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  1. Please give us an update on Makarov and Oktobarskya Revolutisiya? Are they reward ships? Will we be able to buy them for money, doubloons, exp? Thanks!
  2. Troll
  3. Well, I got a captain, but it would be really nice if I could skip USN cruisers straight to Cleveland, as we could with Bismarck. By now, we know WG EU is incredibly sloppy. How difficult is to proof read a mission description??? They are their worst enemy, IMHO.....
  4. Doesn't work for me, my signature is not updating and all stats are very old. Strange....
  5. In fact, I am using my Yugumo 15 pt captain that is using RPF as a second four point skill (after CE obviously) and my Akizuki 15 pt captain with IFHE as the second four point skill. For me. RPF is a bit better option, as it helps you in DD hunting and if you dont do damage with HE, you can (usually) do it with AP. Regards!
  6. 0.6.8

    Very nice and I hope to see more historical scenarios. Thank you! BUT, in order to get 5 stars, there is too much of randomness involved. For example in a few games I had 75 out of 80 bombers destroyed and there is nothing that you can do about it. Also, new requirement to save 7 civilian ships is a bit much. Again, there is (almost) nothing that you can do to make sure they all survive. Rather go back to 5 or maybe 6, but IMHO 7 is too much. So, I give you 4 out 5 stars for the effort....
  7. 0.6.8

    The new content of supercontainers is definitively an improvement. While supercontainers should stay random, maybe consider a more predictable earning of supercontainers, for example you grant a supercontainer every 100 battles. This would be an addition to the existing mechanism....
  8. WG has nerfed the torp reload from 5 sec to 8 sec AND now smoke and reload booster share the same slot. https://sea-group.org/?p=3128&lang=en RIP Shiratsuyu and Akizuki, it was a pleasure playing you....
  9. No, 73%. Duuh....
  10. To all IJN DD captains - just do it! It is a really, really nice ship, specially with 100mm guns - I am using my Akizuki 15 pt captain and it is awesome. It has all good characteristics of Kagero (decent torps and excellent concealment) and you feel confident to go in a cap, because you CAN win the gunfight. And you can shoot planes, extra bonus for no extra charge! The best buy (after Kutuzov) that I have done. Early days, but my WR is 57% vs 44% that I had in Kagero (OK, I was a bit worse when I was grinding Kagero). Great camo and yes, you get an Anime girl.
  11. As long as we can use IJN captains for Harekaze. Same for me, Gallant, Harekaze and possibly Oktorbarskya Revolutsiya (or something like that). BTW, I am quite sure that these will not be included in sale.... But if they are....
  12. Old salty sea dogs, I need your advice. Sixth season I got to rank 9 and that was after a grind that was not that much fun (probably about 370 or so battles). Since then I have improved a bit (you can check my stats, but there is a reason for overall really bad WR, recent one is around 55%). This season I got relatively quickly to Rank 10 and I have a 59% WR in Shino and 50% WR in Leander. (I tried also Warspite, but dismal result is a combination of a one night of fail safe Rank 12, few glasses of wine and the final realization that I am not a BB player ). I want to go as high as I can, but not by spending nights on a crazy grind. The question is this - at which stage I should stop and wait for the worse than me to catch -up with a hope of making it as high as I can (dream is Rank 1, but I would be happy with above Rank 5). Any advice or strategy will be appreciated. Thx for reading!
  13. Just had a game with these two typical BB specimen. Their team valiantly died while capping B and C. By the time we capped all of them, they were still chasing Ibuki, but now on lines 1 and 2. They have contributed nothing to their team and as a consequence we had an easy win.
  14. Tobacco, right? Uzivaj!
  15. It is Russian comrade. It will be buffed .... And it might be half the price of XP required for Mighty Mo