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  1. I know, it happens all the time. Specially over weekends. And then they discover W button when enemy has 952 points.... Until then they are sipping pincoladas on a pleasure cruise behind island around B line...
  2. Ha, ha! Many times I had to cap in Khaba, because the team is like "I am not going there - it might be a scary DD there...." I think that WG should introduce a special achievement "I capped in Khaba" - it gives you -20% detection range flag....
  3. I don't.... P.S. Just joking... I would love to get a good IJN DD but one-trick ponies, no thank you.....
  4. WTF is going on with this game?!

    In WoWs - EVERYDAY is a weekend!
  5. About to win a game

    Possible, but not probable....
  6. When can T II - T V get some love?

    Hello, WG, this is a plea. There are so many interesting ships at lower tiers that are rusting in ports as most of the weekly missions and campaigns start from T V, T VI or even T VIII. Please design some missions scenarios or even campaigns, for lower tiers. Otherwise what is point in having them? Regards!
  7. Changes on HMS Cossac and Asashio

    I am a DD main player and I have most of DD premiums. I was looking forward to Asashio - but as it is, I really can not see why anyone with sane mind would even consider it. Your usefulness to the team would be reduced immensely and it will lead to all-or-nothing games. All being maybe 1 in 10 games and nothing the rest. Please consider making it a decent boat - there is a market for a good IJN DD premium. Dont screw it up....
  8. IJN Asashio in Preview

    There is only one Harekaze and that is HSF Harekaze. In game and "IRL" (if you call HSF RL ) You can switch between guns anytime you want. Harekaze has three options IJN 127mm, IJN 100mm and USN 127mm The choice of the most players (myself included) is IJN 100mm guns. Insane rate of fire and if you put an IFHE captain, it becomes a monster. If you like playing DDs, I would highly recommend Harekaze.
  9. Has anyone else noticed??

    This! I often play during mornings and it is a horror show.....
  10. Suggestions thread

    There is a thread about it already. However, for consistency sake, let me put it here as well. Please allow us to rename captains. That should be such a simple task....
  11. Meh....weekend ahead

    Agreed, but as the average player is getting worse and worse, it feels like it .... The weekends don't stop lately....
  12. [Guidance] Khabarovsk or Grozovoi?

    Khaba. Gorzovoi is OK, but again why Grozovoi when you can have Gearing? I have it and played it a few times - very run of the mill, not inspiring DD. but that is only my opinion.... On other hand - Khaba is a guaranteed damage dealer. Only CVs and some CAs (I found Hindenburg to be the most dangerous) can really threaten a good Khaba player. If you find an isolated BB - there is NOTHING that he can do to you. You just burn him down from 11-13km distance. Don't come closer. Grozovoi is a usual DD -relies on support and can contribute by capping etc. On other hand, Khaba is a lone wolf... Have fun with whatever you decide to do!
  13. How to handle people like this?

    I understand both sides of this argument and IMHO, there is a needs for a middle way. There has to be a warning type of system, based on how frequently a player is AFK. AFK DOES ruin a game, specially in Ranked. But, RL happens. I personally play the game, when I assume that I will not be interrupted during the game. But, sometimes it happens - business phone call, children, etc. At average, something like that happens maybe once a week, not more than that. Also, the game crashes. Full stop. I run it on a very high spec PC with a fiber optic connection and game still crashes occasionally. Also, Windows 10 interaction with the game is ... capricious. S..t happens. Sometimes I manage to load back in time, sometimes not.(like yesterday in Ranked when we lost because I was busy chasing a DD when my client just froze). WG, allow for to 2-5 AFK per 100 games. If it happens more than that, then use the stick (say 1 hour ban) and progress with the bigger stick if it carries on. Regards!
  14. This. Give us a break WG. We are OCD when it comes to WoWs and if you force us to play another Clan battle just after ranked you will kill us. Or make us divorced. Or jobless. And then you don't get money from us, as we are jobless.....
  15. HMS Cossack