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  1. Zen71_sniper

    Update 0.11.4 - Bug Reports

    Dockyard has disappeared? How to access it to collect rewards?
  2. Zen71_sniper

    The Fall of Destroyer Vittoria

    Lol, what a coincidence! Published on a day of invasion while the UK is considering a response.
  3. Zen71_sniper

    Hayate or Vampire II?

    I do! I think it is awesome hybrid and frankly I prefer it over Vampire 2
  4. Zen71_sniper

    Anniversary stream announcements, guess the ship

    FINALLY!! A ship that was not created by Vodka stupor haze....
  5. It is... in WG universe only.... In their spreadsheets... They have so lost the plot that is beyond tragic....
  6. Honestly, we are just wasting our time - here and in the game. While @Crysantos and @YabbaCoe might be nice guys in personal life and get some sympathy for bravely doing their job (and that is what they are doing - dodging, gaslighting and sugarcoating), they are WG employees and have to toe the line. The fact is that WG is chasing money and money only - longevity of the game and player satisfaction is a secondary consideration - if at all.... If you want a developer that appreciates you as a client, sadly, you are at the wrong place.... From my own POV, after 24K battles and from playing 10+ games per day - I have heavily disinvested and I am just occasionally playing one or two randoms and collecting goodies in Coop. I have moved on and I suggest for the sake of your sanity do the same. There is something called boiled frog syndrome and there is no need to be a frog ;)
  7. Zen71_sniper

    This is what 7/10 games look like these days

    I can relate to that....
  8. Zen71_sniper

    Important message for the community

    I think this is the reason for this forced semi-apology. The rest is a fine example of PR corporate doubletalk. While I would like to believe WG, I somehow doubt that suddenly WG decided to listen to the player base, after YEARS of business practice of "apologising" if the sh..storm is greater than expected, while KNOWINGLY making decisions based on arrogance and greed. You had all the feedback before you made your decisions and yet, every time you chose to do it - regardless of the feedback. Followed by a sort of an apology to try to calm things down until everyone forgets. Then rinse and repeat. Who can forget Santa Convoy, Commander Skill Rework, CV Rework, PayToRico, Missouri, Lootboxes, Removing Operations etc? All of these were followed by explanations such as "We wanted you to spend time with family during Xmas", "CV Rework will bring balance", "Puertorico is a Freemium ship - just a tiny little grind", "Commander skills will allow for diverse builds". Each of these statements is worthy of the Baghdad Ali. Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me. I can not speak for the rest of the playerbase, but for me - once trust is gone (and it is...) it will take years of ACTION, not some PR hack exercise to rebuild it.
  9. Zen71_sniper

    Friesland excahnge

    Where, when and how do you exchange it for Gronningen?
  10. Zen71_sniper

    Soviet aircraft carriers branch

    On another topic, has the main Soviet CV thread been nuked and contributors sent to Gulag? It is early morning, but I can't find it?
  11. Zen71_sniper

    Soviet Cvs

    Guarded by Unicorns and Pinocchio?
  12. OMG, the end is nigh!!! WG has, for a change and probably the first in the last two years, a good idea that the community approves!!!!
  13. Or maybe they could have moved Friesland and offer a compensation captain? It has been done before.... Or give a choice as Apollo wrote? This way, they get a free premium ship and lots of Dutch will buy it for obvious reasons. I have been a supporter of WG, but what they are doing the last few years is a plain and blatant cash grab. Every company is there to make money, true, but at some stage, you ask yourself "do I really want to have the wool pulled over my eyes and be treated as a cash cow?"
  14. I am sure. Nothing to do with the ability to copy/paste another premium ship and sell it for an exorbitant price and spend resources on training captains for a new nation.... Please tell those stories to someone who might believe you...
  15. Zen71_sniper

    New stage of submarine testing

    As I have mentioned a few years ago. Introduction of RPF, removal of RTS CVs, commander skill rework, removing flooding as a serious mechanic, etc, etc. The game is being dumbed down so that kids can play it on mobile phones and consoles. At the end, Azur Lane will be more realistic than the piece of c...p this game is turning into....