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  1. Taliesn

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Early doors but the guns are still meh. If her mojo is to get into brawling range to use secondaries and have some kind soul show broadside to you, then she'll struggle. Certainly a DOT ship.
  2. Taliesn

    Suboptimal testers?

    As useless as having different groups in clinical trials to see how a new vaccine works or indeed have a group that doesn't even receive a dose yet is part of the study. You want to collect as much data and as varied as possible and how average or poor players fare in a ship is as relevant as how unicum players do. You want to test it will all types of players. Cue jokes about WG not giving sh$t about the results anyway .
  3. Taliesn

    Why is Napoli still not released

    The first bit in bold only because competent CV players were hard to meet but otherwise, RTS CVs were even more cancerous to the game than arcade CVs. I feel you will have a point regarding subs because I don't think DDs and cruisers need anything more in their plate.
  4. Taliesn

    Why is Napoli still not released

    For the love of God, do some critical thinking. If we are talking Renown, Repulse or a Blucher (I'm sure you get the drift), you many have a point about how much WG will need to resort to marketing strategies to drive the sales up (I suspect not much, people will open their wallets for those anyway) But for a ship like Napoli that is not that anticipated? Yeah, nah. That she will apparently become available through RPs tells you everything you need to know about how much did WG expect to get out of an italian paper-ship cruiser.
  5. Taliesn

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Funny thing is, RP points cost you nothing, really. If you've been around long enough you're already swimming in camos, flags, 19+ captains for the line you're regrinding...
  6. Missouri Week, Day 4. It is with a heavy heart that I have to report a not so good game, still a win, though, so 4 out of 4, featuring Mr. @HMS_Kilinowski and Mr. @MacArthur92 on the red team.
  7. Taliesn

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Yay! 100k RPs should be enough
  8. Taliesn

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Another Random win from today
  9. Taliesn

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Game's up, no sign of her.
  10. Taliesn

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Hype train? Top levels of absurd? I mean, it's four of us in this thread and as far as I know noboby yet has claimed she is going to be anything game-breaking. If you want top levels of absurd hype trains you're probably best looking at KM & IJN ships, then RN and lastly soviet (with added spice for alleged OPness, regardless of state at release) US ones for some reason usually fly under the radar, at least in the EU forum.
  11. Well it's Missouri Week, people.
  12. Taliesn

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Last 3 days, both random, both wins. There was a third win but I don't have the screenshot for the credits and XP tab.
  13. Taliesn

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Secondaries, sadly, offset very little, and on a cruiser with its shorter range, even less so. Until proven otherwise, expect Napoli's secondaries to be meme worthy and nothing else. She has a few things going for her but I don't think she'll be an easy ship to play nor particularly popular for that matter. I'm hopping Coal or RPs, I'm dreading 2m+ FreeXP. Doubt it'll be gold.
  14. Taliesn

    WG lied to me and I got punised

    Looking at this from a purely cynical point of view, I don't think that's a win win for WG who probably stands to lose some impulsive buying from trigger happy wallets out there that won't be compensated for the couple guys who look at one ship and decide hey, lets buy it, it's actually nicer than I tought it would be. Being even more cynical about it, I can already see the posts claiming WG is giving those tryout customers better MM/RNG so that they get a false, great first impression, opening another huge can of worms. Yeah, definately not a win win.
  15. Taliesn

    Missouri only available in 0.10.7 or not?

    Everybody has their favourites and all that, but Iowa is a very good ship. I play Missouri as a solo player and I can tell you radar is a fantastic tool (It is also a bad game design, but that's another discusion) This was my Missouri's game yesterday: Z See that Z-23 at the bottom of the red team? I killed her. Well, I actually didn't get to shoot her once because there was a huge island between us. Our Kita sunk her from her smoke whilst I radared the poor dab. No damage taken. Also, the two red Yugumos along with the Repu, Richelieu and Henri were rolling our other flank and were about to caught our CV, so I moved into position and the Yugumos turned back (this might not work against good players, but, well) Neither of these can be achieved with an Iowa or a JB or a Georgia or a Musashi, all of whom are good ships in their own right.