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  1. Taliesn

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    I only learned you could do it in coop last year... I think I saw one Flamu video where he did in on the Training Room, loading various TX ships at the same time?
  2. Taliesn

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    Ah the good ol' days where you'd try to play DDs during the US cruiser line split event...
  3. Taliesn

    Pommern - another joke

    Des Moines is laughing at all three from behind an island and you can't even see him
  4. Taliesn

    WG Please Buff the sigma of Pommern

    That's not a reason to repeat the mistake, is it?
  5. Taliesn

    Shall we have some fun with the Pommern?

    Poor-meh (Disagree, but for the purposes of the exercise)
  6. Taliesn

    WG Please Buff the sigma of Pommern

    Fun is relative, but stronger than tech tree T9s, why? It could offer a different gameplay experience, but STRONGER?
  7. I think this is a first, two Krakens in a row. Bloody OP soviet ships, errrr... oh hang on...
  8. Taliesn


    Sooo, any buffs welcome, of course, but I enjoyed her a lot when I went over the US BB line again for the RP: Second in PR of all my tier IX BBs (look who's first, lol): Lowish Average Damage, but then, same WR than Musashi with 33k less average damage.
  9. Taliesn

    the slava it comes!

    If he did, he is as crappy a marksman on a Yamato as I have ever seen. And a few seconds later the Yamato is still sailing parallel to Flamu with all 3 turrents pointing forward (so not towards Flamu) That's some WD-40 on that Yamato's turrets.
  10. Taliesn

    the slava it comes!

    Yeah, this. Bit of a drama queen. There is one hilarious bit when he shoots a Yamato (after shooting a broadside, static Alabama) and he claims the Yamato is shooting back (he isn't) and seconds later he says he's not worried about giving the Yamato his broadside because he'll be dead in a sec (the Yamato didn't even have the guns turned towards him...) Another bit were he is standing full broadside to a Yamato some 15km away but he's not shoot at. Great ship in good hands? Most likely. Cherry picked to look fantastic? Yep, that one too.
  11. Taliesn

    the slava it comes!

    I take it at least the Des Memes was giving the Slava full broadside? Otherwise not a chance she kills her with 9 406mms.
  12. Taliesn

    Pommern, 228000 Coal, Next Patch

    I'll be soon re-grinding the IJN BB line and I've got a feeling I'll enjoy Izumo too (ducks for cover...)
  13. Taliesn

    the slava it comes!

    Someone's ringing at the door, hold on... Edit: It's all fine, some guy with a mid-western american accent trying to sound russian, he's shown me the WiP stats for Vermont, 12 457mm guns, hahaha. Just seen Slava has 25mm plating and a 32mm deck. Lol. 9 very accurate 406mm guns might not make up for it.
  14. Taliesn

    the slava it comes!

    I think I'm gonna go the way of the Ohio, to be honest. Can't go wrong with US ships, I've got the suspicion WG is secretly controlled by the CIA (joking!)
  15. Taliesn

    Pommern, 228000 Coal, Next Patch

    Yep, that's probably it. I actually enjoyed FdG back at the time. Surprised by Iowa as well, another ship that I've enjoyed when re-grinding the line for RPs.