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  1. The irony of having a recruiting station on a ship you can only get via gambling, lootboxes or other perverse methods. I bet you didn't tell the IWM that.
  2. ShortySunderland

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Wait... So WG was even too cheap to gift the actual ship to the CC that spent 16 months working on it? And as "compensation", they were allowed to make a camouflage (uncredited). BARF!!!!! https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/240702-premium-ship-review-yukon/?page=22&tab=comments#comment-5499394
  3. ShortySunderland

    Twitch Drops in 0.9.11

    Strange, could have sworn today (18th) was a 24hrs stream with gifts and such. Or is that the BOBS-stream on twitch? @TheWarJaC
  4. ShortySunderland

    PSA: Santa Containers

    What about players who where on standard account but received premium time in some of the containers, which activiates immediately?
  5. ShortySunderland

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    Reddit is having fun it apperas.
  6. 3hrs of stream... Anyone got a list of the questions that did get asked/answered? @MrConway?
  7. ShortySunderland

    Lest We Forget — Remembrance Charity Drive

    It's best to keep vigilante when companies go "charity". After all, it's a tax-deduction for them, so while 100% of the donations go the the cause, WG gets a sizeable chunk back from it via tax-cuts. If you want to make a difference, donate to the cause directly, and not via a 3rd party enabler (like WG in this case). From a certain sum, you can deduct your gift yourself from your personal taxation, which you can't when you buy stuff from WG (because WG isn't a charity).
  8. ShortySunderland

    Results: Autumn Recruiting Drive

    Well, that's a poorly though-out concept and idea if I ever saw one. Totally not going to promote botting or rigging, not at all. If you were to promote te recruiting station, so much better ways to do it (double points for recruits in a certain window: both new and existing, remove the points-cap for recruiters so they can go beyond 1500/week,...) This is just fail.
  9. ShortySunderland

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    Ah yes, the Unique Upgrades in the Research Bureau. WHat the players wanted according to your survey
  10. ShortySunderland

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    Thanks JaC. Hoping for Californa!
  11. ShortySunderland

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    @TheWarJaC. The T7 premium container, does it still have the T7 ships from last year, or is the list updated (California)?
  12. ShortySunderland

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Gamble exclusives: hahahaanope!
  13. ShortySunderland

    World of Warships Anniversary — Five Years of Victories!

    Techtree discounts are a thing of the past now. The discount the (fully upgraded) clanbase gives to techtree ships often surpasses the discount WG gave during events. Fell victim to that principle too: techtree premium ships (now it's one coupon every 6 months for 25% off... Previously it was -50% (T2-5), -30% (T6-7) & -15% (T8). With offers switching each week.
  14. ShortySunderland

    Winners — Victory at Sea Essay Contest

    Now if that isn't a strong argument for some Greek content in WoWS, I don't know what is.