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  1. ShortySunderland

    Calendar for August

    And where is our 50% discount on ship modernisations? We get modules instead. Once again, WG-EU delivers. The C in WG-EU stands for competence.
  2. ShortySunderland

    Calendar for August

    Where are our weekly missions? Where is our monthly mission?
  3. ShortySunderland

    Event Calendar - June

    25k Base XP for 10 flags, meanwhile in America: 40k Base XP in 30 days for: * 5 premium repairs * 5 premium hydro, * 5 premium damage controls, * 5 premium smoke generators * 4 port slots NA weekend missions: Win a battle in any T4+ ship: +50% Commander XP (no need to kill a ship, no need to be in a French one) Deal 50k damage in a Russian/British ship: get +25% Commander XP Sink a Russian/British ship in any T4+ ship: +50% Commander XP Deal 1M points of damage for 15 flags. How is this balanced, or fair?
  4. I encountered this picture on reddit, where it was exposed by someone who looked at the announcements on the ASIA-portal regarding the new PvE campaigns. Probably an unintentional leak... then again. Maybe not, and the British BB's are closer than we might think (Gamescom 2017). EDIT: it turns out it's a plausible modified Lion class... With radar...
  5. ShortySunderland

    Event Calendar - June

    Meanwhile, ASIA also switched over to the clickable "monthly digest" with everything shown in terms of rewards, requirements,... That leaves EU as sole server once again that refuses to give any info; https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/mission-june-2017/ Oh, and you can win a ship once again over there for grinding some base XP in a month. Once again...
  6. ShortySunderland

    Event Calendar - June

    On the portal at last: Less info about requirements & rewards for the specials (less than in May, and way less than other servers duly give): "One step in the right direction, offset by another step in the opposite direction, so no real improvements... Maybe you can nail in for July: on the portal, and with detailed descriptions, rewards & requirements. If missions are planned as long ahead as you claim, that should not be a problem to get those requirements posted upfront.
  7. Indeed, a bit cowardly from Jingles. Then again, the negative exposure he created will surely have an impact on WG EU as well.
  8. Wait until you see him dressing up as Marie-Antoinette (minus the guillotined head that is). That Jim-video... It's the PR-equivalent of eating a full-spread of Shimakaze torpedoes from point-blank range, while being on fire in 4 separate locations and without having equipped the Premium Damage Control Party, because it's too expensive. good luck recovering from that, WG EU... I think we're bound to see A LOT of vacancies on the WG-portal in the near future.
  9. Yet another EU-thing exploding in their face (and such a pity, since the stitches from the exploding landmine called "Santa Convoy" were finally removed this week... Not even capable of keeping a clean face for a given length of time... tsktsktsk) Anyway, staff is rather quiet it seems, maybe they're finding a suitable cardboard box to pack Ph3lans desk ornaments over the weekend, if it's true what he did.
  10. ShortySunderland

    Event Calendar - May

    The portal should have the calendar. Not the forums. I can acess the portal from work, but not the forums. And at the portal, it's one click, and you have the calendar, here you have to dig. not good!
  11. ShortySunderland

    Event Calendar - May

    NA gets to know everything upfront as of now. Requirements, rewards,... This new EU-format is better than the old, but is still seriously lagging behind compared to what NA and RU got. Why the secrecy? Why the release of critical detail on the shortest notice possible? Can you give me a good reason of why you won't make the announcements a monthly thing? It's not that the weekly/weekend missions create a hype or something, since 9/10 they are very underwhelming and uninspiring (removal of the X2 first win bonus when there is a commander XP event happening, while every other server gets those combined). This month it seems like the same stuff we are being fed for months now: dull and uninspired. It's like the "Weekly Offers" on the Premium shop, always the same, always underwhelming, always not really worth it.
  12. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/123721-clash-of-the-elements-coin-extravaganza-writing-activity/ So, yeah... Nice gesture from the NA staff. Helps the grind quite a bit. We better shouldn't get our hopes up, should we?
  13. ShortySunderland

    Event Calendar for April

    http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/123721-clash-of-the-elements-coin-extravaganza-writing-activity/page__p__2988364#entry2988364 50 extra coins just for writing down a story about CoTE... Even NA has realised the event requirements are absolutely bonkers... And the EU? They can suffer all along!
  14. ShortySunderland

    Event Calendar for April

    I wasn't around back then, so there went my chance. But i googled the GNB... Katori: 450 diamonds. Weekly missions: 80/100D (x5, five times the week) General missions: 500D That meant in order to get the Katori, you had to play for 5 weeks in a row, doing most all of the weekly tasks AND some of the monthly just to get the ship? Miss a week and you've very likely lost the chance to get the ship. That's a whole lot more effort than casually grinding 38.5k base XP in the ships (class & nation) you like, without jumping through additional hoops of having to play a certain style or complete a certain requirement, nor having it time-gated to come back every week... And get some camos & consumables along the way as well, together with a 5-point captain. Well: the NA deal is a hell of a lot better. The same one for the ASIA. EDIT: those GNB, that were these missions? earn 100k XP in a week (that's nearly triple the base XP requirement for the entire NA Katori challenge for which they had a month) did yield 20 diamonds, or 4.5% of the total diamond count for Katori... Wow... And you can say with a straight face that those were similar events? WOW!!!!! You mean this? Not too impressed with the answers given. And I'm not alone with that by the looks of it. And the key question of why the EU gets harder requirements for compared to other regions does not get touched. If every office can decide independently from one another to do stuff, it all boils down to plain malice from the Paris staff. Otherwise we would see NA-events as well.