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  1. The game changer for cruisers comes at tier IX, where you get both the repair and the range/reload module. Myoko to Mogami, Pensa to New Orleans..., the gap is not so noticeable and of course you usually get a worse MM at tier VIII. A fully researched Baltimore is a beast and the comparison to New Orleans is not fair. Range module on her gives you much needed flexibility also. Same with Roon and Hipper, Neptune and Edinburgh and, dare I say it, Ibuki and Mogami.
  2. Zao

    Después de un comienzo con el Ibuki bastante frustrante, ya le voy cogiendo el tranquillo y me voy acercando al Zao. La cuestión es que llevo al Ibuki con el módulo de rango porque: Es blandito de cojones Tiene un rango de 16,5 una vez mejorado el control de tiro, lo cual es muy limitado. Y la cuestión es, el rango del Zao es de 16,2, que no es ninguna maravilla en tier X, ¿merece la pena el módulo de recarga en el Zao, que pasa de 13,7 a 12,05, teniendo en cuenta que el Zao lleva avión de reconocimiento y no es tan blando?
  3. I've got the best WR of all tier VIII-X ships I have played so far with her (74%) and yet I don't feel I'm doing anything special with her. Perhaps an indication of why she's touted as the best ship tier for tier. But in terms of comfort, I'd say Roon and Hindenburg. Love my jack-of-all-trades cruisers. And Kutuzov. Looking at my 20 ships with best WTR (tiers VII to X): 10 CAs, 6 BBs, 4 DDs 1 to 7 are cruisers, Kutuzov on top. Fletcher comes 8 First BB is Colorado, at 11, the other five BBs are 16 to 20.
  4. Si es que no lo pilláis, el pobre chaval estaba intentando escribir marry me a su novia. Si aguantáis la partida unos minutos más lo hubiese conseguido.
  5. La verdad es que eso vale para cualquier linea de DDs, salvo quizás los US y si los especializas en AA, que no lo sé si aún así haces algo aparte de cosquillas. Afortunadamente, pillar a un CV en tiers altos, y encima que sea competente, es complicado. Eso sí, cuando te lo encuentras, date por muerto en casi cualquier barco. Ayer un Taiho me hizo un roto al Izumo en cuanto se fijó en mi. Afortunadamente me dio tiempo a tirar unas cuantas salvas, pero una vez que concentra en ti todos esos torpederos, al fondo que te vas sí o sí.
  6. Me ha parecido leer por ahí que se podrá montar el mierdimódulo de radar y como son similares a la linea US tendrán un buen RoF.
  7. Aparentemente los tier altos tendrán la opción de radar en vez de humo, con lo que tendremos DDs cañoneros a la US of A con radar para pelear las capturas contra DDs y torpedos DW para el resto de objetivos. Creo que el capitán del Anshan que estaba cogiendo polvo va a salir pronto del puerto de nuevo.
  8. Pues eso. Y otra
  9. Train the secondaries on Zao and shoot a big BB instead. Sorted. I seem to have problems myself hitting with Izumo's guns for some reason. Right there with Bismark's my worst hit % among tier VIII-X BBs. And her turret traverse is awful.
  10. It is still a non issue and one that goes away quite fast in fact. It is not the only stock configuration that can (or must in this case) be researched at tier X. Removing the poor 20km torps will only help the very worst Shima players out there that chose to keep them. Also, 20km DW torps will not force BBs to stay closer to DDs. They can have the best (shortest) detection range in the world, it will still take half a minute to reach their destination, meaning the actual chance of hitting your intended target is meagre at best. The slightest WASD or acceleration will render them useless whilst promoting camping, non-capping shitty DD play.
  11. Correcto. Más de una vez he marcado al típico DD o crucero al que le queda poco HP y las secundarias hacen su trabajo hasta hundirlo mientras tú sigues machacando al BB de turno. O al revés, si es un crucero con torpedos pones las secundarias contra el BB para que vaya incendiándolo mientras utilizas los cañones para cargarte rápido el crucero.
  12. FdG all the way. Izumo is a horror show. I would be tempted to freeXP my way out of it if not for the FreeXP premium ships coming soonTM FdG is much more confortable to play at tier IX than Izumo is, IMO.
  13. That should be it, particularly the stealth. That you have the same stealth as Gearing (and not much better than Z-52) is a killer in terms of cap contesting. As a supposedly ninja torp boat you should have at least some minor advantage in terms of concealment because you're never gonna win a gunfight.
  14. At the reduced rate which is not available at the moment for ship XP? Yes
  15. From the Q&A just posted: Q: In a discussion many months ago about balancing the shima I suggested removing the stock 20km torps or at least making them not the default. At the time you said this was a good idea and would consider it, since this change never happened you guys obviously rejected it. I was just wondering if we could have a follow up on why you didn't make this change and ask if you could consider it again A: Okay, as a fellow Shima admirer, let me share our current plan (very work-in-progress, subject to change or cancellation, not a promise): To test 20 km DW (anti BB/CV) torpedoes with her as an option. To test TRB within smoke slot as an option. To change the research order as you suggest - so that 20 km torps, regardless of their specs, are not the default. Consider removing 20 km torps completely (especially if DW test fail). ETA: 2017 - early 2018. I'm very sceptical about about the DW torps with 20km range. A recipe for camping, unless you can swap between torp types IN GAME. That would be awesome. This could be OP and the mother of all BB whinges, given the lack of CVs. I'm all for it... (nah, really) I can't see the point with 3 and 4. They are just like any other hull/torp/engine grind and an easy one at that. Once you research the 8 or 12 km ones you forget about them and therefore Shima would remain the same for 99,99% players out there.