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  1. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    You did. Your DDs were.... underwhelming....
  2. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just met @Boris_MNE . Me in DM, him in... gasp!!!.... Asashio! Better that he tells the story
  3. Deep Water Torps - surprising find

    Now, now play nicely and retract claws.... Greetings from Khabarovsk bridge....
  4. My hopes for the new cv ui

    No you can't. If you click on them - it tells you that "This ship can only be purchased in premium shop",
  5. My hopes for the new cv ui

    Except you can't buy CVs in shop. It has been like that for a while....
  6. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    I was referring to "in-game" scenarios. Let's not bring "realistic" arguments into an arcade game. Let's leave turbines, boilers, hammocks and barrels of rum aside. According to in-game mechanics, the shell shouldn't arm in time. Period. Also, it is not "fact" that I was hit several times - that is your assumption on which you are basing your argument - as it conveniently allows for tolerance of bad/lazy coding and pampering to BB players. Sadly, I have things to do IRL ;) but if I get time, I will look for a replay, as I had played quite a few games and not sure which one.
  7. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Sorry, but (IMHO), you are wrong on many points. Firstly, you keep on saying that it is four shells that hit me and that is because of skill. Sorry, not buying it - go to a training room and see how realistic is to do that at 15km. Secondly , you are saying that AP should be treated as a normal penetration. In other words, you think that Montana AP shell should not not overpen 13mm armour? Fuse shouldn't not arm. Anyway - too lazy to go through forums, but there is a good explanation with diagrams WHY this is a bug. I will stop discussion and we can agree to disagree. Good luck and have fun
  8. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    1. If you don't see a problem with this mechanic and its complete, unpreventable, randomness, then not sure that we can carry on discussing. 2. Please share the calculation that justifies your conclusion that 4 AP shells did 18,000 as a normal pen. I would really like to see it, maybe I will understand the game better. Also, please let me know (as I occasionally play BBs) how to get to that skill level to hit with 1/3 of shots of BB guns at 15 km, a target that is as small and as fast moving as a DD. I would really like to learn - as you say that is not a lucky BB player. I might be wrong, but this bug is not applicable to IJN cruisers pass T V. Please tell me where did you get that from? 3. Again, it is not about dodging. It is about randomness of a shot ( in fact if dispersion is less, it would be better, as you would be able to dodge more accurately) combined with a disproportionate damage by AP on a target that should just take overpen damage. I truly don't know how to make this more clear?
  9. Slow BB Power Creep?

    Please tell me about it.... Busy grinding Colorado ....
  10. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Either you have no grasp on mechanics in terms of RNG, dispersion etc or you haven't read what I wrote. 1. I never said that I am consistently getting blapped- I said that it is BS mechanic and when it happens, there is NOTHING that you can do about it, skill or no skill. Even for detonations mechanics, you can at least put a flag, specially at high stake game, like ranked, CB etc. That way you reduce RNG effect. 2. It is not about dodging (hence, not sure how much you actually understand the game mechanic) - as a total random shotgun from 15 km BB has very little to do with skill - as by that time it is quite a big area where the shells will hit due to RNG , dispersion, sigma, shell speed etc. So, I do accept that it can happen, that is the nature of the game (RNG based, to a not a small extent). But, to get blapped by BB potato shooting random shells in my general direction AND being hit for 90% of the health, due to a BUG in damage amount calculation - is beyond stupid. 3. If I do my job properly, I need to scout - and it will happen that you get spotted by an enemy DD - that is given. So, please don't talk to me about positioning and not paying attention. Please read what I wrote, and consider before replying.
  11. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    It is a bug and it is WORSE BS than detonation - it is a total RNG. However, detonation you can prevent - put a flag. Has nothing to do with "balancing" - you don't balance against RNG. Last night, while playing CB in YueYang, got blapped by AP shells from Montana - 15 K away - 18,000 damage. TOTAL BS RNG, no skill, NOTHING. The rest of the game I had to be ultra careful and as such did not much for the team in "competitive" game. Now, do you think that this "mechanic" is right?
  12. Sharks still winning?

    I think we need Dasha to entices us more to swap.... Rewards are good for wins in Eagles, but none is switching... I have already switched to angry chickens, but now I am considering switching back
  13. No, there is shot of RU naval encyclopedia at 8:16 - when they refer to an additional significant surprise.
  14. So, there is a number of hints of what is coming next. 1. Next arc - UK DDs 2. CV rework by the end of the year 3. RU BBs? Did I get it right? Anyone picked up something else? Question is where are IJN DDs - alternative line?
  15. Admins Pls Delete double post.