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  1. Special Upgrade must have list

    Radar - for obvious reasons, wherever you can Engine Boost - I actually run it on IJN DDs (Akizuki, Shinonome, Yugumo and Shiratsuyu) , French cruisers and Leningrad Hydro - mainly on German DDs
  2. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Ditto - that happens when you are too eager to help people and type from a phone.... ;)
  3. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Any DD, except IJN
  4. If you look to announcement and released pic of port (as well as containers), it seems that it will be two teams. I guess that Go Navy will be something similar to Fire and Water event.
  5. Special Upgrade must have list

    It does, and it does help.
  6. Legendary Modules - A missed oportunity

    At second look, the only two that look interesting are (I play DDs mainly) 1. Gearing one is OK - I feel sorry for Shima, it will make it even less attractive.... How long did Shima concealment buff last? Two patches maybe.... And then back to square one. There is definitely a hatred toward IJN DDs. 2. Grozovoi is also OK
  7. Austria-Hungary?

    As mentioned before, AU-YU DD line II - Tatra III : Durmitor IV : 1600t DL design (paper ship - AU) V : Beograd VI : Kotor VII : Dubrovnik VIII : Split (with three different hull configs - as designed, as Spalato and as finished) If not, just pickup some interesting DDs for Pan-European line, Dubrovnik and Beograd. Split maybe as a premium due to interesting options.
  8. Almost done Stage 3 by doing 1 or 2 star tasks. By far the easiest one to farm is 1,250,000 potential damage in a cruiser (as long as you use something tanky - say Kronsthadt or Moskva) - you don't even need to survive. It is hilarious to often see BBs behind you as you tank - but that is an average BB player....
  9. Frustrated customer regarding steel posibilities

    After all these battles, you haven't noticed that: WOWS, the game where weekend NEVER stops!! GL & HF
  10. Agreed, there are some nice ships from T III - T VI and they never get any attention. WG, how about some missions or scenarios for these ships only?
  11. The Buffalo, first impressions?

    IMHO, better, second game (first one team collapsed within 4 minutes) was Kraken. Feels much more solid and responsive. Then again, I found Baltimore to be downgrade from New Orleans....
  12. The best post on this forum in a long time. I just hope that WG actually listens to it.
  13. So, who will cap then??
  14. Tachibana Lima mission

    At TVII it is called "educating" not seal clubbing I
  15. Tachibana Lima mission

    But why?