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  1. Taliesn

    5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    This. 5 BBs it's usually bad news for cruisers. 5 cruisers is bad news for umm, it depends I suppose. 5 DDs it's bad news for DDs (particularly the torpedo boats) and ultimately the team that does not coordinate, because knife fights in the caps are guaranteed in the first 2 minutes. But they are fun to play as a DD and if you come on top (ie manage to destroy the enemy DDs) the world is yours to take.
  2. I will put him in command of the tier X Russian BB so that it has 154,000 hp instead of 150,000. Because every little helps.
  3. Taliesn

    Torpedos go straight through enemy

    That would do little for the gameplay but it would save us from a few threads from statistics and mathematicaly challenged people, fair play. On the other hand, sometimes they are funny.
  4. Taliesn

    What happens to ships, ship XP on British DDs?

    This is false as people are currently gaining experience on British DDs. I think the idea that we will lose accumulated XP on British DDs when the tech tree is released is a miscommunication that seems to be gaining traction. I don't believe that WG would remove accumulated XP as that represents hours of effort from players, some of those players spent real money to unlock their British DDs so removing things they have worked for would be a bit of a slap in the face. I may be missing something but I find the quoted bit from the thread quite clear. You can and will accumulate XP from playing British DDs but will only be able to research and buy the next ship once the next update is released, even if you had accumulated enough XP to do it before.
  5. Taliesn

    Großer Kurfürst - Legendary Upgrade, Keep or Sell?

    Yup. You could argue a survivability build with PF is the better (as in mixmax) option but since you can and probably do that with every other BB, full beast mode makes for a great change on GK. And when it works (once in a blue moon) it is just hilarious.
  6. Taliesn

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Good shout. A good camo for Mars but otherwise urgh.
  7. Taliesn

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Everything that requires huge suspension of disbelief on ww1/ww2 era ships. And as great looking as the Halloween camos are, they get my first vote. But also the Space (agree with @DFens_666 about not being able to see the fires) Shark/Eagle and Freedom ones.
  8. Taliesn

    Großer Kurfürst - Legendary Upgrade, Keep or Sell?

    Me too. Full secondaries GK so it kinda makes sense. Grozovoi's is good because torps are meh anyway. So are Yamato's and Moskva's (20km range with laser guns) Struggling with the Hindenburg one, the loss in concealment is huge particularly early game when your DDs and your BBs (sailing 8km behind you) are concealed, every CA and their mother bar Moskva has a better concealment than you and therefore you are just about the only ship in sight, but I'll give it a few more battles before deciding. 5000 baseXP to get the Zao LM, not sure I'll even try it now that I'm finally enjoying the ship. 17.5km range seems a bit on the short side given you are even more accurate with the LM.
  9. I wouldn't call gimmick the main battery reload and sigma buffs. Quite the opposite.
  10. If she were to lose her radar (which Ibuki/Zao don't have) no. That was the point.
  11. Taliesn

    Allow us to modify torpedoes Wargaming.

    The fisure into the space continuum created by the negative speed of said torps though would transport the Assashio into a parallel map full of islands and populated only by Worcesters and radar Minos.
  12. Taliesn

    Hall of fame

    I had one early this morning and I don't think I had finished (nor even started) the new missions, I suppose that was it (I was in the Golden League in the evening, didn't check after that)
  13. Taliesn


    I can count myself lucky (or unlucky if you dislike them) if I see 2 cyclones out of every 10 battles. They are fine. And they add variety/randomness. Wish we had heavy seas once in a while also.
  14. Taliesn


    He's mostly a long range spammer as per the mention of Monq and HIV and his (and apparently his brother's) hilarious thread on Grozovoi. And yes, he also plays Grozo as a non spotting, HE spammer mini Khaba with no CE. Can see why he dislikes cyclones.
  15. Taliesn

    I just want to know

    You have answered yourself right there. Those unicum players know where to aim, whereas the OP doesn't, hence the average damage difference and, ultimately, the WR. And 5% difference is huuuuuge, as anybody who has tried to improve that stat should know. Easy to move from 20% to 25% if you have few battles with that ship, not so much to move from 27% to 28% after 300 battles. And the same goes for WR or any other stat really. Given dispersion and range, the only way you could find a 60% hit ratio Yamato over a reasonable number of battles is if the player would sail right up to close quarters range without firing and then shot the one volley before dying. Every single battle.