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  1. Best Ship To Carry Teams With?

    But the point is you are indeed part of the problem. That is understable mind, you have less than 700 battles. You have just begun to play the game and more likely than not you are missing a lot of what is happening not only in your team but also on the other side of the hill. It happens to all of us, with 700 battles and with 7000. I remember once crying foul in chat against my team mates because they didn't support my push, That's how you tank, I said. I probably had a few more battles than you but not many more. Now, on recollection, it's fair to say that what I did was not tanking but commiting suicide by yolo rushing a cap in my BB. Self-awareness of what you can do or not comes with experience. Or it doesn't come at all. Plenty of threads where the OP cries about his team mates ruining his experience and WR from people who are barely average. Bottom line, for every TK or potato in your team (and as of today you are a potato) there is another in the enemy team. You will learn to appreciate they exist when you blow them out of the water because they keep sailing in a straight line. Finally, as others have said, play divisions or simply play and learn and your stats will go up. A superunicum player will carry games on a fishboat whilst poor players will suck no matter the ship they are sailing in.
  2. Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    NC's great concealment means you can get to a bit over 11km to your target an punish the hell out of the unsuspecting cruiser or BB. Monarch's even better concealment means you can get even closer to your target, and be punished for it. I find her the very definition of meh. Add in the MM and it becomes a real pain to grind. I also have the camo but I don't think I'll be keeping her.
  3. AFAIK Vigilance stacks with Hydro on torp detection. Not on ship detection. Huge difference. NEVER MIND THIS BIT Z52's hydro reaches out to 5,88km, effectively the concealment of both Gearing and Shima. Hydro as a means of detecting a ship though is very situational and you could argue the enemy DD has already f*cked up if he's below that distance to you because at that distance you have the ultimate advantage. You can even smoke and shoot at him without being detected. RFP is not the first 4 point skill to pick, and I have only picked it for my Gearing and Z52 captains but it helps a lot if your goal is to contest and secure caps because it gives you the vital information of where the DD is coming from, in what general direction is moving and, as importantly, if another ship is coming and getting even closer to you whilst you are occupied with that DD. It also has a bit of the psychological warfare effect on some players that will be more wary of entering a cap where a Z52 with RPF is waiting or even avoid it altogether.
  4. Erm, no. You can argue Fletcher is comparatively a better DD than Gearing is. But Z52 is much better than Z46. You cannot bully caps with a Z46 to begin with. There are as many ways of playing a Z52 as players out there but only one that is the most efficient. And that is IMO to contest caps and sink the enemy DDs. TAE won't do anything in that regard and the difference between being spotted and targeted is one that you should never consider. Unless you are sure you are fighting a 1vs1 it is always better to assume everyone and their mother is aiming their guns at you. DE+PT or TAE+PT is no substitute for RPF when fighting over caps with DDs that have better concealment than you. And not all caps are small enough for your hydro to give you the exact location of the enemy DD. Now if you want to torp or burn then by all means go for DE or TAE or any other skill of your liking. Flamu gets a lot of things right but not even the Pope is infallible anymore.
  5. A more useful skill is TAE? A few seconds worth for the already best reloading tier 10 torps? On a DD that is the ultimate capper? RFP helps you identify where that Shima/Gearing/Kagero is coming from. That's huge considering all have better concealment than you. And allows you to launch preemptive torpedoes in that direction. It also prevents susprises whilst you are concentrated on another target. PT is also redundant. Always, always assume you are being targeted if spotted. It works for both DDs and cruisers. Just noticed you don't even own the Z52.
  6. Vigilance is a bit overkill considering you have hydro and so is TAE imo. Torp reload is already great as it is. You are probably better off with BFT for better gun reload since you want to murder any DD that comes near your cap and surely SI for the extra 3500 hp is not to be sniffed at. If you contest a couple of caps and hunt the enemy DDs first up the game is as good as won provided you are not in a team full of bots (and in that case the game is lost no matter what you do)
  7. You can have both SI and RPF. I hardly ever use PT. You must always assume you are the target if spotted. If I were to choose, I'd go for RPF though. Z52 is the best cap contester in game and definately RPF adds to it. My build if it helps is: PM, AR, LS SE, BFT (or DE, can't remember now) CE, RL (RPF)
  8. Solo te llevaste 2 de los 15 posibles hombre, no seas rencoroso...
  9. Got the Richelieu camo this morning, it went pretty fast once I had the Aigle from the other campaign. Going back to finish those missions requiring Aigle in stages 1 and 2. Those requiring tier VIII BBs I can't do. The ribbons ones were boring a.f.
  10. A @Xavilondio esta mañana, él en el Gascoigne y yo con el Shima. Por una vez he sido yo el que me he dado cuenta de que había un conocido en la partida, cuando he puesto los binoculares para vez cómo iban los torpedos en su dirección y he visto el nombre...
  11. Siempre TYL. Con el euromillón no tengo tanta suerte.
  12. Battleships are reduced to targets

    Wot??? Mate, seriously? Perhaps you can share any data that might prove that? You can stay close to your DDs and radar cruisers (not suicide close to DD but, you know, 4-5km behind rather than 10) and when they spot a DD, shoot. Or you can stay out of harm's way in your BB hoping the DD melee ends up with your team on top. Either way, there is nothing to suggest noob DDs are more likely to end up in your team. Unless Aliens.
  13. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    Yeah, I see where you're coming from. As I said, I do not regularly play the Khaba, and when I do I tend to replicate what I do with any other DD I own. Which is probably not a good idea but there you go.
  14. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    That depends. You can be one out of 5 DDs per battle and therefore you can stay away from caps and do your daka daka thing, or you can start with 1 or 2 allied DDs and be forced, either at the start or when some DDs have gone down, to enter caps. You don't know that before you hit battle. Also, giving any other DD (and its support) less time to react when it spots you is very, very important. But I'll admit that I'm not too keen on Khaba and I've only played a handful of battles even though it was my second tier 10 DD.
  15. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    Conealment mod. On every ship. And yes, I include Khaba. You don't want to be outspotted by a Minotaur.