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    Dostawy YouTube: maraton pamięci

    Ostatnio miałem duży niemiłych słów na temat WG, więc pora powiedzieć też kilka dobrych - świetna akcja - bardzo wartościowa !!
  2. 100feetUnderWater

    Aktualizacja Hayate za wolne PD

    To samo, nie moge się zalogować ...
  3. 100feetUnderWater

    Captain builds

    Well... i played 2 CB today, and i cannot respec my captain for free. It states : "Play one Clan Battle between January 22 and February 5 to redistribute Commander skill points for free." I was too late ? i should play at least one game before the 5th february ( til 23 59 of 4th ? ) Or this is some sort of bug ?
  4. Had a good night sleep. After waking up i discovered myself still thinking about this situation. There is another topic that i did not see, anyone is addressing. What about company responsibility for probably making some peoples, too much addicted for the game, actually play for 24 straight hours a day, to get the puerto rico ? Think about that. I bet there are some. I just hope no one will actually get hurt in this process.
  5. I had to calm myself down before doing a commentary on this. I am a 52% win rate average player. I like the game. I can grind sometimes, and play at events more than i am used to in the week. I think i am a good customer for u - i spend about 100$ a year contributing to wows develepment. I mean - i am willing to pay - i think u deserve this - u are doing a good job creating a great video game, F2P, and u deserve money for this - money that is given willingly for the content u provide. And this is the clue point - wilingly. If i had 6000 gold on my account at the time, not knowing how much grind it takes to actually get to Peurto Rico, i would probably spend that 6000 gold to buy a booster - becouse u said in marketing - the sooner is better, and u will have more chance to get the ship in the end.. Lucky i i had only 5200 gold. Wanted to buy more, but then I started to calculate if it worth investing. Watch some videos, read some post in forum etc. And you now what i discovered ? Even if i had 24000 gold on my account ( that is in my range - i can afford it ) - i would probably still, after buying booster, would not to be able to get the puerto rico. The grind bar even after spending so much money, is set too high. I am thinking - how many players had so much gold, paid for the booster, and won't get the ship ? In Poland where i came from this is called false advertising. Is is considered as felony. Yes. This is a problem - it is not that that u made a very grindy, the problem is - u made it unclear, hard to understand for a someone, who would not spend at least 1 hour of time (like i did ) to investigate, read the calculations, do some calculations, watch some videos, and in the end, find out that the task for getting Puerto Rico is not what u advertised. Not even close. Someone in my country could pull a lawsuit for this. Really. Someone in the top of your company could go to jail. And the biggest letdown is - on your team. I think u have a great set of developers, graphics designers, people in PR. They are doing great job, the content, the idea of building Puerto is great. It is fun. They put a lot of work in making this possible. But the business plan ? Why killing all the fun ? Why targeting 0,1% of the gamers, instead of the 10% ? I could actually pay 100$ for this event - u would get that money from me - if the goals would be set correctly. But they are not. I am just thinkinking - what is your business plan at this point ? If this event is not pointed towards me , who are u aiming ? The 0,01% of comunity , who will spend 300$ to just clik and get the ship ? Are they your general customer ? I doubt it. For me, and how i am reading this between the lines - this is a warning signal - your plan is - "We are on a final stage of development. We just want to cash in, on the stupid ones. We won't make the game for the community anymore". I just bought some containers yesterday before i realize, the shitstorm with PR. I fell now bad for myself. I would not do it today. Because of your actions - the way u handled this, can make many players lose trust in you. The community will turn around. Less players - less fun, and the game will die. Sure - in the short term - it can do a good profit for You, but in the long run ? I am just feeling very disappointed at this moment. And even at this point u don't realize the problem - in many times in the past, u could correct our mistakes, and tried to soft things up. I am thinking that at this point - u would have to return too much money to the people who already paid for this. And u just dont want to do so, seeing that $ in your account - and i get it. You just have to find an another way to makes this straight in the future, if u won't - i see the future of WOWS in dark colours. I know it is hard... i am just still counting u will find a way. The last words to write - You now what? I can bet, you cannot support the game from huge donations from time to time like the ones in this event, but rathers players like myself, are making development of this great game possible. At this point i wont invest no more money - and i think i am not only one - i am waiting on your approach to solve this cluster [edited]. I think simple apologize is not enough. I just lost my trust in you :( And this is very sad for me , because i really love this game. PS. EDIT - and there u go - my first post on the forum... hope not the last. This made my realize - you just hurt my feelings, to the point i really wanted to commit an making a commentary. I just don't have time to do so on daily basic. I think this post was worth of my time.