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  1. I know. I got something like 3 or 4 Clear Sky out of 7 games in randoms. It is just a matter of getting better in micromanagement (I mean, you don't want to autodrop torps, right?) and I am getting there. But not quite there yet. As I said a casual CV player....
  2. Any news on how to get this ship? Shop, event, free EXP?
  3. OK, at a risk of sounding like a total noob. I am a casual CV player and Saipan is the first CV that I am playing that has four squads. I have only maybe 10 battles in Saipan and I am still getting used to 25% extra workload. I find it easier to manage that in AS than in strike config. The plan is to move to strike when I become a bit more comfortable with an extra squad, which should be in another ten battles or so... Does that make sense?
  4. Thx man! You made my day with this diagram
  5. Thx for the reply, I get all the points. You are right, I don't understand, that is why I asked ... Is this your opinion or is it official and if so, can you point me to the source, please? Somewhere (but I can't find where) I remember reading that MM will match CV team only vs CV team. That is why I want some clarity on the final format. It has effect on clans. Do we encourage players to grind ASAP to T X CV, just for the sake of clan battles, etc.... Personally, I think they should allow for CV-less matches. Reasons: 1. IJN vs USN TX is significantly more versatile 2. With such a small population of CV players, it is hard to find a good one, with T X CV who is interested in committing time to clan battles. Just my 2c worth....
  6. Up to now I was mainly playing either standard 1-1-1 or AS (on Saipan). I don't like people screaming at me all the time, hence I always have some fighters ;) One of my concern is that everyone says Lexi is only viable as a strike. Which makes it a one-trick pony. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated....
  7. Greetings. With a great trepidation I am expecting my first game in Ranger, as I have unlocked it today. I am a causal CV player and sort of getting by... Started USN line and it is a bit late to switch-over to IJN... Any new advice that you guys can give me? Or at least tell me that there is a light at the end of tunnel - i.e. is Midway OK? Thx!
  8. I think we are all saying the same thing. I hope they listen.... @Sub_Octavian
  9. Well, that is what I am hoping for.... Would be nice if anyone in know, like @Tuccy for example, can confirm....
  10. Duplicate post please ignore
  11. Thx for the reply, but that is not what I meant. I understand the value of a good CV player. But, if a clan doesn't have a T X CV what then? If they field a team without CV, will matchmaking find another clan team without CV or not? In other words, will this be more like Ranked (where there is CV MM) or like Tournament (where you can (almost, as they are some restrictions) take anything you want)
  12. I have a question - would it be possible to have a clan battle without a CV? Will MM take that into the consideration when matching clans? Will it ever be possible to have a battle with one team having a CV and other not? Sorry for a noobish question, but I have never played WoT or any other game with clan battles... Regards!
  13. I really don't get it. Played 5 games (yes mainly T VII), no dragon flags, no camos for each 1000 battles. WG, how about some communication - like, it will be done during two days, or after 1 hour or ANYTHING!!!! How do you manage to screw-up EVERY SINGLE event with small mistakes and lack of communication???? It is like you get a new car (that you were looking toward) and then it has a scratch. Really, how difficult is to have a simple event that performs according to what you announced.
  14. Or... Suzuki?
  15. SPOT ON. I feel exactly the same. Harekaze with a Akizuki captain is much better platform (my WR is something like 60+ in Harekaze and only about 50 in Akizuki...). But Super-Akizuki.....