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  1. Credits

    Am I the only one seeing just a black pic right there? Anyway, basic finances and I daresay common sense at work here mate. You want to eat but don't want/can't pay for it? Charity, foodbanks, grow it yourself. You want oysters and caviar? You will have to pay for it mate. Can you play this game and earn credits without premium account? Yes, there is no need for premium account even at tier X if you are good enough. I'd say you don't really need to play at lower tiers either to break even. But you want to earn more and have faster progression? Pay for it.
  2. Monarch

    Essentially this. Pop up from your great concealment at over 10km, fire your sh$ty guns once and get obliterated within a minute. Load camos and flags and grind your way out of her asap. Lion can at least make some BBQs.
  3. Nope, just another example of how most people don't care (not that they have to, mind) about the intricancies of game and things that some consider the bread and butter are not even registered to the majority of the player base, be it how campaigns or events work and how to mix/max them or the very existence of the Arsenal. Again, that's fine. I found out about premium consumables when I already had 2k battles under my belt
  4. Correct, every one and their mother, myself included, was anticipating a huge swift from Sharks to Eagles team once you got max Sharks loyalty because there was little incentive to stay (the extra container for winning can rather easily be compensated by finishing 1000 or higher in a team with less players) Yet Sharks are still winning (or were, this morning)
  5. Alsace nerf=pointless

    When you put it that way
  6. It's the end of days I tell you, we're doomed! Nice OP, well done.
  7. Alsace nerf=pointless

    Has this been confirmed?
  8. Eagles or Sharks?

    Just reached 75 loyalty, got 195 Sharks tokens. Time to switch if I could be arsed I suppose.
  9. Record damage and the battle that finally got me the Legendary Module.
  10. Radar way OP

    Russian radars already have a short duration. I'd rather they make all radar ranges shorter than the concealment of the ship in question, although I'm aware this might impact US cruisers considerably. I'm also hoping no more radar ships are added (UK DDs, RU BBs and RM CAs next so no reason why) as someone has said it is more a matter or saturation and numbers rather than radar being OP per se.
  11. Legendary upgrades

    Some 20,000 base XP left and it'll be mine. It does indeed look glorious, a bit more range and insane accuracy. 5,000 base XP left on the Hindenburg's. You get crappy concealment on that one but I'm hoping the tankiness will offset that.
  12. Win Rates

    Well I'm sure you are making things up. You apparently have 937 battles and by your own admission you play together 99% meaning your son has at most some 9 more battles solo. And of course all 9 of them must be loses since you claim he has a worse WR than you. Yet he is apparently a better player than you are... Care to put some screenshots to confirm your claim? Because frankly I think you're talking b0ll0x.
  13. Win Rates

    And I believe there is enough context in WR to compare skills or at the very least know which player is the better one, but we'll agree to disagree.
  14. Win Rates

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you have suggested that WR is not a valuable stat, with an example of three guys at 57% WR and the imposibility to choose between those 3. I replied WR is not just a percentage and that you can easily find out how that WR came to be through any player's timeline, break it down by tier, class, solo/division and down to every single ship in the game. So WR alone can give you a very clear picture of who would you choose out of those 3 guys. The guy who only plays tier V CVs, the guy who mostly plays Belfast in divisions or the guy who plays just about every class in the game, solo, in randoms. You seem to either forget about this or you are implying all this data/breakdown is not part of the WR stat which is available one click away in WoWs Stats&Numbers (and possibly other sites) Or maybe I misunderstood you.