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  1. UnusualGhost

    K7B Recruiting - (International clan)

    Renamed to K7B with new logo and same nice guys
  2. UnusualGhost

    K7B Recruiting - (International clan)

    Recruiting is still open ;) Clan is growing day by day
  3. UnusualGhost

    K7B Recruiting - (International clan)

    Full naval base now, growing and growing with nice people ...
  4. UnusualGhost

    K7B Recruiting - (International clan)

    Up - CB started ;)
  5. UnusualGhost

    K7B Recruiting - (International clan)

    Still looking for new MUGs
  6. UnusualGhost

    K7B Recruiting - (International clan)

    Bump.. still recruiting
  7. Why you should join: To play in Clan Battles in Storm League at least! We are a friendly clan that like enjoying evening playing in random battles. Requirements: MUST BE 18+ Must have at least 1000 battles Must have at least 1 tier X ship Must use discord Must know English What we offer: Discounts, Bonuses, Training, Experience, Guidance, Divs, Clan Battles, supportive crowd, and a great community, Wide range of ages and nationalities of members, Well-developed naval base (Great perks in income of steel, coal etc),Relaxed settings, Seasoned players that can help you improve, Clan battles every season To apply, join our discord: https://discord.gg/ySPhUZa4dq
  8. UnusualGhost

    The Riddle of the Festive Port: Solved!

    Fail.. Code activation limit for this account reached