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  1. Taliesn

    March Twitch Prime Loot

    Yup, here too.
  2. Taliesn

    No 0.11.2 this week?

    Top man
  3. Taliesn

    No 0.11.2 this week?

    Do we know the currency for the TX DD?
  4. Looking forward to T12 Megaships.
  5. Taliesn

    Alsace, BB always on fire

    Never liked her but she burns just like every other tier IX BB. 9,500 battles, I despair.
  6. Taliesn

    Special commanders: worth the 175k coal ?

    There is a good chance that Tier X coal ship you're buying will be a port queen except for two very specific days on any calendar year around WG anniversary and Christmas. Special commanders you can play in one silver ship and every single premium/special ship of that country, so likelier to make a bigger impact. They are all worthy in their own way.
  7. Taliesn

    shells falling far too short

    It happened to me a couple of days ago, certainly the first time I went wtf since this was reported. I can't say I've suffered it otherwise. Awful salvoes are generally easily explainable by the ship I'm sailing (yes, I'm looking at you, FdG). If the ship has good accuracy (NCal, Missouri) salvoes pretty much work as intended.
  8. Always a pleasure to re-grind the US BB line.
  9. Taliesn

    The "wonderful" (......) F. der Grosse...

    Guns are terrible. I have a hard time trying to find the value to compensate for that. Is she the worst T9 BB? Dunno, but she is as good a candidate as any, that's for sure.
  10. Being able to extinguish 4 fires plus floodings across the entire ship in a nanosecond must be up there.
  11. Taliesn

    Enough is enough !!

    Who in their right mind would play a tier 2 coop game? Oh... Now, seriously, only reason I can think of is to be able to enjoy the looks of some ships and, in true ww1 fashion, not being too concerned about firing those guns so the magnificently painted and glistening ship doesn't get dirty. Yes, that must be it. Your teammates (lets call them that) simply weren't interested in winning the game.
  12. Taliesn

    Enough is enough !!

    Because I am a glass half full person, let us rejoice in the fact that we will no longer hear the "players are worse than bots" take. Well, here's hoping anyway.
  13. Taliesn

    2 month notice.

    You forgot to ask for $1m and threaten to deploy your...
  14. Stop messing around with my port of choice, thank you very much WG.
  15. Taliesn

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    A yearly treat, superb effort as always! I want to participate.