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  1. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    So let me get this straight. You disagree because RANDOM mode is to much random and potatoes (you have a wooping 33 winrate in tier X the last 3 weeks) are mixed with unicums (do you want a separate MM for your level, really?) Even allowing for RNG and the randomness of it all, I'd say you still win or lose deservedly in as much as your WR reflects your skill level.
  2. Even if you don't use FreeXP, grinding up to a tier VIII is nothing to write home about tbh. Put some camos and special flags and you should do it rather quickly. And you can get the tokens with Albemarle in Coop, so easy peasy.
  3. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Hahaha, no probs, but just in case you can make the query and, obviously, share the results, it would look something like this: For tiers 7 to 10 how many battles (%) in random during January 2020 with a duration of less than 12 minutes finish with the winning team having a 6+ difference in ships alive over the defeated team. A ballpark figure or "around 25%" would suffice (can't say I'm not making it easy for you, lol). I'd say most posters are concerned about the steamrolling issue and I agree with you it is not as common as it is portrayed to be.
  4. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    It has never been common anyway. Many thanks for this. I was hoping for some hard data, even if related to a single month and tiers 7 to 10 for example, bacause the bits in bold seem a bit contradictory to me. Probably to do with the definition of lopsided I guess.
  5. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    But it does address the point. In most of those screenshots you have been near the top of the chart but you have barely scrapped it, it's not like you had 500 points over the second or third best. You have played about 400 battles in random and 1,400 in Coop, an Coop will teach you very little other than the very basics and should be avoided except maybe for a ship's first contact and missions, because WoWs bots are as bad as that player that presses W and steams full ahead into a cap whilst going for a coffee and toasts. Bottom line, you have a long way to go, and that's ok, we've all been there. Some, with 5x times as many battles as you, ARE STILL THERE. The point is, when you improve you will impact games. That doesn't necesarily mean you will win them all by yourself, but you will affect the outcome positively, which is nto happening at the moment. And roflstomps should be less of an occurrence, and certainly not with you always on the receiving end of them.
  6. Taliesn

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Aaaand another Kraken, didn't even finish first on the board, our Martel played lights out.
  7. Taliesn

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    Can't comment on Goliath yet but the special heal surely is not the problem. Hindy's 5th heal (4th even) is surplus to requirements, there usually is very little left to heal unless you've been exclusively and continuously subjected to HE and fires from DD guns.
  8. Taliesn

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    Ok, Drake is fine. 20 fires directive mission accomplised with 5 seconds to go as a bonus. Albemarle sucks, so far.
  9. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    @Crysantos, @MrConway, would it be too much asking for some official stats about how many loopsided games are in terms of %? Nothing too fancy, say over a month, which % of games in Random end with a 6+ difference in ships alive? 12-6, 10-4, you get the drift.
  10. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Ok, a lot of this hinges on the idea that many games are loopsided. I do not believe it to be the case. But lets put that aside for a moment. How do you think a 47-49% player should exactly feel? He's winning just about half the games and more often than not he is not the decisive factor one way or the other. For all we know he just likes to see his ship make boom boom and doesn't care about stats, tactics or improving. And if he does, then he should improve over time and hopefully, enjoy it.
  11. Taliesn

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    How appropiate.
  12. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Tier VIII is notoriously bad in terms of MM, although I suspect it is not as bad as it was, and even back then it wasn't as bad as people thought. Tier IX is (in my experience as well) very good now, hence Brindisi and Georgia. Big numbers here, I do not pretend to know otherwise., but the great majority of the playerbase is in the 47-49% bracket (or thereabouts) so even if WG would want to rig the MM, they could not do it, because out of 22 people, 20 will be more or less average players. I know it's boring but I'd suggest you write down every random game you play over the next month and how many ships were alive on both teams at the end. I'd be surprised if the rolfstomps (for either team) exceed 20-25% of the total.
  13. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    @MahBallz dissaproves, lol. Care to elaborate?
  14. Taliesn

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    It's probably a year since the last time I played all of them except Kutuzov, Missouri (strictly for the credits) Smolensk and Eugen, and these on average I barely play a couple of games per week at most. Black, maybe six months? Musashi, once in a blue moon. Leningrad, Warspite and Indy, at least 2 years if not more. Over the last month I'd say Hindy, Brindisi and Georgia are clear top 3, in that order. Hardly OP by any stretch of the imagination. Kirov was probably my second cruiser, back in 2017, I haven't played her since. In fact, I don't play tier 5 anymore. At all. So well done there. There is only one thing common to all of your matches, and it's not the MM or the ships involved. It's you. I'm upset, well, not really upset, lets just say annoyed, by posters claiming this is World of Roflstomps without actually being able to provide a reasonable sequence of matches to (marginally) prove it. So far you have admitted that you don't play randoms much and that last night you experienced teams heavily beaten the opposition. Even if I were to take your word for it (no screenshots, remember?) that would still only be a very minor instance of rolfstomps being the norm, for you and, supposedly, for every player in wows? I can point out that I haven't experienced such occurrence EVER and I have almost twice as many battles as you, but then I do not need to prove anything and it would not. See, the way MM is constructed and looking at the playerbase as a whole, common sense and the laws of probability are on my side, unless you believe you are unique or the system is rigged against you, but that is Tin Foil Hat Territory, and I'm not going there.