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  1. Zen71_sniper

    Update 0.10.3 - Bug Reports

    When I click my profile ingame I can not access any options (all greyed out). For example News, Captain's Logbook, etc). The only one that works (although greyed out) is Demount Signals....
  2. Zen71_sniper

    Ship shaking when hit - really?

    Why, oh why? Do you think that it adds to realism (in otherwise a dumbed-down arcade game that is becoming more suited for mobile phones with every new patch.... )? IMO, it is truly annoying and it just distracts you from the battle.
  3. Zen71_sniper

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    After many many battles, I feel like a goodbye time is approaching. This game is becoming more and more (yes, I know it is not a simulator) detached from any resemblance of a serious game and becoming more and more of a dumb mobile app game. Good luck with the path you have chosen - I can not see myself walking on it for much longer....
  4. Zen71_sniper

    CV:s in the Social Dimension - a Look to the Future

    It is Chernobyl symptom - Plant Manager: "Reactor is fine, just keep adding water" Poor sucker who went to check what is happening: "But reactor is gone" Plant Manager (starting to fill chill of Siberia): "You stupid durak - reactor is fine"
  5. Zen71_sniper

    Update 0.10.1 - Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    That was his Randoms stats. As I said, he played a lots of Coops
  6. Zen71_sniper

    Update 0.10.1 - Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    XP -> FreeEXP -> Smaland (via doubloons) The player in question had many Coop games but the only Random games he ever played were in T 1....
  7. Zen71_sniper

    Update 0.10.1 - Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Well done WG - you managed to destroy a healthy alternative to Randoms. Ladies and Gentlemen, look at the players that are now drawn to Ranked, because if you play enough - you can just get the steel. There is no meaningful barrier to progress. This player, who ONLY played T I - has bought Smaland and he is in Silver league. How he qualified is simple - even my dog could get carried to Silver League if someone can click "Battle" for him. Of course, he was beyond useless, sailing line J with Smaland. And no it is not a bot, as he spoke in chat. WG, you can keep your idiotic Ranked design for yourself and your spreadsheets - I am out of here....
  8. Zen71_sniper

    Update 0.10.1 - Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    By far the worst Ranked design ever, IMO. The qualification for Silver should be limited to one week only and made harder. The fact that it was two weeks to qualify with so many safe ranks meant that any bot could qualify. The amount of bad player (and I don't mean average, I mean BAD) is mind-boggling. I got to Rank 3 in the first 2-3 days and after that, it was complete s..show. AFK, suiciders, TK, players torping with Chung Mu DDs ("Cheater, I will send the report" ), Montana's suiciding in first 2 minute ("Watch me push C!"), DDs who rush the cap and smoke in front of DM "Does DM has radar?", Mogador player saying "I am really bad in this ship - so why you play it - it is the only T9 I have", Alaska Bs sniping from 1 line. I gave up by day 5. Now I am stuck in Silver and the last season, I ranked out with no major issues. Frankly, don't even think I will bother with the next sprint. Previous Ranked was a joy to play - as it quickly slotted players in their right skill groups and it offered a nice alternative to Randoms. As it is, this is MUCH MUCH worse than Randoms. If the design doesn't change, I am afraid that is the end of love/hate affair between me and Ranked.
  9. Zen71_sniper

    Name calling and abuse

    Oh that is easy! Just respond appropriately to one of those who insult you and WG will do it for you. It works for me, every 3-4 weeks....
  10. Zen71_sniper


    As a DD aficionado, I got it - it is cheap as well. Played 2 randoms and 2 ops. It comes with 200 XP for a month, so that is nice for grinding Sansonetti to 21 pt. Both randoms were a win, the second one 77K damage and 4 kills at the same tier. The weird part is that those torps do hit. They are "fire and forget" torps- similar to Asashio. I had 7 torp hits, all of them sent from about 8-12 km, more as area denial weapons. Guns - far from good. They hit reasonably well, but they are slow and inaccurate at anything but a BB further than 8km... Certainly not an OP ship, more of a curiosity - but that makes it interesting....
  11. Zen71_sniper

    The end of Flint

    Are you serious??!?? It is like chopping a leg from two guys, giving one a prosthetic leg and saying, I just want to see how effective is before I give it to the other one. While expecting them to perform the same?
  12. Zen71_sniper

    The end of Flint

    Let me try to playback what you said; Assumption is that Flint and Atlanta were balanced (as they should be) before the nerf. They both got nerfed (incidentally, after putting Flint in armoury - but that is another story....). Now you are saying that one had to be buffed and you are not sure about other one, yet they were balanced before the SAME nerf? WG logic or just a pathetic PR spin?
  13. Zen71_sniper

    IT Twitch missions only 200 coins ?

    You work for WG? Or aspiring to work for them?
  14. Zen71_sniper

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.2

    Is there any other way to get Leone aside from loot boxes?