there are likely better places to spend the four points.
  11. Johmie

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    They posted this a week ago; mentions "snowflakes" rather than anything about supercontainers for Tier X ships, like last year.
  12. Johmie

    Research Bureau

    Those, like the other upgrades, should be demounted free of charge and sent to your inventory.
  13. Johmie

    AA Defense Changes

    My feeling about this is that it is like what people accuse "Door Close" buttons in elevators of being; although this does definitely do something, which people doubt with the "Door Close" buttons, the main purpose is to give people the feeling that they are doing something to affect what is happening. Pressing a button at regular 20 or 30 second intervals is (to quote Wargaming) "more actions and activity on the player's part" but doing something repeatedly while told to do so (in this case by the fact the AA guns are firing) seems the definition of the sort of mindless busywork that would normally be automated away. Though at least it seems unlikely that Wargaming would do what mobile and facebook game developers do, where they put in this sort of "have to click this often" mechanic and then sell means to avoid having to do it. On the other hand with how they've been edging back towards the pre-rework AA system I could imagine them creating a "Automatic Reinforcement for AA" captain skill and have that work with the Ctrl-click selection system (to make sure the system knew which squadron to be reinforcing against).
  14. Johmie

    Can we get the new French captain for free?

    They claim you can get 1610 through the directives. If you get in the top 50% of the Hall of Fame then you'd get another 300. If you get in the top 25% of the Hall of Fame then you'd get another 300, which would bring you up to 2210. Alternatively if you get Le Terrible via the random chance of a mission for her then you could do a mission to get 200 tokens. Then you'd "only" need to get in the top 50% for the 300 for 2110 in total.
  15. Johmie

    Calm down dear, It's only a U boat......

    Watched an iChase video and if he's right in his interpretation of the Gamescon stream there was one thing; as there didn't seem to be a timer for how soon after launch the submarine needed to ping the target to start the torpedoes homing you could launch torpedoes to pass past one side of a target, launch torpedoes to pass past the other side of it, and then wait until those torpedoes were quite widely spaced on either side. Which meant that when the submarine pinged the target and started them homing they would be coming in from two different directions, like with torpedo bombers and a cross-drop.