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  1. Truly worried about CV rework

    Thanks for the summary. People have been talking about how much AA would have to be changed for a single-squad to have a chance of carrying out an attack, but when I was thinking about possible other game modes and how player-controlled forts might work I thought of the Total War artillery and then wondered if the carrier rework might use a similar system (control one squad at a time rather than only having one squad to control). And then whether that idea had already been disproved. (And if it was this sort of system then the air-to-air combat would be more of a problem than the striking. Aside from the enemy carrier, if the player had "hopped into" one of his squads, all ships would be player-controlled and the interaction is always the same of making a torpedo run or bomb drop on the target. Air-to-air though you would have fighter vs bomber and fighter vs fighter and whether one side, both sides, or neither are AI or player.) Just have to see what they do and hope that it doesn't upset the present carrier mains too much and that however it rebalances things it will make being a carrier player more appealing.
  2. Truly worried about CV rework

    Confusion between one person meaning "First-Person-Shooter" and the other meaning "Frames-per-Second"? As to the CV rework I've not really been keeping up to date on rumours, but I have wondered about the "control single squad" and if that's going to be like the artillery in the Total War games. In those you can control your units as normal, telling them where to go and what to attack and how to do those (walk or run, ranged or melee, etc.), but with the artillery you have the option to take direct control and shoot it yourself from a zoomed-in perspective. This can give better results if and when you get the knack of it, but does also mean that you are leaving the rest of your army to fend for itself and continue doing whatever it was you told them to do. So in a similar way could they be thinking that rather than the CV player clicking away to set up the manual drops and seeing this happen from the top-down perspective that the attack would mostly be auto-attacks (possibly still with the "move arrow around to set direction") but the player could take direct control of one squadron at a time? Or take direct control of their carrier, so they can play the game from the same perspective as other ships (mostly be zoomed out to tactical map, but if under attack then being zoomed in might be better)? And this would have the advantage for Wargaming of allowing them to sell a cut-and-paste premium. As built both Lexington (CV-02) and her sister ship Saratoga (CV-03) had four twin 8" turrets, two forward of the island and two aft, to give them cruiser-scale armament against surface attack. These turrets were heavy enough though to cause problems with weight distribution and were limited in their firing arcs by being unable to fire across the flight deck, so they were removed from both Lexington-class carriers. However it was only the Saratoga that had them replaced with the 5" dual-purpose turrets seen on the "Lexington" in game. Therefore if their CV-rework allows direct control of your carrier and firing some guns from it then as well as the chance of the hybrid-ships there is the opportunity for Wargaming to rename the tech-tree ship "Saratoga" and release a premium Lexington with the 8" gun turrets (which I think they have modelled as I think they are the same as the twin turrets on the Pensacola), but with worse aircraft as this is the ship in an earlier configuration with the aircraft she had at that time. Or I am talking out my arse as, since I said, not been keeping up to date on rumours and therefore apologise for wasting your time with this dribble.
  3. World of Lemmings

    Got to expect sailors to all lemming to two brothels, just fortunate there are two or there might be too long a queue.
  4. Color Schemes For Premium U.S Cruisers

    Using the US ships as an example you have the Texas with the normal permanent camouflage and that has two alternate colour schemes listed, but the Texas US Flag camouflage and Texas Lone Star camouflage only have one colour scheme each. Or the Alabama has two colour schemes for the normal permanent camouflage, but only one for the supertester octopus camouflage.
  5. I think I've seen the same video, and the aircraft would be better off with a spread of smaller rockets against almost any tank (or at least any that existed or existed as more than a prototype or two). Descriptions of air attacks in the books I've read have also been more against artillery/strongholds and against convoys of vehicles (kill some at each end to block them in and then kill the rest). But I still think it's fun the USA put together a rocket like that from pipe that was already being manufactured and with a warhead made from an existing bomb, can almost hear the A-Team theme. Probably a weapon best left outside of WoWs though, be a nasty shock if the Torpedo bombers come in and rather than having a chance to dodge they suddenly fired those at you. Be a nastier shock though if you were ignoring some fighters and they did the same thing...
  6. A word of THANKS

    You're somehow getting around the bit on the wiki page that says "As of patch 0.5.10, divisions are restricted to a one tier spread." but that page also says "However, when a division is made up of ships of unequal tier, only the top tier ship's tier range will be considered. Thus, let us say the Tier 5 and Tier 6 above form a division. Match Maker will only consider the Tier 6's tier spread. The Tier 6 can see Tier 8 matches, so the Tier 5 in the division with it will now also be subject to seeing Tier 8 matches where it normally would only be able to see Tier 7s max. This results in an effective +3/-1 Match Making spread for the Tier 5 when divisioned with a Tier 6." Which I find confusing as if only the Tier VI's MM spread is being considered and the lowest it can see is Tier V (with it's +2/-1) then that suggests the Tier V's matchmaking would actually be +3/0. But whatever the bottom limit in the first case I think you would see up to Tier V as the two Tier IVs are your top tier and they get +1/-1 and in the second case you would see up to Tier VII as the New York is your top tier and a Tier V gets +2/-1
  7. Color Schemes For Premium U.S Cruisers

    I can confirm. Flint permanent camouflages still have one line for "colorSchemes" while the Missouri permanent camouflages have two lines for the two alternatives. Though the second Missouri camouflage is titled "Marblehead second unique permOflage block, stripe" (target ship is Missouri and texture names say Missouri, so is for that). EDIT: Wasted "some" time going through the "American premium ships camouflage" and "American tech tree ships camouflage" sections. Made a nice table with an X in a column for each to mark whether had one or two colour schemes. Then that table got turned into a mass of text when I submitted the post and I gave up rather than repeat the work since all it really conveyed was what Ze_Reckless already said. That the fancier camouflages don't get their colours changed as that wouldn't make sense for them.
  8. Can you imagine if the torpedo bombers were carrying normal bombs instead (which most could for dropping in level flight or a shallow dive). Or if a US Carrier's Avenger torpedo bombers and their Hellcat fighters were all carrying itty-bitty rockets made out of bits of pipe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Tim_(rocket) "Common targets included coastal defense guns, bridges, pillboxes, tanks, and shipping." (emphasis mine). (And kudos to Google... I searched for "Little Tom rocket" and first result was the Wiki page for the Tiny Tim)
  9. Repeat what I posted in another thread.
  10. MIssion play

    Not in scenarios. Though it is good advice for general co-op as I have seen people sending quick-messages or typing some request or advice to a bot.
  11. Scenario: Futility of Naval Station Newport

    As far as I remember it has always worked that way, from when it and the other three original scenarios were first tested on the PTS. Prevent the breach and have to save the carrier, have things be breached and enemy attack gets triggered. Fortunately it does seem like the carrier spawns the same side of the map as the wave of cruisers and destroyers that most often (in my experience) cause the breach so whichever side of the map you have gone to desperately prevent their charge is the correct side also to equally desperately try to prevent the carrier's destruction (one of the few things that feels more difficult since they tweaked things). I'd also defend Bratwurst_Bob a little. Even with scenarios having a little degree of randomness they do go smoother the more you play them and get the feel for them, so can be hard to remember what it was like before you got the feel for them. I don't think I've managed to "git gud" but practice makes perfect adequate in my case for scenarios.
  12. 6gb patch?

    Did you change your sound settings in game last night? I'm probably wrong but I think if you switch up from High to Ultra then you can delay downloading the bigger sound files until your next log in (?), and they might be about that size (??), and the launcher only changes from showing "High" to "Ultra" once it has downloaded and finished the change (???).
  13. Graf Spee owners - hints and tips, please.

    Good Lord, according to Colonel Pete's figures there's a ship I have reached the dizzying heights of "about average" in. (A bit lower on the damage and hit rate, a bit higher on the potential and spotting damage) I found the Graf Spee a nice change from the British Cruisers I started with and I like the guns enough that I eventually bought the Scharnhorst, something about a 20-second reload seems to suit my rhythm and the République with the similar reload and gun placement feels comfy. Torpedoes on the Graf Spee have good firing arcs so doesn't need much of a wiggle to get both sets off against a single target and you don't need to show much flank to do so. Some good advice in this thread, so good luck with her. == Fair enough. Glad I didn't start an argument about nothing.
  14. Graf Spee owners - hints and tips, please.

    Got another advice; use 8km torpedoes from within their range. And play whichever ship you want because the attempt at trolling isn't that great at all.
  15. Complaints as win evaporates. Er...hang on. Yep. Such HE spam. 22 shells fired compared with 142 AP. (Well, it made me laugh at least.)