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  1. I was more than willing to buy a single tier 7 premium (i got only kaga and duke of york, kaga got moved and i don't like duke), but wargaming offer for this summer sales sucks so hard that i'll probably will spend nothing. I mean, why should i spend the equivalent of a tier 8 ships (50 euros) for the chance of having Boise and 2 other ships maybe i'm not minimally interested in?
  2. Favuz

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got my first supercontainer after months (besides Yamamoto) and got 25 special flag (+777% free xp).
  3. Favuz

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Unlocked tonight 4th stage of yamamoto campaign: 1st 2 containers: 50 Valentine Camos 25 Ourobors flags 2nd: 25 Hydra 25 hydra 3rd 30 days premium 50 gamescom camos Til now i'm satisfied, 30 days premium by far best reward, no shitty modules, i'd liked maybe some 50 crates special flags instead of 25 but you can't always get all