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  1. Not necessarily 100% correct. Leningrad is (IMHO) still a good trainer for alternative RU DD line, which is more of a gun-biased hybrid line. For example, you can easily put Ognevoi or Grozovoi captains in it - no problem. Udaloi is a black sheep in that line, but that is another story...
  2. DD: V-25 (yes, I know, dirty and all that...), Kamikaze, Harekaze and Khaba CA: Kutuzov, Duggy (Duguay-Trouin) BB: Konig Albert, Scharn, Bismarck CV: Saipan in AS (I am just a casual potato CV player)
  3. Hey mtm78 is back!! Good to see your posts again.
  4. Nope, not back to usual, IMHO. I just stopped playing as I got lag in 2 out of 5 games and one full disconnect.
  5. 0.6.14

    Very nicely balanced operation. It requires a good team to get 4+ stars. I really enjoyed it. The only complaint is that it is not for CVs....
  6. You made my morning, nearly choked laughing on my coffee when I read!! Thx fot that! have a great day @Teob_VG
  7. Unless most of your team has already folded such players..... Who are happily cruising at map edge, with full HP.... I had a game yesterday with a guy who has 9 premiums (mostly BBs, T VIII), total of 370 battles and 29 (!!!!) researched ships. His average number of games per ship is about 5 and he has freeEXP all silver lines to T VII. His WR is 40% and he ended in T X battle, with his teammate with similar stats. So, in start you are -2 ....
  8. No. Just no. Just because players are not aware of their position or just enjoy straight sailing, is not a good reason to make this game even more suited for BBabies.... Did you even consider that some DDs only rarely use torpedoes? In certain RU DDs, you use torpa maybe once in 10 games
  9. I thought about that option, but they don't move until enemy is at their spawn. For me that is a telltale of a bot. Really bad players in BBs, are already at the map border by that time
  10. WG - can something be done about this?? In every game there is at least one or two. Maybe I am TOTALLY wrong, but this is the observed behavior - I can not think of any other explanation, but a bot. 1. No camos 2. They stay in spawn until someone starts shooting at them or they see an enemy 3. They shoot at the closest enemy 4. No effort to change course - showing broadside or not even trying to use islands It is becoming worse and worse. What can be done?
  11. In the port now.... I think that Standard Edition is the best option for the players with lots of battles (and credits). You get a lots of credits, some doubloons and upgrades plus six point captain in Captain Edition, but in all honesty, it is not worth extra money... You are going to use it as a trainer anyhow... So far, won both battles, but as this is my first higher tier USN DD, I am struggling to make significant damage.... Fire chance is not great (even with flags) and AP just doesn't work. The torps are meh. However, it has a good heal (specially with flags) and good DefAA. I hope I will make it work well....
  12. I get what you are saying, no problem here. BBs are more attractive to masses for a number of reasons (valid or not - a different story....). I am sure, in fact in my clan alone there are several players, that there is enough people with FreeEXP that don't play BBs. And the idea of FreeEXP ships is to be a sink for FreeEXP AND to entice people to convert more EXP to FreeEXP. It would be stupid (but this is WG, so....) to just ignore a certain portion of player base.... It would cost them close to nothing to release a DD or a CA for FreeEXP. Hell - I would take even Makarov, if it is cheap enough...
  13. Why should be cheaper?? I got Missouri and I am currently sitting at 700K Free exp. I would spend 750K on T IX DD or CA in a blink of an eye!! I just plain refuse to spend it on another BB, which will not offer anything radically different.
  14. Help guys! This is my signature setting, when checked in my profile, however it still shows my old warships today signature. And it has been for a longer than a month (I initially thought that warships today was active, but it wasn't... I have already changed it weeks ago). I have tried refreshing, saving, deleting, replacing it with random text but doesn't work. I am stuck with warships today signature. Weird, I know. Any idea how to fix it?
  15. Great, another gimmicky BB.... WG - we want DD or CA/CL - for how much longer are you going to pamper BBabies???