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  1. Zen71_sniper

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Four ships lost in the channel. Repeatedly warned, once they died - they complained that there was no support. Last few days are seriously challenging. My WR dropped to 20%.... About to quit, at least for a while - I can't stand the "World of dumb and Dumber" anymore.....
  2. Zen71_sniper

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    It should be named "Rogue Wave" season. P.S. Benham is quite viable, or at least up to R5, I think
  3. Zen71_sniper


    Max waiting time 1 minutes - currently sitting at 12:45 and counting..... Feed your bots!
  4. Zen71_sniper

    [OCTO] recruitment

    Join us, casual but good clan. Friendly people too ;)
  5. Zen71_sniper

    4th chat ban...no idea why

    And how exactly do you know all these details, prey tell....
  6. But they do know it. That is why they do it. In my clan (which is about 30 guys), at least 3-4 have bought crates - as they don't have enough time. Is it moral - NO. Is it a viable business strategy - sadly YES.
  7. Zen71_sniper

    Upcoming Battleship buff

    It looks like at the end, everything will be standardised and you will have just some pretty images to differentiate ships. Nice. Might as well play Azur Lane....
  8. Zen71_sniper

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    Opinions on ships? My take on it: BB: Amagi, North Carolina, Masa CA: Chapayev, Atago, Charles. Cleveland or Baltimore? DD: Cossack, Kidd (Kagero? Harekaze?)
  9. Missed 100 for missions (will have 42), but currently at 777 - and got doubs back for Hill. So, by Friday, I should have Benham. But this was a heavy grind. I can't force myself to play ONE DAMN MORE savage battle if my life depends on it. Also, I think the moment I am done with Benham - going to take a week or so off. A question for WG - don't you think that such a heavy grind is a bit counterproductive as it drives players away, once finished?
  10. Zen71_sniper

    Sound issues after patch 0.8.5

    ...and Naval Training Center
  11. Zen71_sniper

    Weekend Highlights – Summer Sales Special

    ... Please delete
  12. Zen71_sniper

    Current Sprint Season

    Sprints are fun. Please keep them coming and change tiers all the time. (V-25 anyone ? )
  13. And they offer early access to T V+ ships through crates and missions when each new line is released. Hypocrisy at its best.
  14. Suspiciously Beastofwar is also silent ....